Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Happy Friday... week 3 & I am officially NOT SICK... kinda.. maybe... At least I feel more like myself.  Which means my ears & sinuses are still a tad jacked up... but that's "normal" for me... how sad is that? 
Let's move on... time to frag...


Speaking of sick, I keep hearing of everyone around me having the stomach flu.  That freaks me out.  My co-worker has been out of the office for the past 2 days because she has it.  & I keep hearing of everyone struggling with it, or their child struggling with it.   When I even HEAR about it, I feel nauseated... I'm that weak... Please Lord, let Spring come....


Speaking of Spring coming... it really may be happening around here.  Its going to be in the 50's all next week!!!!  Do you have any idea how excited that makes me?  Goodbye treadmill... hello pavement!!!!  I want to open my windows even to get some FRESH air in... Nothing is better then fresh air flowing through a house...


Want to see what makes Ricky's heart ache?  Julie posted this picture of Isaac playing with Super Heroes... & Ricky is just so far away, he cant play with him...I should take a picture of Ricky playing with his super hero dolls & send it to Isaac


SPAT OF THE WEEK:  DEAD SNAKES!!!!!!!... seriously!!!! .....  I get woke up Saturday morning with the statement, "Want to see the dead snake I found"...wh-wh-what?????  He is holding it in his hands...!!!!  Talk about a quick wake up... I literally jumped up, on the other side of the bed.  "What are you talking about?" - since I just woke up, I thought this could be a dream or a figment of my imagination.  Nope.  Ricky was standing there with a dead snake in his hands that he found IN OUR BASEMENT!!! (Joys of living away from the city)  "Come on, its just a baby"... to which my response is, "If its a baby, there's a MOMMA"... or one of the dogs carried it in from outside... either way, I'm freaking out.  Snakes do me in... the only animal I cant handle.  Even dead.... So Ricky got mad at me because I didnt want to see the dead baby snake in his hands.....& then he throws it in the garbage can in the kitchen where I later "stumble" upon it... Hello Ricky, I'm your wife of 15 years... I hate snakes... thank you...


My dad sent me a message the other day that I should put peanuts in the bottom of a coke - that it was delicious.  Can I tell you, I gagged... why would you want something crunchy & hard (other then ice) in your drink.  Do you EAT the peanuts?  Do you leave them in the bottom as a surprise when the coke is gone?  I dont get it... come to find out, lots of people have tried it... & like it... this world is a messed up place...

(Can I tell you how much this picture makes me want to vomit?)


Anyone watching "The Bachlor"?  Anyone else think Chantal has the worst dresses ever?  Where does she get all these dresses that fit her horribly?  Come on Chris Harrison... give that girl the date where she gets a shopping trip.  Anyone else also rooting for Michelle to go home?  I'm not even joking.... I know a girl JUST like her... her mannerisms, the way she speaks - she'll even do the fake "Elbow slam" when talking about other girls... its really bizarre... so yes, there are women out there just like her...

Laugh of the week:  This picture cracked me up... it has posted along with it, "I FOUND HIM" ...
Do the things that make me laugh every week disturb you?  I do love to laugh...

Hope you all have a great Friday & that Spring is knocking on your door...


  1. Hahaha RJ,
    I'm gonna make Georgia read your "Spat of the Week"!! She absolutely LOATHES snakes. In fact, I've never met anyone quite so freaked out about snakes, ummm, well maybe until now =) You two are the sisterhood of the snake haters!! heehee I'm so glad you didn't post a picture of it, because she wouldn't read it. Oh and if she found it in the trash after Ricky (or me =) threw it in there, she might just pass out. Yep, gonna have her read it =)

    Okay, peanuts in coke were a big thing in like the 50's. My mom has told me about it (I think it was mom, or dad) anyway..... I have tried it..... AND IT IS AS DISGUSTING AS YOU ARE THINKING IT IS!!!!! The peanuts don't really stay very crunchy. It's weird and disgusting and not really peanutty like. Now I do like to eat peanuts with pop, esp. if I've had the stomach flu, but that is another story for another time =)

    Love you so girlfriend ~~ have a Blessed weekend,

  2. Oh RJ, I HATE snakes too! Don't like them dead or alive, in a glass case, on snake is a good snake to me. This past summer on the farm, my kids found 8 snake eggs that had been ran over by the tractor. Only one of them was still somewhat alive and they helped it out of the egg & were carrying it around like a doll. I was so freaked out and they thought it was hysterical. ICK!!!

    I do not like peanuts in my coke either...GROSS! I'm with you...what do you do with those soggy peanuts in the end?! Yuck!!

    Wyatt loves playing super heroes too. David's uncle (who is in his 40's) will play with him for hours when he comes over and Wyatt just eats it up. Boys and their toys!

  3. LOL That last pic is hilarious!

    Oh Jonathan would get a foot to the face if he ever brought anything dead into the house and held it next to me while I was just waking up. Just sayin'!

    I don't watch The Bachelor, can't handle the drama, but I hear every talk about how crazy that Michelle girl is. They keep her around for the ratings, clearly. What man in his right mind would voluntarily keep someone like that around? He'd have to be insane.

    Anyway, the peanuts in the coke thing? That's something country people do around here. Like old school, grew up on a farm and ate gravy biscuits 3 meals a day people. Like my momma when she was growing up LOL They also eat cornbread crumbled up in milk. Gag.

  4. I love peanuts. I love Coke. The two of them together? Notsomuch. Yuck.

    Yay for nice weather! I'll be sleeping most of it away this weekend, but I am determined to get outside next week, for sure!

    Have a great (sick-free) week, Rebecca!

  5. We're looking at "nice" weather this week too. Mid 30's, which may be too cold for others. But in our neck of the woods--that's a heat wave!

    I'm CRACKING UP with the "I found him" photo. TOO FUNNY!!

  6. Yes. Michelle is riding the crazy train. She needs to go home.

    And I can't believe the dead snake incident. I'm sure it wasn't funny to you, but it had me laughing!

  7. are always such a bright spot in my day! Love your "Friday's Fragments"...almost more than chocolate! I would've choked Chris if he'd brought snakes (dead or living!) anywhere near me! Simply said...I DON'T DO SNAKES! YUCK!!!

    I hate to gross you out, but I grew up putting peanuts in my Coke all the time. Yes...I would eat GOOD! Haven't had one of those concoctions for awhile...I think I'm overdue! :)

    Are you really going to get me started on "The Bachelor"? Oh, my word...Michelle has GOT to GO! She is so controlling and mean-spirited! Surely to goodness, Brad will see the light!

  8. Stopping by from Friday have a much better response to the snake then I would have...I'm pretty sure I would have passed out right there! My husband teases me about the day my son will come up to me with one! I can't even look at them in a book or on TV!

  9. I HATE snakes too and if my husband did that to me, he'd probably be sporting a black eye!
    I have been watching The Bachelor but I missed this week. I can not stand Michelle! She is all kinds of crazy.
    I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope you continue to feel better!

  10. Laverne & Shirley used to put peanuts in their Pepsi all the time. It was a big thing "way back then".
    Snakes: EWWWW. No thank you.
    I can't believe I forgot about the frags this week! Maybe next week.

  11. peanuts do NOT go in drinks!!

    i can do snaked, but spider eek me out!! i will run for the hills from a spider!!

  12. I love when I can open both doors and just let the breeze flow through. It makes the house smell heavenly.

    Peanuts in coke? UH gross!


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