Monday, November 22, 2010


We made it everyone... its the FINALS... & FREESTYLE... come on, we all know Jennifer's has to do with Dirty Dancing... you know Kyle is going to be full of energy... & no telling what Bristol is going to do... but its going to be a great night... let's get this party started... we're LLLIIIVVVEEEEEE

8:00 - A quick look down memory lane of the final 3....

8:01 - "Live from Hollywood... this is the finals of Dancing with the Stars" - unknown secret voice man

8:03 - Tonight & tomorrow, our stars will perform 4 demanding dances to determine our new champion" -Tom

8:03 - ".... the judges visited each of the stars to give tips on their routines" -Brooke on tonight's "Redemption Dances"

8:04 - "The first time we did the fox trot, it was a 70's theme" - Lacy... with clips of Len freaking out how much he hated it with his 5 paddle... & reminding me how much I LOVED it!!!!

8:05 - "Since he's the only man left in the competition, he's all business this week" - Lacy on Kyle.... ENTER LEN!!!!!!!

8:05 - "Let me just hold you in the ballroom hold" - Len to Kyle ... "We have a bromance happening now"-Lacy

8:08 - "I tend to like the Kyle that performs outward, & at the beginning you were a little focused on the footwork, obviously listening to the voice of Len in your ear... I'm looking forward to your freestyle" -Carrie Ann

8:09 - "Our voting system has been quite a news story this week.  We tell you every week you have to vote.  If you dont, dont complain... and please dont shoot the television...." -Tom

8:15 - we get a glimpse of Vince Neil on the ice for the next show "Skating with the stars" - I'm disturbed to see a rocker like he was in the Motley Crue days, in a blue robe, ice skating... something is wrong with that picture...

8:16 - ".... I'm more intimidated by the media attention then I am of Jennifer& Kyle..." -Bristol ... "It sucks that people still dont think I deserve to be here... people freaked out when Brandy got eliminated"

8:17 - ENTER BRUNO!!!!!  "I'm here to get the wild child out of you" -Bruno, whipping his fake hair

8:18 "...(Bruno) has such a big personality & mine is exactly the opposite" - Bristol on Bruno acting like... well, Bruno ...teaching her

"I want her to just get her out of her shell... she either got the message... or I scared her to death" -Bruno

8:19 - (I'm convinced the girls legs dont bend above knee height)

8:20 - "You came out brighter & more vibrant .... " - Carrie Ann .... "Vast improvement" - Len

8:26 - "The (first) paso was a low point for me... I was disappointed on how it turned out" - Jennifer

8:27 - ENTER CARRIE ANN... "you are so tiny & petite, you need to fill up more space..." (those are words that have NEVER been said to me in my life!)

8:29 ... For a 50 yr old woman - girl has some good stretchy legs!  .... yipee - her daddy is there cheering her on for the Finals!!!


8:30 - "I rarely do this.... but it was fantastic" - Len, giving a standing ovation... & I think Carrie Ann was going to have her eyes bug out of her head when he stood up!!!

8:32 - "Up next... my favorite... the Free Style Round" - Tom.... what we wait all year for!

8:38 - "The freestyle, there are no rules - so I picked "Tootsie Roll" since its one of my favorite songs" - Kyle

"Do you know how to coffee grind?" - Lacy (I never knew that's what that was called....I learned something)

8:39 - ".... wait... wait... are we really doing this?" - Kyle on his first lift with Lacy

8:41 - I was "tootsie-rolling" right along with Kyle... Boy has the young energy!!!

8:42 - "Tootsie Roll... one of my favorites" - Len ... "This was great fun, great entertainment & I thoroughly enjoyed it"

8:49 - "So for the freestyle, I've chosen a tango-style from Chicago... ever see it" -Mark
"ummm... no" - Bristol
"Ever heard of it?" - Mark
"ummm... not really" - Bristol "I've never been to a broadway show, so I'm not sure how I'll get into character with this".... wh wh what????? Never a broadway show?  That makes this Broadway lover's heart sad...

8:50 - "Why do you look so defeated?" - Mark.... "Because I feel defeated" - Bristol ... thats never a good way to start a dance... especially your final dance

8:52 - Sarah Palin mouthing "Put him in that cage" ... after Bristol threw Mark in a jail cell at the end of their dance...

8:53 - "I have to give you credit for aiming so high" - Bruno
"I'm proud of you for dancing in a cage... get your sexy on" - Carrie Ann

8:55 - "Bruno just asked if we were using the cage after tonights show" - Tom

9:01 - "I know the free style is supposed to be full of lifts & tricks... but I am really nervous about it because I dont want to reinjure myself" - Jennifer

9:02 - "Jennifer is on a need to know basis" - Derk ... as he jumps over Jennifer's head & she lets out a string of full 10 seconds worth of cursing... (I would too if I wasnt aware someone was going to jolt themselves over my head, off of my shoulders!)

9:02 - I KNEW IT!!!!!!! ... Dirty Dancing theme!!!! "I carried a watermelon".... awesome!

9:03 - I thought for sure it would be to "I had the time of my life" ... even if it was the Black Eyed Peas version... but awesome to see all the classic Dirty Dancing moves in there!

9:04 - "... I thought it was amazing... " - Carrie Ann

9:05 - "I feel like I've been through airport security" - Tom as Jennifer pats his butt

9:10 - Jennifer explaining why they didnt use "Time of my life" - it was her & Patrick's song... OK - I can cry now & give her props for not using that song...

Folks - we made it to the end of another season... did you think Jennifer pulled 2 perfect dances?  What did you think of Bristol?  Think she can win?  Did you just love Kyle more then ever?  And can you remember who was even on this season?  David Hasselhoff was this year?  That feels like forever ago!  Tomorrow, we'll know the winner... I have loved the surprises of the season... & even more so that Brandy wont win... (I had to end with one more slam!) .... so folks, tomorrow night, I will hoist my own mirror balled trophy - made of aluminum foil - & I may even have to find some fringe... let's give one more shimmy for this season!!!  Until next season folks!!!! Dance on!!!


  1. So, I went to a soccer game and didn't get to watch it LIVE. Can you believe it? But, I did DVR it. I thought something was wrong because I saw the show only lasted 1 hr 13 minutes. Really? I freaked out until I discovered that they have really shortened this thing down! Yay! my thoughts...

    LOVED Kyle's dances. He has come a long way!!! He is the best entertainer, I believe.

    Bristol...she just is not my favorite, although I love how she has stayed true to her convictions. Except for the potty mouth. Yikes! Someone needs to wash her mouth out!

    Her dances weren't all that good. I think she'll get the boot first.

    Jennifer...what to say. Her Paso was absolute perfection. She dances almost as well as a pro.

    I will admit that I was a teensy bit disappointed in her freestyle though. I think I was just underwhelmed. She didn't seem 100% into going hard-core, if that makes sense.

    But, I loved the music she danced to.

    I think she'll win, partially because of the whole Dirty Dancing/Patrick Swayze thing and because the girl has some talent!

    I can't believe the season is just about over!!!


    Oh, and I'll be attending another soccer game tomorrow night, so do NOT broadcast the results on FB. I might just have to do a blackout on myself from my internet-capable phone. Yikes!

  2. I don't watch, but from what I hear Bristol may win just from the Tea Party, or whatever they're called vote.

    Hugs & love,

  3. Okay so seriously, Kyle is so stinkin' cute when he's serious. I LOVED his dances. I thought he rocked it!!!

    Bristol's first dance, after the ackward first several bars was really great. But what in the world was Mark thinking? If the girl had never seen broadway, why do broadway? It's suppose to be a dance where she can really strut her stuff. She did good, but I was a little mad at him for doing that to her.

    And Jennifer makes this 40 something mama so happy. It is amazing what she has been able to accomplish this year. I so loved that she danced to that song. I almost cried when I heard it. I LOVED that movie, and so wanted someone to look at me and say, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner." =)

    It will be interesting to see if Bristol pulls it out. Or is Kyle's style wins him the trophy. Or if Jennifer's perfect scores land her on top. Hmmm.....Yep looking forward to this one.

    Have a Blessed day girl,

  4. It's gonna be fun tonight. I can't decide who I want to win. I don't think Bristol did her best last night, but she sure still has a chance with the public getting to vote.

    I like Kyle, because he's just so much fun and has so much charisma.

    And Jennifer, she is just awesome I think.

    So I really don't think I'd be upset for any one of them to win.

    I'm with you though...I really wasn't at all upset when Brandy got voted off.


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