Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Smeller is the feller...

I saw one of the questions on the "Hodgepodge" for the week was about smelling... & what memories it brings...

I am a Smeller... you can ask my mom - I SMELL EVERYTHING!  I'll try on clothes & bring it to my nose to smell it.  I'll go grocery shopping & bring a box of cookies to my sniffer.  I'll even smell paper towels, magazines - anything I can hold in my hands, I'll smell!!!.  Maybe I need to be on that TLC show about weird addictions? 

Smells are powerful though...

POLO cologne for men takes me right back to 7th grade & flashes a picture of the boy I LOOVVVVEED (you know how dramatic 7th grade love is)

Plastic takes me back to being little & all my doll babies

Baby Soft perfume takes me back to elementary school where I thought I was so grown up wearing perfume like my mom

(WAIT!!!!!  This is the adveritising for that perfume??? ... I'm disturbed...)

Juicy Fruit gum smell takes me right back to being a little girl in church ... every Sunday, this man would be waiting to give me a piece.  It was the highlight of my church day! :)

The smell of machinery takes me right back to my dad coming home from work every day

Snuggle fabric softner makes me think of my home growing up....

The smell of wood reminds me of all the WOOD men (dad, grandpa, brother) in my family
(Wood is my maiden name - how appropriate is that?)

CHARLIE perfume makes me think of my mom growing up

The smell of corn cooking reminds me of my grandma's house

Giorgio perfume (remember that stuff?) makes me think of my brother's old girlfriend that use to bathe in it

Stinky Feet smells remind me of Ricky... LET ME EXPLAIN... the skating rink where the smell of old skates, takes me right back to when Ricky & I were dating

Its just funny how smells can take you into a time warp.  Take you right back to a moment - bring a person's face right to mind - bring an environment right to the front of memory... all with just a whiff of a nose...

...what smell brings back memories for you?


  1. You know, I had completely forgotten about Baby Soft Perfume, but I wore that stuff all the time! I was, also, a huge fan of Charlie, too! In fact, Abby and I saw a bottle of it in a CVS store recently and I told her that's what I used to wear in high school. Ahh...MEMORIES!

  2. My mom wore White Shoulders (when she remembered to mess with perfume). The smell of yeast rolls takes me right back to Mamaw's kitchen...

  3. These are great!

    Burning wood reminds me of campfires at camp.

    But that's the only one I can think of. Sadly, there are smells that once I smell them I think "Oh my WORD! That reminds me of..."

  4. Whenever I smell Smarties I remember the very first dance I went to with a boyfriend... we ended up breaking up AT the dance... and then my best friend and I left with me bawling. We drove around for a while, and ended up at the pharmacy across the street from her house pushing carts around with my car, and my boyfriend shows up with a dozen roses. LOL It was really sweet. He's now married and lives in Brazil with his gorgeous wife... LOL

  5. The smell of new mulch reminds me of summers I spent in WA state with my dad. The smell of honeysuckle does the same.

    The smell of metal reminds me of an uncle I used to have that worked in a machine shop.

    The smell of fresh laundry reminds me of Saturday mornings growing up because it was cleaning day at my mom's house.

    Aqua di Gio will always remind me of Jonathan. He wore it while we were dating.

    The smell of coffee reminds me of my flight attendant days, brewing coffee first thing for the first class passengers, no matter the time of day/night.

    That was fun :)

  6. I'm the same way with smells. So many memories associated with them. There was a sage/eucalyptus candle I used to burn in our old house when Elijah was a baby, and that scent brings back such a happy feeling in my heart.

    Old Spice cologne never fails to remind me of my dad.

    No fond memories for the stinky feet smell here, though :) You can keep that one!

  7. My nose and sense of smell drives my family crazy. I smell things none of them do almost every day. It's a blessing and a curse don't you think? LOL

    Bath and Body's Japanese Blossom lotion makes me think of holding my daughter for the first time. Her foster mother wore it and Yaya always smelled like her. Funny how that and smell of baby lotion make me one happy girl.

  8. Ahhh...Georgio...good gravy girl? Where were you living when I need a BFF when I was a teenager? Sigh. I guess you'll just have to be my BFF now. :D

  9. Fun post. I loved Baby Soft Perfume!

  10. I still love the scent of Luv's Babysoft, but that ad IS disturbing!

    The cologne that my husband wears is my favorite because it takes me back to the moment I met him. It was right then and there that I decided to pursue him like a dog. And it worked!

    Pink grapefruit candles always lift my mood.

    Hugs & love,

  11. I'm totally a smeller as well! :)
    This post made me smile Rebecca, thank you so much for that!

  12. I love when you smell something and it triggers a memory that you have totally forgotten about!

  13. Ok that advertisement really is a little disturbing for the perfume haha :-) and isn't it so amazing how powerful smells are?!

  14. I'm seriously worried about you and all your smelling ;-)

    Hey, MB is dragging me skating again tonight - luring me by promising the DJ will play all my fave shuffle skate songs from the '80's - so I can relate to the smell of the state rental room :-O

  15. There are so many cute things - er, smells - to comment on...and lots of great memories from smells, too! But I have to say I am really stuck on the Baby Soft ad?!?!? Too disturbing.

    Smells I love...cause they bring back memories - fresh cut grass (my dad), fried fat back..gross, I know (my mom), yeast rolls - or just yeast anything:) (Sunday dinners!)

  16. my nanny has a special powder smell.

    that's all i can think of. LOL

    which books off your shelf do you recommend...lik i need more books to read.

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