Thursday, February 10, 2011


You all know I have my dental problems... Goodness gracious, have I had my dental problms.

I'm even afraid of writing those words, because I talked about germs & ended up with a sinus infection from the Sinus-Demons & now, I've mentioned teeth stuff?  Please Lord, keep the Teeth-Demons away from me now...

But a few weeks ago, we were talking about "prayer" with the youth kiddos...

I had asked how frequently they pray & you know, they are just like a lot of us are... praying on the go, praying quickly, praying as you drift to sleep to get those last "I still love ya God... good night" prayers in.

Then one of the kiddos - who has the most amazing mind & way of looking at things said this about our talk on prayer:

"Its like when you go to the dentist & they tell you to floss.  You go home & you do it after every meal - you always remember.  But time goes on & then you do it less & less.  You only do it a lot when something goes wrong & you're back at the dentist office"

Can I say.... WOWWWWWW?

How insightful is that?

(See why I love talking with that youth gang?  I always say, they teach me WAY more then I teach them)

I catch myself doing that as well.  I mean, I pray every day... but those "deep" prayers?  Those ones that you can feel Jesus sitting across the table from you, like he's got a note pad writing down what you're saying because He's THAT interested?  Yeah, I seem to do those when things are the worst... & then things go on & life gets decent again & its like, "OK, I can just lift up the prayer requests & go through routine & its still prayer, I'm good" ... then lift hits again & its those heavy prayers again.... remembering to floss....

Just like we're supposed to floss every day, God wants those deep, heavy conversations with us every day.

Maybe I need to work my prayer time in with my nightly dental routine... there's an idea! ;)

...How about you?  You remembering to floss?....


  1. Wow! That was pretty deep! I guess I need to remember to floss more as well... both figuratively and literally.
    Thanks RJ. :-)

  2. I used to be so good about praying on my drive to/from work. Then I fell out of the habit.

    Thanks for the reminder. That 30 minutes is the one quiet time that I have to spend with Him; I need to use it.

    Love the flossing analogy...your kids know you blog, right? :)

  3. On my blog today I talk about some prayer beads that Dr. M got me - it's helping a LOT with that "prayer habit thingy." Heh. AND I do it right after I floss! Synchronicity!

  4. Do I floss? Yes! I was told that flossing helps with bad breath and no root canals!

    Am I guilty of not really doing those "deep" prayers? You bet!

  5. That kid is definitely wise beyond his years! I think they must be getting their analogy skillz from you, teacher :) Such a great post!

    I'm like you and most everyone, I pray every day mostly on the go, in the shower, in the car, at my desk, or just when something pops in my mind. One thing that I am trying to be better at is not just praying for things, but giving him adoration as well. Telling him how awesome he is and how I need him so much in my life, even in the good times.

  6. Ok there you go again...putting into words exactly what I've been thinking...and having the same experience with the kids teaching you something...that just happened to me at Awana last night too, I hope to write more about that this afternoon after my "Crazy Cowboy" leaves for school and Little Miss goes down for her nap!

    Thank you so much for this post, I needed it!!!

  7. Oh. my. That is so true! I was doing so well with going to mass between last Lent up to around the time school started, but started to backslide. I'm really making an effort to go every Sunday!

  8. Do you know that I wake up all through the night and say a little prayer to God about something that's been on my heart...I fall right back to sleep because I KNOW he's heard. :)

  9. Kids are so smart and intuitive!! I love that illustration.

    I need to be flossing and praying more =)

    Love you friend,

  10. Wow... that is very deep. Indeed, flossing can be very easy at first. You can do it every day without any problems. However, we start thinking that the flossing we've done before has given us an advantage, so we slow down and stop, until the moment where we need the help for the dentist once again. Hmm, that's a very smart kid! Hehe, maybe having a schedule of flossing and prayer will help in sticking to doing both of them!


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