Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Its Friday... I'm still sick... this bites... lets frag...


Yeah - its been over a week & I'm still feeling like the plungers are not only ON my nose, but up inside my head, on top of my sinuses.  One minute, I'm struggling to breath & then the next, its like Niagra Falls & a gush of snot rushes out. (I love a good visual) .... I know my coworkers have to be tired of hearing me blowing my nose.  But now as much as my NOSE hates being blown.  My nose is now just raw skin.  Ask me if I'm grumpy?

My secret of getting through winter?  Knee High Socks!!! Honestly, they have been the best.  I put them on when I wake up & only take them off to bathe & then put another pair on to sleep in & to wear the next day.  Its like built in leg warmers... & since everyone would totally laugh at me if I pulled out my 80's leg warmers, this is the next best thing.  Get a few pair... see if they change your life like they did mine.

Why does chapped stick make my lips more chapped?  How does that make sense?  I got a lot of great suggestions on Facebook & have since bought most of those suggestions - only to have chapped lips still.  I do think so far, the winner is Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment.  Wow - between my nose & lips, I'm just looking like a dry skin freak....


By the way - my throat still feels like it has razor blades in it... after a week.  Is that a symptom of death? 

Did anyone else find it ironic that I did a post on how germs freak me out... & then I got sick?

WEIRD TIP!!! I heard this on the radio... if you get a brain freeze from eating ice cream, they say you can put PEPPER on your ice cream & it prevents something which makes you have that bullet-in-the-brain feeling!  Do what?  They even tried & tested it on the radio & said that its true. The guy was gulfing down the ice cream & he never did freeze that brain. Plus, he said you couldnt taste the pepper.  I'm intrigued.  I'm not a big ice cream fan, so someone needs to try this & let me know if it really works.  Can I put pepper in a slushie? 


SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Preparing to leave together.... does anyone else have a argument every time you attempt to leave the house together?  We were getting ready to go see "Rock of Ages" last Sunday (ROCK ON!) & Ricky was ready first - which I will say, is the most rare thing that ever happens.  He's worse then a Real Housewife of Anytown USA... but he was ready. I was still drugging myself up with cold medicine to survive the day & he starts to set the alarm, which gives you 30 seconds to get out of the door.  I tell him to hold on, I still dont have my purse, dont have my phone, dont have my SHOES on... wait a sec!  So he goes downstairs & gets on the computer... DO WHAT?  All that will take less then 2 minutes... he felt the need to go sit down & act like it would take a few hours?  I ended up getting ready, went out & sat in the car without telling him... so when he finally came out, I looked at him & said, "What took you so long?  we're going to be late now" .... then I sneezed on him...


The Superbowl this weekend?  I honestly am not even sure who's playing...I only care about Glee coming on afterwards...

OK - I'm making it through the day & then I'm home, on the couch, vegging - doing nothing this weekend - hoping to get on the upside of this "yuck"... let's hope next Friday, I'm better & not sounding so grumpy & complain-y...

Happy Friday everyone...


  1. Tip: use Blistex on your sore nose. I too, have had the cold stuff and find that my nose is chapped. I put blistex on my nose and it helps. It may sting a little, but it works.

    Hope you feel better! :)

  2. HA!! I do that to my hubby ALL THE TIME! You would think him being a Marine he would be used to being EARLY for everything, I mean.. since being on time is actually being late for the Marine Corps.... EVERYTHING is 15 minutes early! I will be ready to walk out the door and he will say something like "Oh I have to use the bathroom." *insert groan* I've had people tell me that they tell us a time a half an hour before they're really starting so we will show up on time. It's TOTALLY my hubby!! He's such a slacker. We're like a total role reversal. I can be ready in like 15 minutes, he takes forever!
    I hope your cold goes away soon!!!

  3. I'm not sure I could do the pepper thing. It's just so ... wrong! Now go get better :)

  4. hope you can rest this weekend!!!

    and I am with you....don't really care about the super bowl (except for the food) but yes to GLEE!!!

  5. So sorry you are still feeling so yucky friend. I hope this weekend of rest (and Superbowl ~~ Go Packs =) Cheers you up!!!

    The cartoon


    You sitting in the car waiting for him, telling him HE's making y'all late (so a move my hubby would do =)

    Love you RJ ~~ hang in there,

  6. i don't think i could do the pepper in my ice cream, but i put it in my cottage cheese... does that count?

    i am sorry you are still not feeling well. the cold, goopy thing seems to be hanging on super long this winter. my buddies at church are all counting the weeks it hangs on... so that makes you feel all sorts of better, huh? ;-) hopefully you get the cliff notes version!!!

  7. I've forgotten - have you been to the doctor for this mess? The throat thing worries me (& I'm not even a mom)...

    I do that to Dr. M - I'm the one sitting at the computer waiting on him to get done. Because experience has taught me that if I go ahead & go out to the car it will be a LONG wait before he gets out there :)

  8. I LIVE in knee high socks when I'm at my house! Love them! I have all different colors, stripes, polka dots, candy theme, Christmas ones, Cowgirl ones...I love me some knee high socks! I actually shared a pic of a rainbow pair I have on the blog a lil bit ago.

    I hope you feel better friend! Have you been to the doctor? Seems like there are some drugs that could make that junk disappear! LOL

  9. What's wrong with leg warmers? I wear them to sleep in most every night. Keeps me from getting leg cramps.

    Loved the "Spat of the Week". Too funny!

    Hope you feel better soon. Oh and by the way loved the visual of the first frag, since I'm sitting at my desk eating lunch....not!

    Have a great, restful weekend!

  10. I hope that your razor throat and Niagara Falls nose quits soon!

    Hugs & love,

  11. aw I'm so sorry you're still feeling sick! I hope you feel better soon!

  12. Bless your heart...will your stuffy nose and sore throat EVER get better? I sure hope and pray so...this stuff has gone on far too long! Pepper on your ice cream, huh? I think I'd just rather deal with a brain freeze! I CANNOT wait for Glee to start back up!!!

  13. Hope you're feeling better soon. Have you been to the doctor?

    I LOVE ice cream and would never defile it with pepper. Sacrilege!

  14. I heard that if you get a brain freeze to put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and that helps. That sounds better than pepper if you ask me.. Love the knee socks tip. I have some also..

    Have a great weekend..

  15. So...I'm sensing that you are sick??

    :( That is no fun. I hope you feel better this weekend.

    Knee socks are awesome!!

    I don't know who is in the Super Bowl this year either.

  16. Okay I know you've probably got tons of solutions for the ouchie nose, but I'm gonna through out mine too. I get a raw nose every year due to allergies in the spring and what I do, and I know this hurts when you first do it but trust me it works, is I put Vick's vaporub on it. Hurts, makes your eyes water (might unplug your nose though), but then awwwwww....

    My son hates it when I do it to him, but is always thankful when it's done.

  17. I am feeling miserable just reading this! Sorry you're still so sick.
    I haven't tried knee socks; I have lots of warm fuzzy socks but no knee socks, I'll have to try them!

  18. Rebecca Jo,

    So sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. No fun! And, you are right about that Chapstick. Too much reapplying. I think I'll search for a new and better lip balm.

    Hope you will be back to great health soon.

    I appreciate your sense of humor and your positive spirit even when you aren't doing well.

    Praying for you today,

  19. I used Blistex a lot as a kid. Now I use enough Lipsmacker to feed a small child, so I don't need it.

    Knee-high socks? Don't think I could handle it. I actually really prefer not to wear socks at all.


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