Monday, February 14, 2011

Running in a tiara & tutu?

This is the 2nd year that I've seen this event & have drooled because I want to go... where you may ask?

The Disney Princess Half Marathon...
This year's event is next weekend, February 27th... its sold out...I'm not going... but this is my dream run!  I have to one day do this... I have to... it has my name all over it!

Do you not understand what this entails? Running in Princess garb if you want... tutut's... tiara's...around DISNEY... with Disney Characters... around Cinderella's castle!!!

They even have your name listed on your Bib as "Princess (insert name)"....

Its a whole week event too - with running clinics & information... & even glimpses at glass running "slippers" - what every modern running Princess needs :)

And at the end, you get a medal that has a tiara?

Dont the pictures alone make you want to train & get ready for 2012? 

I've got to do this race... before I die, I have to run a race dressed like Belle through Disney World...

Maybe 2012 will be my year....

Who else is in?


  1. Wowza...does that ever look like FUN! Makes me want to lace up my sneakers right now and start training! I may have to give this one some SERIOUS thought! :)

  2. And when you come, you will NOT leave this state without seeing me!!!!! :)

  3. Run it? Nope....but if I could walk it I would be IN! We've decided that year 5 of the 3-day we would all walk again. That would a really fun!

  4. Hey maybe by the time you are ready to run in this, I will be running too and we can do it together! You could be Belle & I will be Snow White. It looks like such a good time and so much fun.

  5. G-I-R-L-F-R-I-E-N-D,

    I don't run any more ~~ for the love of glass running slippers ~~ but I SO want to do this. You run as Belle and I'll run as Cinderella. Dak was trying to ruin Cinderella for me last night ~~ just last night mind you ~~ by telling me that in the REAL Cinderella story she dies in the end and never gets the Prince!! WHAT?!! I told him that was just ugly talk and who in their right mind would end it that way? He proceeded to tell me other bad endings to perfectly beautiful fairy tales.... I thought I would have to put a muzzle on him. Could you knit me one with a tight string? heehee

    Love you friend ~~ Dawn

    PS The Tiara Medals would be too much for us.....we'd go straight into Princess mode and may never come out =)

  6. That does look like a fun run for sure. Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Uh, not me. But I'd love to see pictures of you doing it!

  8. Is the race in Florida??? If so, you MUST go. I would drive six hours down to meet you, my friend! In fact, I'd be waiting for you at the finish line!!!!!! DO IT!

  9. I can see myself doing a face-plant after about 3 steps! LOL

  10. I have a friend who ran the full marathon at Disney, and LOVED it! I don't know if I could run a half, but I'd be willing to try. Isabel would love it, too!

    Those medals are awesome!

  11. that is awesome! i've heard of the disney runs and you are right. they sound like great fun! i'd need to start training now to run in 2015 though... ha ha ha.


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