Sunday, November 14, 2010

Project 365-37

37 weeks of doing this... so fun!  Let's see what this week looked like!

Sunday - New Knit... & Tripod!!! .... I got to wear a knitted goodie I finished up.  I also came home from church & discovered a tripod we have bought years - & I mean YEARS ago for a video camera.  Well, lo & behold - it works perfectly for my new DSLR Camera... so I got to get in front of the camera!  Thank you Mr. Wind for blowing my hair during the click! ... I do have to say I love this knitted wrap though - the pattern has it as a little scarflet - but with my long hair, you couldnt see it - so I added another skein & it's perfect... love knitted goodies!

Monday - Its a bird, a plane, Superman?... no, really, just a bird.... Ricky & I were outside when we noticed this bird in the tree next door.  It was perched up right on top of the smallest branch ... & sat & sat & sat... I'm telling you, Ricky had enough time to go up to the house, find the camera, come out & he actually took this photo.  Only when Ricky started creeping near & Sydney followed, did the bird finally move.  So amazing how fragile birds are...

Tuesday - Beauty in Dying.... Ricky bought me this rose on our 15th anniversary - which was over a week prior... & it was dying - but I told Ricky, "its dying so beautifully though" - he made fun of me - but isnt it pretty?  It made the rose look so velvet red... so maybe I have a morbid eye?  But I still think it was pretty... & yes, now its in the garbage - not so beautiful anymore.

Wednesday - The fiber addiction passed down.... I was able to get my grandma's bag full of yarn & crochet hooks.  She left this world in 1997, but it made me smile to see all her crochet hooks... Some of them still in packages that were for sale for fifty-nine cents... CENTS people! Is anything for sale that involves only coins anymore?  So I get to add all these crochet hooks to my knitting needle collection.  The lady was always moving those needles too making blankets & doilies... it must be in the blood...

Thursday - Indian Summer .... I had to get out as much as I could during lunch time this week to enjoy the Indian Summer.  It was in the 70's during the week & just beautiful.  With knowing cold weather was going to return, it was extra wonderful to bask in the sun.... I would venture down to this area with a book.... can you see why I hated to go back to work after that?  70 degrees, hopefully we'll see you soon.

Friday - Rollins Photo Shoot... You've heard me mention before my wonderful friends, Joe & Erica  - they asked me if I was interested in doing some family pictures for them.  Well, hot dang, YES!  I'm trying to get the experience & with these awesome people & their beautiful angel, Emily, we were able to click away!  It was so fun to be out in the beautiful weather - & even more fun to see this family smiling... They are such special people!  Love you guys! (... if you're on Facebook, you can see more photos under "RJ Photography")

Saturday - Digging for Devotion... I was up to do the communion message on Sunday for our church, so Saturday, it was about digging in my concordance & my Bible & seeing what good stuff I could find.  What did people do before concordances?  What an amazing little - or not so little - book....I'll probably have my devotion I came up with later in the week on here, so you can see what ended up on my heart...

So another week down... I'm excited to know that around on other Project 365, its going to be time for some Holiday photos... isnt that amazing?

Until then... click away!


  1. Love you knitted goodie!! So cute and those crochet hooks are making drool!!

    Happy Sunday!

  2. You look great in the picture of you!

    You have such a great talent for photography.

    I have some of my granmother's cookbooks & little hand written recipes & I treasure them.

    Hugs & Love,

  3. so you always throw my off when you post the week, b/c you started after us!!!

    The bird is so pretty and right about now making me think....and a partridge in a pear tree! ha!

    can't wait to hear what you came up with for your devotion!

  4. Look at you and your modeling self! You go girl!!!

  5. You my friend are America's Next Top Model!!! That wind was totally working with you. Love that picture. And love the picture you took of the couple. You are doing my wedding pictures in the year 20??.... HA! :)

  6. Oh RJ,
    So wish we lived closer. I'd so have you take our family pictures. Your pictures are SO good. I'm gonna look them up on FB.

    Love you friend!!!

    Have a Blessed week,

  7. Too bad you don't live a little further south to take our family's holiday photos! Those pics are gorgeous!! Love the bird in the tree unique!

  8. In response to your question. "Downsized" is on the We Channel and it comes on Saturday nights. Of course they show re-runs off and on all week but the new one airs on Saturday night.

    Happy Monday!

  9. I need to do a tripod picture - I'm all jealous! Of course, I have no hand-crafted item to show off so it would just be a picture of me :)

    Great picture of your friends - you do have talent. And, you know, it's not out of the realm of possibility for us to meet in the middle somewhere (like maybe General Butler State Park).

  10. Great pictures and stories that were told. Love the Fall colors. Have a great day!

  11. look like a model in that first picture...wind or no wind! :) All of your pictures earn two thumbs up from me!

  12. LOVE that you are still keeping up with this project. I sadly slacked off when I started classes this spring.


    You look awesome in that first picture, and I love the knit-wear. You are so talented!


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