Sunday, February 27, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 9

This is the last week of February... AMAZING...

Sunday - Feb 20 - Overnight Art... Look at this art work... its painted by one of the youth kiddos.. & she just did it overnight because she was "bored"!!! Isnt it beautiful?  If you could see it up close, its even more amazing.  It has like blood "splattered" across Jesus' face.  Her art work just blows my mind with every piece I see... She's letting this piece stay in our youth trailer.  Love seeing her talent GLORIFY GOD!!! Go Jordan!

Monday - Feb 22 - Cute Cards.... I wanted to be sure to send out cards to all the youth kiddos that went on the weekend trip to Believe... just a reminder of what they learned... just a surprise to let them know that we (all the leaders) love these kids.  Arent these cards so awesome?  I love stationary... Yes, I'm an office supply nerd...And for the challenge of 52 cards in 52 weeks - so far, my count is up to like 30 cards already!  WHOO HOO!!!  Call me "Overachiever" :)

Tuesday - Feb 23 - I HATE MORNINGS.... this is Bruno.  He snuggles with me every night.  I mean SNUUGGGGLLLLEEEE... I love this little fur-boy!  Well, when the alarm goes off, its like he doesnt want me to get up - he cuddles closer to me. Of course, that means I have to hit the SNOOZE button.  But when I get up, he's not taking the lead.  He'll curl up in the blankets where its still warm.  He's no fool... this is the face I saw when I was leaving for work Tuesday morning... doesnt it just scream at you to get back in bed? 

Wednesday - Feb 23 - YOU RAISE ME UP!!!!! ... look at my tulips budding up!  I had to laugh at how they are lifting up the mulch.  I saw it & just started singing Josh Groban's "You raise me up..."  Look how strong those little tulip bulbs are... Oh, thank you Lord... the first signs of Spring!!!!

Thursday - Feb 24 - Finished off the first box... Dear Girl Scouts:  Why do you insist on making me cave in every year to your cookies?  Why do you send the cutest little faces to ask me if I'll buy a box?  Why do these cookies have to be so amazingly tasty?  ... I finished off this box of Samoa's... & gave the last 2 boxes we have to Ricky & told him to hide them from me.

Friday - Feb 25 - No Picture... & its amazing because it was the opportunity for so many pictures.  I picked up my race packet - went to my parents house - got everything ready for Saturday morning.. & yet, no picture.  I guess my brain was out of it...

Saturday - Feb 26 - I PR'ed... go me!!! .... Today was the first race of the Triple Crown of Running in our area.  Today's race was a 5k.  I did my best 5K ever... was so excited because the first mile I ran was also my FIRST 10 minute mile I ran!!!!!  I ended up knocking off 4.5 minutes off my time from last year... progress - I saw it today. 

Want to join along?  Stop over at Sara's blog & see how everyone else's week has gone....

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  1. Love those notecards! Where did you get them??
    And congrats on the new record!

  2. That artwork is incredible ~ and overnight, WOW!!

    Loving the notecards. I love to send handwritten notes myself. In the age of technology, there is just nothing like getting a good old fashioned card in the mail.

    Congrats on your PR in the race! That is awesome girl...hey, I couldn't even run even a 1/10th of a mile right now.

    And the Josh Groban song started going through my head when I read those words too! (hehe)

  3. That painting is amazing! I am a total office supply & stationery nerd too, I can't get enough.

    Hugs & love,

  4. That first picture: Are you kidding me? How awesome!
    Bruno: I would've been tempted to crawl back in sweet he looks!
    Congratulations on your race! I did a 5K...once. I'd rather be out on a court chasing around a little yellow ball! :D

  5. Great job on your run!!! I had a tough time but I finished!! I love that picture! She is an amazing artist!

  6. I love the picture of the Tulips pushing up!! Yay for the first signs of Spring!!! LOVE IT!

  7. WOW! What an artist!


    Great week,

  8. My Molly is like Bruno. She has always snuggled up against my body...especially in the mornings when I need to get out of bed! We usually spend a solid five to ten minutes loving on each other before I reluctantly get out of bed.

    Oh, to win the lottery and be able to snuggle until 10 or so. :D

  9. oh, i want bruno...
    so precious
    i gave my girl the box of girl scout cookies i i don't have to be tempted.

  10. Oh my stars that painting is AMAZING!!!

    I love those cards ~~ girl you are speaking my love language =)

    Your picture didn't load....hmpff. I'm gonna have to come back later and see if it will load for me. I love looking at your race face=) great time friend. I walked today and think I did 1/4 mile in like 30 mins. Yep, I know....I rock =) Baby steps I say..... anyway.....

    Love you girl ~~ have a Blessed evening, Dawn

  11. Oh there you are ~~ love....LOve....LOVIN' the braids!!! and you =)

  12. Those are my favorite girl scout cookies too and if I am not careful I can eat a whole box by myself in one setting. Not a good thing, not at all.

    Congratulations on your race time.

    Your puppy looked sooo cute!

    That artwork is amazing! I'll bet she could easily sell her work if she wanted to.

  13. That art is AWESOME!!!!!

    How do you think I feel??? I have CASES of cookies in my house! I just have to remember... "They belong to other people!! Do NOT eat them!!"

    Those Tulips crack me up!! How fantastic!! Go you and your spring!! Woot!! LOL

    Congrats on the time shave!! I really want to run a marathon... but.. I'm scared I won't be able to do it! :-( I'm a wimp... LOL

  14. that artwork is absolutely amazing!!! she is so gifted!!!

    so impressed with your running!

  15. Wow girl. congrats on the 5K that is awesome. Your hair is so cute too.
    Love that painting. She should sell her paintings. Wow!
    I bought some girl scout cookies too. They are so yummy and tempting.
    Love seeing spring somewhere...since we don't have it yet. Grrr.

  16. that painting IS amazing!! such talent!
    way to go on the 5K! I'm SO not a runner, but one day I'm going to bite the bullet and train to do one.

  17. that painting is breath beautiful; she is very talented. I LOVE me some girl scout cookies...last year I think I ate at least 10 boxes by MYself...this year I only bought 2 and they weren't even my fav! Great job on your 5K...that is AWESOME!

  18. What a week!
    Congratz on your 5K Rebecca! You rock! :D

  19. Great job on your running! You look adorable in your braids :)

  20. That painting is amazing! She will be famous one day for sure :)

    I love that pic of your tulips pushing up that mulch! Too funny!

  21. I can't get over that painting...AMAZING! Great job on your race, girl! You tore it up! See what you can do when you work hard enough and BELIEVE? Your tulips popping up look a lot like my day lilies that are starting to sprout...I'm so READY!!!

  22. That really is an amazing painting - I love it!

    Those tulips are insane - can't wait until I see some signs of life in MY yard. Sigh.

    WTG on your race!

  23. I'm impressed with the art!

    I have been training for my first 5k. I've never been a runner so I'm having fun doing it.

  24. Omigosh. First, you are stinkin' adorable in that pic. Second, WOW!! That artwork is seriously INCREDIBLE. I'm sure she's destined for fame; what a gift!

    Miss you! Thanks for stopping by.


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