Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

So this Friday... no one has had their back ripped open (dont I put things so elegantly)... & no road trip with a bunch of kids on my schedule... so I get to Frag again!  Let's get to it!


Tomorrow kicks of the running race season around here.  A 5k is the first leg of it... let's get this party started... but wait!  What's that?  Its going to be BELOW FREEZING? ... yep.... the temp for the race tomorrow morning is going to be like 30 degrees.  My excitement for the race just dropped 98%.  Its not so bad running, but you have to get there early to get a parking spot - 5 miles away!!!!  Walk to the starting line - wait about 20 minutes before it starts - & that's where the cold is felt.  Running, you warm up - not a big deal.  But THEN, you gotta walk 5 miles back to your car with SWEAT all over you.  Remember my post on Frozen Snot?  yeah... I'm forseeing that tomorrow... beautiful....

Dont tell me Facebook is useless... it ended up winning me an entry into one of the races of the season - the "Papa John's 10 miler" ... 10 miles... whoo hooo... or ouch... I'll tell you after I run this one.  The funny part of this race - at the end of every race, they usually have bananas, apples, PowerAde... this one, because its sponsored by Papa John's... yep - PIZZA at the finish line!  That'll drive me to run faster! :)

SPAT OF THE WEEK: Since we're already talking about it - RUNNING!!!!!!   Ricky ONE time - for ONE mile - ran a 6 minute mile.  Remember, he did one mile & that's it.  But now, he thinks everyone - EVERYONE should run a 6 minute mile... & if you dont, then why bother - you arent a good runner.  It was quite the conversation for a SPAT of epic proportions when he said, "You have that little walking thing Saturday?"... first - its not a "walking thing"... its a 5k RUN!! Yes, people walk, but its not labeled as a walk... people compete here... then he said, "Its just 3 miles - you should be done in like 15 minutes" - 15 minutes?  Most people wont even get across the START line in 15 minutes!!! There will be like 10,000 people... I told him, "Why dont you just call it a napping, lounging, skipping event - where people just walk & pick flowers & smell them & take their time to cross the finish line"... are you serious? ... I'm taking my running shoes & throwing at his head for all of us that have our own times & compete against OURSELVES...

Do y'all realize they announce the new cast of Dancing with the Stars on MONDAY????  I'm so excited...

Anyone else see Jennifer Lopez freaking out about telling the American Idol contestant he didnt make it?  I totally loved her even more because of that... showed she was real.  I had to laugh though that Randy & Steven were consoling her when the guy who got booted seemed perfectly OK with it.  Granted, I loved his story, but he wasnt the best singer... but what a guy...

I'm pulling for Casey (the guy who played the big standing violin thing - what is that? - I'm not musically gifted) ... Ricky is pulling for the rocker guy with the scream.  That scream is already on my nerves.  I told Ricky he can only do it for so long... they cant give him a Josh Groban song & he really think he can scream in it.  I also am rooting for Lauren - the girl who dressed like a Country Barbie.  She's adorable... & I'd totally rock those pink sequin boots!

Anyone else excited about Adele's new CD?  I've totally fallen in love with her voice lately... I ended up buying her last CD "19" as well... I think I listen to her version of "Make you Feel my love" everyday... awesome.... I also want her fake eyelashes...

Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!!!!


  1. I, seriously, get so much enjoyment out of reading your Friday Fragments! The whole spat between you and Ricky about the running thing made me LAUGH! You tell that hubby of yours, girl!:) I didn't know they were revealing the contestants for Dancing With the Stars on Monday...I'm super excited now! Hope you have a terrific weekend, Rebecca!

  2. Well have fun skipping! That would be a race I could enjoy!
    I want to get Adele's new cd also. love her!

  3. For being an idiot I think that Ricky should have to drop you off at the race & pick you up - so you don't have to walk 5 miles before you start :)

    I think that's a bass - although I can't see the whole thing in the picture. If he was sitting & it was between his knees it would be a cello.

  4. So... now I've found TWO new obsessions music wise today!! *runs off to iTunes to purchase some Adele*
    I've got a pretty funny post coming here in just a few minutes about Bug and music from BigFish FM this morning on the way to school... LOL (I have to do some laundry first... boooo!!!)

  5. Love your fragging!

    I've watched bits of Idol and will not start watching more regularly now that the actual competition will be starting.


  6. Great frags!

    Love the spat with Ricky over running. I don't really consider getting a spot in the Papa Johns Run "winning." That would be torture for me. I'm not a runner though.

    You are like the 50th person I've heard mention Adele this week. I'll have to go take a listen.

  7. I had no idea they announced the new contestants on DWTS! Thanks to you & auburnchick, I think I'm now addicted to it. :)
    I'm off to hear Adele...hadn't heard of her before.

  8. Okay so TSOTW is so making me smile right now. You and Ricky are so stinkin' cute and fierce =)

    I was so sad that he got voted off, but totally lovin' Casey (and that is a Bass BTW, not a Bass Guitar, just a Bass =) and I love the Country Barbie girl as well. Told my man that she is the closest thing to Carrie Underwood they've had since Carrie. Hope she does GREAT!!!

    Besides her though, I'm thinking the men are much stronger again this year. We will see.

    Hope your run went great!!!

    Love you girl ~~ have a Blessed weekend,

  9. just came across your blog! it's fabulous! you have some great insight on your posts!

  10. I concur on all of your Idol fragments :) I do hope Casey shaves at some point, though...

    I will never be a runner, I'm sure; I just hate running. Glad you're enjoying yourself :)


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