Monday, November 08, 2010

Instant Dance... just add fringe...

 Rick Fox is gone... Brandy is still in... what is wrong with this picture?  But tonight's a new night, & we're LIIIVVEEEEEE.....

8:00 - "Two stars that topped the leader board have now fallen.... & Bristol at the bottom has proved bullet proof" -Tom

8:01 - (Is it wrong I laughed when Maks dropped Brandy while spinning in a circle) .... sorry...

8:03 - "These last couples are taking on a new challenge.  Doing a routine just minutes after receiving their song live on the air.  We dont know how its going to work, IF its going to work, or if you'll ever see it again" - Tom

8:04 - "I've got to prove I can keep up with the front runners" - Kyle

8:05 - "When Lacy screams, I think its hilarious - she's like an angry little baby..." -Kyle

8:08 - "My crush on Kyle is back!!!!" - Carrie Ann - "It was like watching a fairy tale come to life"

8:10 - Len talking about the "instant dance" in round 2.  "Its exactly like being in a real Ballroom Competition.  You step on the floor & you have no idea what music you are getting" .... who knew?

8:12 "...(the instant dance) is the moment we can see people become real dancers... & other moments where it could be a real disaster" - Len ... I hope this all turns out as wonderfully dramatic as they are making it out to be.

8:19 - "... midway through rehearsal, her knee started acting up" - Derek - "its one thing when Jennifer whinces & gets loud... but when she just looks at me, that's when I know, its not good.... I had to stop her.  Her safety is important"

8:20 - "She has (insert some big medical word for screwed up, messed up knee)"- DWTS Doctor

8:21 - "My dad came because he was concerned about me" -Jennifer... I was wondering when Joel Grey would show up!!!... "My dad reminded me of who I am - & how loved I am.  He always told me 'the show much go on'"

8:23 - "It was like watching Ginger Rogers & Fred Estaire..." - Len

8:26 - "that sound you hear is Foreigner, weeping" - Tom... after Derek & Jennifer said they didnt know the song "I've been waiting, for a girl like you" ... that makes ME feel old.  My husband used to play that for me when we were dating... (aahhhh)

8:33 - Kurt in his "KURTANNA" peacock looking shirt... I dont get the design... anyone know anything about it?

8:36 - "... you're like a Ken doll for mature people..." -Carrie Ann to Kurt

8:44 - "I know we got our highest scores ever... I'm just exhausted" - a crying Bristol...

8:45 - "Its a scandelous dance mom" - Bristol.... "Is it "Lap-dancing" kinda scandelous?" - Sarah Palin "Just dominate!!! Take over"

8:47 - HELLLLOOOO......did Mark just grab & hold Bristol's butt? 

8:48 - "... it was clean but it lacked intensity" - Len

8:56 - its Brandy

8:57 - "I found a way to work with you, you found a way to respond to me" - Maks to Brandy... hello?  Does that not scream that she's a little rough to work with? ... I'm just saying...

9:00 - FAVORITE MOMENT OF THE NIGHT - Brandy finishes the dance - everyone is on their feet... EXCEPT - Jennifer's husband & daughter & Jamie Lee Curtis who are sitting & barely clapping & the daughter not clapping at all.... They must read my blog :)

9:03 - Brandy got 2 10's...

9:04 - Lacy brings in Steve O to help Kyle with distractions for the change in music... which of course includes air-horns, bubbles, basketball & nakedness.... why wouldnt it?

9:12 - "This was top of the league for creativity... it was like you rehearsed it for months... I loved every second of it" - Len .... it was really incredible... GO KYLE!!!!!!!!!  And he did it with no naked Steve O on the floor!!!!

"That was the most fun I've had as a viewer, all season" - Carrie Ann

9:20 "Its very 7th grade" - Jennifer on learning the hip swings of the Rhumba... ".... um, ok, maybe 8th grade"

9:21 - OH SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That first move was the move from Dirty Dancing!!!  I watched that movie twice this weekend ... so its all fresh in my mind.  HOLLA for the DD Tribute Move!

9:22 - "What's going on tonight?  This challenge is bringing out the best in everyone tonight.... flawless" - Bruno

9:24 - the first perfect 30 of the season!!!!!  "I'm so happy" - Jennifer

9:25 - "This is going so well, next week, we're not giving them their music, dance style, costume, or theater dressing room until showtime" - Tom

9:30 - "I have to choregraph everything to counts & no music... & Kurt doesnt work that way" - Anna

9:33 - "I've never seen you dance with such charisma ... " -Carrie Ann

9:35 - "... dont complain if your star gets voted off & you didnt vote for them" - Tom... UMMMM - I DID vote & Rick Fox is still off... so I WILL complain....

9:40 - "The thing that worries me about Bristol is that she has no performance or musical background so this could be a bit of a freak out for her" - Mark

9:43 - "For a difficult dance, you did a wonderful job" - Len

9:44 - "Mark, I dont know if its a good idea to learn your dance moves from Bruno" - Carrie Ann ... after Bruno was glad Mark put in the "pencil sharpner" move

9:50 - its Brandy

9:53 - Maks & Carrie Ann fighting about the choreography - "Just give me a 7... its all good... dont worry about it" -Maks, who's being a jerk... see what working with Brandy will do to someone? (... I'm so bad...)

10:00 - A 3 way tie with Brandy, Kyle & Jennifer... with Bristol 10 points behind them...

So what did you think Dancing fans?  I have to say, for someone who has no "entertainment" experience, Bristol is learning - slowly, but surely.... I love seeing Jennifer doing so well, but wonder if they're just playing for sympathy now for her?  Hey, if it helps her beat Brandy, I'm all for it!  And anyone rooting totally for Brandy that I have completely offended?  I'm still hoping that Kyle makes it to the finals... would love to see him do a free-style!!!  Do you think Bristol is still bullet-proof or is it her time to go?  Let's talk dance!!


  1. I REALLY hope it's Bristol's week to go! She tries hard and has some really good qualities but I think it's time!! I too hope Kyle makes it to the simi-finals! He really is pretty good!! I also love Kirk! I hope he makes it through this week!! I guess we'll find out tomorrow!! Off to cast my vote!

  2. I'm ready to see Britol go "bye-bye", too! Her face just doesn't give me the impression that she's really into it. I love Kyle...he's so much fun to watch! I like Jennifer, but I almost feel like she's getting the big head, in a way and I do feel like she's playing off of everyone's sympathy. Should be interesting tonight!

  3. I love that you're also anti-Brandy. I'm normally anti-Maks anyway. But seeing how Brandy has acted all season made me have a little sympathy for him. Until he yelled at Carrie Ann last night. "Don't worry about it"?! Um, that's kind of her job. (That, and shamelessly flirting with all the men on the show.) Though unlikely, I would LOVE it if they went home.

  4. I think that Bristol is amazing I hope she stay one more week. It is good show and I loved the instant dance for sure. Have a great day!

  5. Okay, I honestly thought Joel Grey was dead.
    I noticed Mark patting Bristol's behind, too. Think something's going on there? If so, I say "Good for her"!
    LOL at your mentioning of Brandy in such small font! You crack me up!
    I loved Kurt leaving it all out there!

  6. I'm really enjoying Kyle - even though I'm not watching ;-)

  7. Yikes! I wanted to post a response, but I had to watch the show on my DVR, and even though I saw your post pop up, I didn't want to comment until I'd watched, and then the night got away from me, and then I had to go in and teach.

    Don't you like my run-on sentence?

    I love how your Brandy comments are really small. She makes me want to gag. Posting this the day after the results makes me do a Hey Yeah that she was in the bottom two. Maybe she'll go home next week? Once can only hope.

    Kyle was amazing!!! My favorite was Jennifer's Rhumba though. She is AMAZING!!!!!

    That's all I've got for you this time. I'm in-between classes. :-)


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