Monday, November 01, 2010

I've watched over a 1,000 dances?

I'm back!  Dancing is on the tube... & its not just ANY night - its the 200th episode!  5 years ago, it all began... over 1,000 dances & I have seen them ALL!!!!! So I'm excited to see some of old timers back tonight... let's get this DANCE PARTY STARTED!

8:01 - "More then 50 stars are back as we kick off the 200th show week celebration" -Brooke

8:02 - while the pros are dancing... can I say for the record, Kelly Monoco, the first season winner - she totally could NOT dance!  I dont see how she won & if you put her up against ANY of the other seasons, she'd be voted by the first 3 rounds... seriously... you're listening to the DWTS pro here... trust me

8:03 - silver confetti.... that'll take time to clean up...

8:04 - Introducing stars from all the season & its so good to see past faces... like the boss man from Seinfield (who SHOULDA won!) & Stacy from Season 2 (who SHOULDA won) & Sabrina from season 5 (who SHOULDA WON!!!!!)  ... sigh... & there's EVAN!!!! ... (swoon) .... should I say it?  sure - (WHO SHOULDA WON!!!!!!)

8:06 - Team Kristi:  Rick Fox, Bristol, and Kyle

8:07 - Team Apollo:  (his Samba with Julianne is probably my favorite all time dance!) Kurt, Brandy & Jennifer

8:08 - poor Kyle was the last to be picked for the teams... dont they know he's a teenager still?  that's going to scar him

8:09 - "That's embarassing" - Bristol ... "That's not embarassing, that's HOT!" - Cheryl

8:15 - Team Kristi is up....

8:17 - I love they had Kyle & Lacy round out the group because that little dude has some energy that sucks you in!!!

8:18 - I have to say I'm completely surprised that Bristol Palin held her own on the team too!!!! 

8:19 - "I saw the list & thought you were the underdogs... but you dogs put up quite a fight" -Len

8:26 - "I have doctors orders to stop every 2 hours ... & I'm even embarassed to say that" -Jennifer ... "I have to remember I'm not 25, but 50" ... hot dang lady - I hope I look like that at 50!!!!

8:27 - Team Apollo up with the music from his freestyle, "Bust a Move" - while Kurt gives his should out to Apollo with the bandana wear...

8:35 - all 9's from the judges so Team Apollo won...( I totally disagree with that decision)

8:36 - "The dancers will perform an iconic dance from the past season that will be judged by the star who performed it" -Tom .... please please please let someone do Apollo's Samba!!!!

8:37 - "If people wonder why everyone squeezes by butt, its because you were the first" -Tom to Mel B

8:38 -  Kyle Massey will take on Mel B's Paso...."oh crap... you gotta be hot" -Lacy to Kyle

8:40 - "Check out my situation" - Kyle... as he has taken pen marker & drew abs on his belly

8:42 - "Maks is going to be channeling his Kyle after that dance" -Tom .... Kyle totally was awesome!!!

8:43 - "... THAT was your best dance" - Len

8:49 - Kurt will take on Emmitt Smith's tango... which is a weird choice... he had much better dances... Emmitt even said "My tango was the absolute worse" ... (This picture is NOT the tango but just one of many examples of other fantastic dances he did)

8:51 "... I hate when you say that... its hard to me... you've been doing this for 20 years & its all new to me" -Kurt after Anna said "Its not hard - its easy"

8:54 - "You went from last week of Mission Impossible to this week of Mission Accomplished" - Bruno

9:01 - "I think I can speak for everyone here when I say its a shame you let yourself go" - Tom to Kelly Osbourne who looks so amazing... I just keep staring at how beautiful she is!

9:03 - "Bristol is the only one here who isnt a performer so I have respect for her" - Kelly Osbourne

9:04 - "My family & the Osbournes are very different...." -Bristol

9:06 - "You are so endearing... but you are still somehow detached" - Carrie Ann

9:14 - OH SNAP - Kelly Osbourne gave a 9 ... I thought all the stars would give "10's" ....

9:16 - Helio with his Curious George Quick Step... I always think of the man in the yellow Sombrero from Curious George with that yellow suit!!! "Len called me the Banana Man in that dance"

9:20 - Rick Fox in the greeniest suit EVER... He will now be the Wizard of Oz man to me... Emerald City, here he comes...(he still looks great though)

9:22 - "When you come out & enjoy yourself, we enjoy was good" -Len

9:30 - Gilles & his fox trot... or as I like to call it, the one where Cheryl made every excuse to crawl all this Italian man.

9:33 - Brandy was talking... but I just didnt even care to listen.... I dont know why I dislike her so much.... Please please please please dont let her win this year..... I just feel like everything she says is fake & for the camera.... did anyone catch last week where she yelled at Maks "Stop playing around" when they were on the floor... & then camera & she's smiling ... the girl rubs me the wrong way... moving on...

9:42 - "Maks, you've been in the finals twice, do you think Brandy has what it takes to go all the way?" -Brook..... "I've been in the finals three times - thank you" -Maks .... BOOYAH

9:46 - Drew Lachey with his tango that Jennifer Grey will be taking on

9:48 - "I've decided to go to the doctor this week because I feel like I've been hit by a truck" - Jennifer Grey struggling with the fatigue

9:49 - "I forget she's 50 years old & I'm pushing her body to the limit" - Derek

9:49 - "I want to have fun, I want this to be a good ending to this experience, but I'm definitely feeling a lot of doubt if I can finish it" - Jennifer... she's breaking my heart...getting old aint fun...

9:51 "Everyone here knows this is a journey.... & what everyone loves is to see someone come back after a really tough week & blow the doors open" -Carrie Ann

9:59 - Leading are both Jennifer & Brandy with Bristol at the bottom of the board...

So what did you think dance fans?  Did you love seeing all the dancers back like I did?  Were you surprised what Kelly & Giles gave 9's?  Did Jennifer break your heart like she did mine?  And how can you not love Kyle? Most importantly, who do you think is going home? ...Let's talk dance


  1. Can you believe it? 200 shows? Wow! And to think...I was watching it before it was "cool" to be watching it. I remember the hubster poo-pooing on my show that first season. He had no idea how "in the know" I actually was! the dances. It was a little weird seeing the dances re-danced, so to speak. First, though, team dance. I've gotta go against you and say booya to Team Apollo! They were sharp!!

    Ok...other dancers...

    Kurt was ok. He won't make it to the finals.

    Bristol...lacked emotion. Not digging her anymore. I think she might be the next to go.

    Kelly, BTW, looked hot, hot, hot! I did not even recognize her at first! I'll have some of what she's having, which is a personal trainer and salad these days.

    Rick Fox and green - a no go. He looked like some weird character from a movie. And the recreate that kiss. That was a one-time only shocker that was amazing and hysterical the first time!

    Brandy - I am SO with you, Rebecca. I don't care for her at all. All she talks about is her ups and downs. Girl, we all have them. I think I should go on DWTS to bring up MY self-confidence level (and get a record deal so I can bring home the big bucks). Blech.

    Jennifer- LOVE her! She is so classy! I worry about her, though. She hasn't been done with chemo that long, so it's no wonder that her body is hating her right now. The girl needs a Hawaiian vacation after this!

    Those are my thoughts! Missed this post last week. Glad it's back!

  2. This is the first season I've really watch DWTS's. I sure have been enjoying it. I don't get to watch Tuesdays because I'm in Bible Study, but I get to watch the dances on Monday, which is what I really enjoy. Such a fun show! Jennifer is my favorite this year (except I really love Kyle too because he's so fun). It's been fun watching Bristol too. Man, I wish they could all win! hahaha

  3. DWTS makes Total Knee Replacement better for sure!!! A good dose of dancing to make you feel like you can dance one day. YAY!! =)

    I'm with ya.....ALL the guest judges should have giving 10's....what's up K & G? hmmmm.....

    Feeling Jennifer's pain, poor thing. Hard to believe she's 50. She looks 30!!!

    My husband just has to roll his eyes at Brandi. He doesn't believe a word she says either. two are definitely on the same page with that one.

    It was a GOOD night of dancing and I liked the way they did the 200th show.

    Love ya girl,

  4. I think it is time for Bristol to go home. I don't think Kurt will make it to the finals but I think he brings more to the dance than Bristol.

    Ultimately I would love to see Jennifer win. But we'll see.

  5. Never watched DWTS before this season, so it's not like that was a big night for me. Still thought it was entertaining. Not sure how Team Apollo beat Team Kristi (at least by that margin...), I think it should have been the other way around!

    Kyle is definitely my favorite as he and Lacey are just so entertaining...can't take my eyes off of them!

  6. Not sure who is going home this week.. I loved the show.. It was great and fun to see everyone again. Have a wonderful day..

  7. At the risk of sounding cold-hearted, I have to say that I think they're playing up Jennifer as a sympathy thing. I get that she's 50 and her body is having some issues, but I really think she's going to get the sympathy vote, especially after the big scare last week.
    I think it's Bristol's time to go this week. She's come a long way, but, like Kelly said, she's not a performer and it shows.
    Did you hear Kelly is getting some of her tats removed? She is beautiful...she looks an awful lot like her mom!

  8. I broke my rule about not watching and tuned it last night; it was fun with the "awards"

    Kyle was a trip on That's So Raven - glad he is doing well


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