Sunday, November 28, 2010

Project 365-39

I'm getting excited - we're getting towards the end of the year for Project 365.... as you can see, my numbers are off - I actually have no missed any weeks - I just started late.  So I will be starting on week one of the year with everyone else... & I want to have a full 52 weeks of photos... If you havent thought of it before, you should do it along with me... its really great looking back over a year of pictures & seeing what you've done... so, lets get to lookin' at this week...

Sunday - "Can I have this dance, for the rest of our lives?".... you all hear me talk about Ryan all the time - my friend, Stephanie's son... he's like family to Ricky & I... Well, he has been dating the most adorable young lady over the past year - someone who was just made for him... & he for her... So Sunday, I knew what the day was going to hold for her... Ryan was going to propose marriage!!!!  Do you KNOW how hard it was for me to see her & not just want to run & hug & SQUEEEEL with excitement?  But I contained myself... as did her family who was all aware of what the day would hold too... So here are the two of them after church - Chasity was trying to teach Ryan how to ballroom dance... I had to take a picture of them before the "events" took place... By the way - she of course said yes... & when he proposed, it was in a NEW HOUSE that he had bought & she had no idea... So she got a beautiful ring, a new home & a fiance all in the span of a THAT's a proposal! Congratulations my friends!!!

Monday - Happy Birthday Sydney.... Our Aussie was 10 years old & we had a little doggie party.  I made sure I got bones for all the babies - their favorite - & Ricky has a way of making them all howl, so it was our way of having them "sing" Happy Birthday to Syd.  She's the one who rules the roost with all the dogs... she is truly our baby... Its always so easy for us to remember her birthday too - 11/22/00.... Hope we get many more years with her...

Tuesday - Shopping with a beautiful sunset... I had to run to Kohl's to spend some Kohl's cash before it expired & this was the most beautiful sky... Fall clouds with the sun shining through - so beautiful....

Wednesday - Knitted Gifts coming together... I am starting to gather all my knitted goodies that I've made over the year together for Christmas gifts... get them all wrapped up & ready to see which home gets what... I hope the people that receive these enjoy them as much as I do making them....

Thursday - Thanksgiving is TIRING!!!! .... You saw the pictures of my Thanksgiving day in a previous post... So here is another one of the day that I just love... I was running around doing so much & looked in the bedroom & saw Zoe all snuggled up... how comfy does she look?  It was a rainy day so seeing her lyng there made me want to just cuddle with her... but no time!  too much to do....Dogs have quite the life, dont they?

Friday - First SNOW of the season.... It actually was the first snow on Thanksgiving... it started late at night.  Big, fluffy snow flakes... but the morning of Black Friday - the snow was still all over the ground.  It set the mood to go Christmas shopping, that's for sure...

Saturday - On my feet in my long johns all day.... after a day of shopping yesterday, I literally was on my feet all day gift wrapping!  It was cold outside & I didnt want to go anywhere anyways.  So just stayed snuggled in my pink fluffy socks, cozy in my long underwear & wrapped all the gifts we bought...presents under the tree make it really look like the Holidays now...

Yes - you notice there are no Christmas Tree pictures here... I'll be posting them in a post all to themselves... I love our Christmas tree, so be sure to come back & take a look...

Hope you all are clicking those cameras in this festive time of the year!!!!


  1. Love the proposal!!

    Snow?! Oh I am jealous...we rarely get any down here and the amount you got would shut our city down for a day if that tells you how little snow we are accustomed to.

    I love your knitted should sell knitted washcloths because they are my favorite thing to use to clean dishes and they are hard to find!

    I am going to try to join Project 365 with you next year (well, in a few weeks). It is so fun to read yours and what a great memory book you could make in the end.

  2. The proposal is AWESOME!

    My kids don't know it yet, but, I'm making them both GIANT Granny Square blankets! We're snugglers in our house, and it makes it a bit difficult when 3 people are trying to snuggle under a small blanket! My daughters I'm making in mauve and pink, and my sons in blue and brown! I hope they like them!!

  3. WOW, now that's a proposal, complete with house!! The boy doesn't do anything small, huh? =)

    LOVE your long johns and socks. That looks SO comfy.

    Have a comfy and Blessed evening,

  4. Love those doggie photos! And the sky...oh my word. It's as if God's fingers are reaching through those clouds!!

  5. what an exciting week!!! that sunset was amazing!!

    so do you keep your aussie shaved? does that cut down on the dog hair in the house?! or do you still have it but just shorter? I have never shaved my aussie and the hair drives me CRAZY!!! but I love her anyway!

  6. Love that sky photo!

    Did your doggy enjoy her birthday party? :)

    My numbers are not the same as everyone else's either because I started late too. I'm glad to know that I am not alone there :)

  7. What a great proposal! I'm excited for them and I don't even know them!

    We were excited about the snow, too, although Gabe was crushed that we couldn't go sledding in the light dusting covering the ground. Soon enough, boy, I'm sure...

    LOVE the doggy pic of her all snuggled up! So sweet!

    Have a great week, Rebecca!

  8. Oh the proposal story made me all watery-eyed!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you are so funny, the doggie bday is too cute

    and your socks look SUPER comfy!

  9. You had a busy week!

    Great pictures and loved the dogie BD party! Sadly we only know about when our puppy was born so we just guesstimate on his birthday!


  10. What a sweet proposal story...I'm such a hopeless romantic! can never beat a birthday party for your pooches!:) Yep...Zoe looks exactly like Bella's been looking all day long. I'm about to join her in the fun!

  11. I love love stories - thanks for sharing this one!

    Your puppies are all too cute. I'm glad you celebrate their birthdays :)

    I want knitted goodies - jk :)

    Can't wait to see your tree!


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