Saturday, February 05, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 6

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Sunday - Jan 30 - ROCK OF AGES!!!! ... Yep - this is how close we were to the stage!  See those steps?  Yep, the one that Constantine sat on to sing a Rock Ballad. (...swoon...) & also the steps that the "stripper" came down to embarass the heck out of Ricky

And speaking of Ricky, doesnt he fit right in with his leather jacket & the hair?  My little rocker!

Monday - Jan 31 - Getting to know you.... this is part of our Youth Leader gang.  We met up for dinner because, see that guy in the middle?  He's our new Youth Minister!! YIPEE!!!  We're so excited to have him at our church.  So he wants to get to know our Team, & of course, food needs to be involved with any church function, hence the dinner to talk.  We ended up chit-chatting for HOURS.  Cant wait to get to know Scott better through the years.... & sorry I look like a train wreck.  I came from working out so I have "sweat hair"...ewww...

Tuesday - Feb 1 - My new hat... I have been making hats for everyone & found some yarn I forgot I had.  I ended up whipping up a hat for me.  A new slouch hat.. that I'm in LOVE with... the colors will go with everything I wear.  I will probably be wearing this hat the rest of winter...

Wednesday - Feb 2 - Its got Heart.... I made some hot chocolate to ease up my sore throat.  I look down & see this heart.  I kept stirring up the drink & the heart never lost its shape... how cool is that?  I love to find hearts in things anyways.  I have pictures of "heart" pickles, chicken nuggets, potato chips... a friend even sent me a picture this week on my phone of a rubber band that landed in a heart shape.  Love reminders of love!

Thursday - Feb 3 - Its a CHILI kinda night... it's cold.. its winter... my throat hurts.  I just wanted chili to warm me & my throat up.  Yep, I live in an area that has pasta in my chili.. & cheese.. mmmm....

Friday - Feb 4 - Its a new WHEY .... I have been doing some research on natural serotonin & I keep reading that if you drink whey shakes, the extra protein helps.  I remember hearing so much about this product on "The Biggest Loser" & found it at the grocery, so I'm going to give it a try.  I'm trying to be more aware of what I eat & do things more naturally... so we'll see how it goes.

Saturday - Feb 5 - Crazy Love.... I keep hearing everyone talk about this book & it was the book of the year at Family Christian, so I've got to see what its all about.  I finished my last book the night before, so diving into Mr. Francis Chan's teaching.  I'm pretty excited about it too.

I'll be hopping around to visit your week in pictures... Keep Clickin'


  1. It looks like a great week & I adore your hat!

    Hugs & love,

  2. Love the Rock of Ages pics and you were SO close to the stage!! Lucky you.

    Congrats on the new youth minister. That is always an exciting time in a church.

    And...Crazy Love is awesome! The videos that go along with the book are equally as great. You will enjoy it for sure.

  3. I have heard many good things about that books, as well. I've never had pasta in chili, but will have to try that you...yum! Love the new hat and the <3!

  4. This is weird, but when I looked at the hot chocolate, I only looked at the foam and thought it looked like a face with a big nose in the middle! Then I looked closer and saw the dark heart...very cool!
    I've never heard of chili with pasta in it; rice, yes, but not pasta.
    Oh, and LOVE the hat! You & auburnchick keep me green with envy at your talent!

  5. oh my word, I LOVE that hat!!!!! You need to sell those....I'll be your first customer!!! serious.

    funny about the cocoa...I could not see the heart because I kept looking at the foam!!

    pasta under chili...I may have to try that! We always put fritos.

  6. That heart is super cool - & spooky!

    LOVE the hat - but at first I thought it was EXTRA special because I thought whatever was on the wall behind you was part of the hat :)

  7. I'm jealous that you got to see Rock of Ages and that you were so close! I'm a musical theater junkie.

    Love the hat! It's super-cute.

  8. I love the hat and the heart in the hot chocolate. I've never heard of that book. Be sure to let us know what you think of it when your finished.

  9. I have done Crazy love and his other one as a bible study. I loved them. It makes you want to get out there and do something. You should enjoy the book. You need to be sure and go online and watch his video clips about the book too.

  10. Your photo of the hot chocolate is so cool! Love the heart, and the offset of the mug in the frame. You're getting good, sister!

    I haven't heard of this new book. Please share a review after you finish it!

    Have a great week, Rebecca...

  11. Oh I will have to check that book out. And love love love that you captured that ♥ in your hot choc. (and what a neat idea to take pics of things that are ♥ shaped!) Is that a form of Skyline Chili?...cuz I love love love me some skyline chili YUM! Hope you have a great week and that your sore throat has gone far far away.

  12. lovin the hat and hot chocolate...have a great week

  13. Love the new hat!! It seems like everyone around the united states could use a hat right about now. I have been struggling with a sore throat too, hot chocolate sounds really good, and can't forget that chili...YUM.

  14. Ricky did fit right in! I love how unique Ricky is! Tell him we think he's awesome :)

    Crazy Love=awesome book! I just ordered his 2nd book Forgotten God {Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit} and also ordered Radical by David Platt {he's a local pastor here and I've heard this book is life changing. Hello Paradigm Shift! So I can't wait to read!}

    Also your new hat is adorable! And I love that lil heart in your hot chocolate! {Its missing marshmallows tho... ROFL!}

    Hope you had a great weekend friend!

  15. Great hat!

    Love those little God moments when he shows up with a simple reminder of his love... a little heart for your day!


  16. i confess to being jealous that you got to see rock of ages! so cool!!
    love the hat!
    my husband is a huge fan of crazy love. in fact, our youth camp this past summer was based around that book. i stll need to read it.

  17. I love that one moment you can be talking about Disney and the next Rock of Ages! You are awesome!!
    LOVE the hat!! You are so talented!! So when do you get an ETSY store so we can get one?
    Love the heart. We all need that reminder don't we?
    Have a super week!!


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