Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 7

Sunday - Feb 6 - Super Bowl Sunday.... equals pizza!!!!!  It was the best part of the night for me... I love me some veggie pizza anyday, but on Super Bowl Sunday - its a way of life :) 

Monday - Feb 7 - Timothy pushes me .... I love my new water bottle.  This verse is just perfect for me.  This verse is also kinda special as its engraved on my grandmother's headstone.  Plus, with my half marathon training, it just inspires me even more...I'm going to FINISH THE RACE!!!!  In the real race & in the race of life....

Tuesday - Feb 8 - More snow.... I havent had many snow pictures this year, though we've had snow like every day.  So this is just another day... with snow... such as been every day of winter... brrrrr....

Wednesday - Feb 9 - How much do you Trust? .... this is our youth group on Wednesday, doing a challenge... That young lady in the middle had to just fall & let her friends catch her & push her & the point is just keep going, in trust.  If you fall forward, you fall & let them catch you.. you get pushed to the side, you go to the side... The kids would tense up & end up catching themselves... I dont think I could do it myself either.  The kids also tried to get me to actually do it & I was like, "I'll fall & wipe out half of the youth group" - so needless to say, I stayed out of the circle! :)

Thursday - Feb 10 - This is just getting ridiculous.... It was just down right COLD.... this temperature is at about 10 in the morning too... but look at the future temps... the 40's would feel like a heat wave!!!!

Friday - Feb 11 - Preparing.... I was up to do the communion message on Sunday.  Man, it was tough on me this time.  I had like 5 different ones completely wrote out.  I kept going back & forth & back & forth on which one to use.  I dont think I have ever been so deep in the Bible my whole life... it was very stressful... just praying for God to lead to the right message...

Saturday - Feb 12 - Valentine's Baking.... I wanted to make some cookies for the youth group for Valentine's Day, so I had some cookie dough going.  I have to laugh when things say "Dont eat raw cookie dough"... yeah - that's not possible with me... I love cookie dough....even raw.  I'll risk my life for cook dough!

Hope you all have had click worthy moments this weekend...

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  1. Oh yeah - I'm a cookie dough fiend. And cake batter, and icing - really anything sweet in a bowl that I can dip my finger into :)

    I don't think I could have done that challenge either - and I would DEFINITELY have wiped out about half of them!

    We had a really nice day today - I went to Walmart with just a blazer on instead of a coat!

  2. Yummy pizza and cookies:)I like your water bottle, also. Good luck on your communion message and have a great week.

  3. I much prefer the dough to the cookie!!! I rarely eat the cookies after they are cooked.

    We hit almost 70 today. this weather is crazy!

  4. We usually on get about half a batch of baked cookies, since all four of us snack on the dough! And that pizza looks amazing.

    Hugs & love,

  5. I haven't gotten sick from eating cookie dough yet, so it must be okay to keep doing it!

  6. That veggie pizza looks yummy!! And the cookies do too. I love raw cookie dough and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is one of my favorites! I'm still alive after eating raw cookie dough for years.

    That trust circle is intense. I have done that a few times and even in college it was still hard to completely trust as I fell. I guess we are that way with God too sometimes. Yes God I trust you to handle this BUT just in case you don't, I have a back up plan!

    And your snow & temperatures are making me cold so I'm off to go wrap up in my nice warm blanket!

  7. So how was your communion message? Inspired, I bet. Hope you celebrated with some cookie dough.

  8. Oh yeah, is that Papa John's pizza?

  9. Mmmm... You pizza and cookies look good. Boy you had some cold weather this week!

    I'll bet you did just fine on your message this morning

  10. i must say that pizza looked delicious...and i would love some of those cookies as dessert! happy valentine's day! :)

  11. The Hubs and DD always taunt me as they scarf down spoonfuls of raw cookie dough...NOT me! To each their own I say, but I'll take my cookies nice a crispy dunked in milk thank you very much!

    Great week!

  12. Oh girl, I had a veggie pizza at Zio's on Saturday on my "date" with Mr. Winslow =) It was SO delicious!!! They use an oven brick oven. It is so good!!

    Your photography is just beautiful!! I wish we lived closer, I'd had you take Dak's Senior Pics. You do such good work!!

    Girl, where did you get that water bottle? LOVE IT!!!!!

    Oh girl, does my heart GOOD to see all your Bible Study notes out like that. Get in that Word girl....grow baby grow.

    MMMM....... cookie dough. Enough said =)

    Love you girl ~~ have a Beautiful day,

  13. I'm with you! I will risk my life for cookie dough too! LOL

    Don't be jealous, but our forecasted highs this week is in the 60's. GLORIOUS! Hallelujah, amen!

  14. I could eat an entire bucket of cookie dough in one sitting...the ENTIRE thing! I like it more than the baked cookies, in fact! What a great verse...and, WILL finish that race! :) Enjoy your Valentine's Day with your honey!♥


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