Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 8

This has been a busy, hectic, stressful, yet FUN week... whew...

Sunday - Feb 13 - I actually love the shoes.... We met up with some friends to meet up with the college kids at our church for a night of bowling.  I know I must be weird, but I actually like bowling shoes.  The colors are always so obnoxious... I've never seen ones with flames on them before... that was a first.  For the record, I didnt even break 100 in either game... but my stomach truly hurt from laughing!  The true sign of a fantastic night!

Monday - Feb 14 - Valentine's Day... hearts are everywhere... even in candy... as it should be

Tuesday - Feb 15 - New Verse Day .... Time to pick a new verse for the Siesta Year Challenge.  I always change it on my board in my office so I can have it near me all the time...

Wednesday - Feb 16...BUSY... which means no picture.  I really intended to take a picture, but the next few days were so hectic, that I totally got caught up in plans & packing & forgot to click a camera... DANG IT!

Thursday - Feb 17 - It finally happened... my poor daddy!!!! .... yep, the surgery finally happened.  It is a horrible thing to see your parent in pain.  I had so many thoughts in my mind about the day.  Be prepared.  There will be blog posts to come about it.... This is him about 2 hours after surgery... & this is only about 10 minutes before they had him up walking.  Yes - after spine & back surgery, they had him WALKING the halls a few hours later. AND sent him HOME!!!!!!!  How crazy is that?  Dont know if its advances in medicine, or failures in insurance... seeing him home in pain later that evening - I have to think its due to failures :(

Friday - Feb 18 - BELIEVE 2011 .... look at this gang... these are some amazing excited to see what God does with excited to see them grow into amazing young women & men of God!!!

Saturday - Feb 19 - I love this gang... Because we are just as much fun as a bunch of jr. high kids! :) 

I have been lacking sleep the past 4 days... I've been out of town... I've been on the road for hundreds of miles this weekend... I just looked & my Google Reader is over 400... so I'll eventually make my rounds!  Back to life... back to a normal week... I think...

Happy clicking!


  1. Love the heart candy shape picture. very cool. I always take pictures of my kids feet in bowling shoes. So fun and cute.

  2. Sorry about the system failing your daddy, that is kinda sad they would send him home like that.

    The candy picture is awesome!!

    Glad you had a fabulous weekend with the kids!

  3. I can't believe they sent your dad home so quickly! they did that with my friend who just had a double radical mastectomy..sent her home the next morning..sheesh!

    so glad your trip with the kids went well!!!

  4. I have always loved bowling shoes too!!!

  5. picutres of bowling shoes are always a must...they make such great photos! And love the m&ms made into a heart, so creative. I hope that your day recovers is not fun.

  6. My daughter had major surgery on her back last summer, it was a HUGE process. They had her up and walking the next day. She only took a few steps but they got the physical therapy started right away. Thankfully her stay was a lot longer, she was in the hospital for a full week, but it was extensive surgery.

    I hope he is feeling better and recovering with as little pain as possible.

    For a great week!

  7. Sending my prays to your sweet Daddy on a quick recovery!! <3 I hate that hospitals will do that. When I had Monkey (my widdle baby 12 year old baby boy! Did I mention he's my baby boy?!) he was born at 1:03AM 31December. I was home by 5:30 that evening. With a newborn. And no family around (well.. my mom flew in, but she was only there for a few days). I had no idea what I was doing!! I was lucky that I figured out (sorta) breast feeding in the hospital! I was just 18 and they basically shoved me out the door! And it wasn't like I'd been there a long time either! I went in at midnight on the 29th (morning of the 30th) and was there a total of about 41 hours!! Crazy!

  8. It's definitely an era when people have to take responsibility for their own recoveries. Scary!

    I LOVE to bowl! And I rarely break 100 - but that never really matters.

    You guys do look like a "with it" crew. With what exactly, I don't know :)

  9. Those bowling shoes are downright awesome, I'm not gonna lie! Sure hope your dad is feeling much better these days. No...there isn't much worse than having to watch your parent or anyone you love writhe in PAIN! So glad that you and the kiddos had a ball over the weekend! I'm sure you made lots of lasting memories!

  10. RJ,
    I am SUCH A BAD BOWLER!! But it is so fun esp. if you can go to a lane that doesn't have smoking. Otherwise I'm choked up the whole time. Yuck.


    Sorry your daddy felt so bad. Is he doing better?

    I LOVE the picture of the leaders wh-what GCC!!

    So glad your back ~~ love you,

  11. I could use a heart made of M&Ms right now. Yum. (and pretty!!)

  12. I'm so glad you are keeping up on this project! I love the m&m picture!!

  13. Wow. Bowling shoes are totally different than I remember them being when I was a kid. There for a while, it was totally cool to have a pair of bowling shoes. But back then they were greyish-brown with a stripe or two of red and/or navy. I actually kind of DIG those wild colors!! Not sure what that says about me...

    Great pictures as usual. Especially love the candy heart! Sort of iconic, I think.


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