Monday, February 07, 2011

My Super Bowl thoughts... dont expect any football though

I watched the Super Bowl....I know nothing about football...

But its a American Tradition, right?  Something you HAVE to do?  Nah - I guess you dont have too.  And if Glee wasnt coming on afterwards, I probably wouldnt have watched anything, but I didnt want to miss any part of Glee... even thought it came on at 10:40... (I'm tired.... yawn....)

Ricky went to pick up a pizza for us since delivery would take like 5 hours... he got there & he said the line was COMING OUT THE DOOR!!!!!  He ended up standing in line to pay & pick it up for 45 minutes.  I heard that Papa John's alone sold 1 million pizzas Nation Wide... those $10.00 pizzas x's 1 million = Super Bowl being Mr. Papa's favorite day ever!!!

Sam Elliott kicked off the show.  First of all, if he was on every football game, I'd probably watch more.  I LOVVVEEEEEE Sam Elliott.  Always have.  His voice just screams, "I'm a man & I'll kick butt"

I didnt think Lea Michelle did all that fantastic.   I will give props though for that cute little white coat she had on though.

Is it bad I didnt even notice Christina Aguilera messed up the words to the National Anthem?  And why does she have to carry out every note 10 seconds longer then it should be?  I do think her voice kinda schooled Lea Michelle though. 

Half Time Show... The comments on Twitter were cracking me up!!!  People either loved it or hated it.  I thought they did a good show, but Fergie's voice live was just weird, wasnt it?  I kept reading from people there that she sounded much better then what came over the TV due to sound issues.  Not sure how accurate that is...

"Half Time Show presented by the cast of TRON"

Slash kills it wherever he goes.... but why did Fergie think she could pull off Axl Rose...yikes

When Usher came out, I was so scared Justin Bieber wasnt too far behind... Usher was probably like, "Little Dude, this is MY spotlight - stay away from the Bowl"

Hugh Jackman was at the Superbowl.... (insert teenage scream)

The Darth Vader commercial is awesome...

Ricky's favorite commercial was the Beaver cutting down the tree to save the man's life.  I missed that one & then Ricky said, "Did you see the one with the Beaver?" ... I thought he was talking about Jerry Mathers!  No joke...

Some team won... can you tell in my thoughts, there are none about football?  Yeah - that's how I feel about football.

I will say, the guy that they were interviewing afterwards, (so he must have been important on the team???) I loved that he just kept saying "To God be the Glory"... I dont know who he is, but he's my favorite player :)

I always feel so bad for the losing team in big games like the Super Bowl or the NCAA Basketball tournament.  You can see the loss on their face... I hate it...

The After-show or whatever its called was just on my nerves.  I kept screaming, "SHUT UP TERRY BRADSHAW - I WANT GLEE"... I'm impressed with myself that I know who Terry Bradshaw is though!  (please let that be Terry Bradshaw & I just didnt make a fool of myself)

Did you watch the Super Bowl?  Did you actually watch for the commercials or for the game?  What was your favorite commerical?  Did you stay up to watch GLEE?  ... yawn...


  1. LOVED the darth vader fav.

    BEPs....don't know why they are popular. I thought they sounded awful, but the show and lighting were great.

    the Packers QB is a christian and a young life supporter!!! love that!

    Glee = AWESOME!!!

  2. I did not watch but kept seeing it all over Twitter/Facebook LOL

    I love Sam Elliot too! Just watched MASK again a few weeks ago, he was so young {Cher too} in that movie!

    I didn't stay up to watch the rest of Glee, but I did see the first few minutes {where Sue goes ballistic}. I plan to watch it on my lunch today. Hope it doesn't disappoint.

  3. I love the darth vader commercial! :-) And definitely thought Fergie sounded really weird live!

  4. I was exhausted, so I decided to skip the super bowl party and have a Big Bang Theory marathon with my momma instead. Although, we did pause it to watch half time. I didn't think Fergie's voice was that great, but I like The Black Eyed Peas so I was pleased to watch them. And then I got back to The Big Bang Theory.

  5. Funny about Sam Elliot - I was grousing about what he was saying because it was so he-man, & Dr. M said "shut up - it's Sam Elliot! Even grown men cried when he was killed in Roadhouse." Sorry honey!

    It's also funny that Sweet Child of Mine was my favorite part of the show - I think she has a great voice. I didn't really like the rest of the music.

    My favorite serious commercial was the Detroit one with Eminem. I don't remember my favorite funny one, but it was probably one of the doritos commercials.

  6. I think Lea Michelle looks 30 playing a teenager & I though her song was weak. Christina floored me when she screwed up the lyrics, but yeah, her voice taugh Lea's a thing or two.

    My fave commercial was Eminem & Chrysler. I put it on my blog today.


  7. Would you believe it's the FIRST time I've ever sat through the entire Super Bowl...and I kind of enjoyed it! I watched for the game AND for the commercials. I loved the one with Faith Hill...typical guy! :) I can't believe Christina A. botched the National Anthem! I didn't think Lea Michelle did very well, either. I recorded Glee, so I can't wait to watch it!

  8. I love the Darth Vader commercial, but I saw it on FB and Mocha with Linda's blog last week. Didn't watch not even 1 second of the game. Too much else going on last night.

  9. Twitter was CRACKING me up during halftime… and you know my thoughts on Glee, Fan-Freakin-Tastic!!!!!! :)

  10. What's a Bieber?
    Hit them with the Kenny G!

  11. RJ,
    Wow so much to say about this =)
    First of all so agree with you about LM. And CA just made me want to turn OFF my TV. EEK!!

    SO HAPPY PACKERS WON!!! Go Dak and MOM!! We so called it and at one point Chase even said you two are the craziest cheer leaders EVER!! What can I say....mama likes a good defensive touchdown!! (I know you don't know what I just said, but ask Ricky if your interested =)

    LOVED the DV commercial and thought the Doritos commercial where the guy licked the guys finger was SO STINKIN' DISGUSTING!!! Sorry I even had to mention it.

    The half-time show was scary and yawn all at the same time. At least the clothing stayed on.

    Love you girl ~~ thanks for the recap,

    PS had my own little Super Bowl post in my head for the day, but something else happened to trump it.....go ahead take a read at this..... oh boy =) love you girl.

  12. I was super excited Packers won! Nope, I'm not a tv show fan and I don't watch it often so no Glee watching. Mostly because we have no cable or anything that receives tv stations. We had to go to a friends house to watch tv. And even if I had watched Glee I would not have had to stay up :) I live in the Pacific Time Zone. Watched some of the commercials but they were blah this year. And I usually skip over the half time show cuz' it's usually people I have no interest in seeing.

  13. I am so with you on every point.

    Love Sam Elliott. Did you ever see the movie Conagher? LOVE that movie!

    I thought the BEP did okay. Fergie did sound weird, though.

    The commercials were great. Tell Ricky I LOVED the beaver one! You need to look it up, it was adorable!

    I loved that Packer player, too. To God be the Glory is right!

    I fell asleep two seconds into Glee :( I'll have to watch it on Hulu tonight.

  14. Oh, gosh! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who didn't notice the mess-up for the National Anthem! I thought that coat was pretty cute, too. I didn't think Christina's shoes went with her outfit.
    LOVED that Darth commercial; the beaver commercial was just sweet, but the bud light commercial with the dogs made me laugh the hardest.

  15. I discovered that the Super Bowl is much more entertaining when you watch it with twitter. I mostly watch for the commercials anyway.

    If it makes you feel better, I didn't notice Christina's mistake either...but my husband did.

    The Darth Vader commercial rocked. The beaver commercial was great too.

    I also enjoyed the one from the NFL that had a bunch of classic tv clips on it (The Fonz. enough said)

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Omygoodness, your comment about Usher and Justin Beiber was so funny - you are really funny girl! You are so not the only one who knows nothing about football. The Superbowl is just merely another Sunday to me. Only, I was a little bit annoyed by the fact that all of my Sunday shows were postponed until next week! The player that said to God be the Glory is my fave player too (even though I did not see him...hehehe) because he plays for Team Jesus! Yay! Oh yeah and about Glee, do you know that I have never seen it before. They were having a marathon on Oxygen I think of Season 2 and I was going to try and watch, but I forgot. Maybe I will try and watch just a random episode. :o) Sorry that I deleted my first comment, but I posted it without finishing what I was saying. lol.

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