Wednesday, February 16, 2011

She's useless? Really?

Anyone watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show?

I tried... & I saw "TRIED" because our Australian Shepherd, Sydney watches TV.  I'm not even joking!  And when she watches, if she sees an animal of ANY KIND, she must bark.  She'll even run to look around the TV thinking the animal is going to come out of it.

So I tried to watch it while Sydney would bark... & then I'd just say "Sydney" & then she's do a low grumble... then bark... & I'd say "Sydney" ... & she'd do a low grumble.... then bark...the cycle wasnt worth it.  I ended up turning it over after 30 minutes of that... just enough time to watch the Terrier group.  Having a Carine Terrier as well, I was rooting for that little fella...

Sydney... she's such a cool dog.  I think Australian Shepherds are the smartest dogs in the world... such good listeners ... smarter then some people I know.

We got Syd from a breeder.  We didnt intend to get one from a breeder - just saw an ad in the paper for an Aussie & we went to check her out.  Well, we got there & were instructed to take our shoes off at the door, had to be sanitized from head to toe in case we were around anything that could be passed on to other dogs, had to stay in one small area of a room where the dogs would be brought out & presented to us to check. 

We just wanted a puppy... not intending for all this...

Then they brought out this little bundle of fur... Ricky & I instantly fell in love...

They told us, "You can have a great deal on her - we dont want her - she's useless to us"

UM?  Excuse me?  Useless?

Yep - she had a small white spot on her ear & in the world of show dogs, it wouldnt fly.  It would cause her to lose every time.  Both her mom & dad were blue ribbon winners & they were so sad that this "SCREW UP" had to happen (their words - not ours)...

Well, we couldnt pay fast enough & we grabbed our new fur-baby & off we went.

We always think of the life Sydney would have had if she were "perfect"... she'd live in cages, being manicured & groomed & taken on trips for competitions.  I'm not saying anything is wrong with that - in the least... but I just think Sydney would have preferred to be the dog that gets dirty playing with other dogs - gets to roll in grass when she wants - gets to sleep on a real person's bed, snuggled in between her mommy & daddy... (yes, she knows the word "mommy" & "daddy")

I'm thankful that we were able to see more in Sydney then the little white spot that was a "screw up"

I'm also thankful that God sees me as better then a "screw up" .... even when others see things that are messed up in my life... or anyone's life... God sees so much more.  Still loves me... gives me a pretty good life where I get to enjoy every day...even when I'm not perfect.

& He doesnt get mad at me either if I want to roll in grass... ;)

Be encouraged today that God sees so much more then your imperfections today....


  1. Thank goodness you were there to be Sydney's mommy, and to enjoy her for the dog she is, not for the awards she may or may not win.

    And thank God for loving us, imperfect "white spots" and all!

    She really is adorable!

  2. Oh sweet Sydney!! How sad is that!!! Useless, I dare say NOT!! So glad you were there at that moment.

    And how glad I am that God hasn't thrown me away because of my imperfections, because I've got a lot more than just a white spot on my head.

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed day,

  3. I think your Sydney deserves "Top Dog" award...what a sweetie! It was just meant to be for you to find her. So very thankful that God can overlook all of my "shortcomings" and still love me just the same.:)

  4. Goodness ... 'useless to us'?? That, my friend, is a great analogy for your next lesson. What the world throws away, God redeems and gives a home :)

    What a cutie. The barking at the TV is hysterical!

  5. aww, what a lucky girl to have you as a mom.

    george was the same way. i got a great deal on him because although his mom was a show dog, his dad was a mutt. JC is a purebred, though.

    they are both just perfect and I love them so. :)

  6. Awww.... She's a beauty. And just thing, if it hadn't been for the "screw up" she wouldn't have been yours. :)

  7. She is so pretty. Who could think she's a screw-up?

  8. I'm so glad that Sydney found a home with you.

    And so thankful that God looks past my imperfections (which are much more than tiny!) and loves me!

  9. I'm sure Sydney is much happier with you than with those other people who didn't appreciate her for who she is. This makes me mad that they called her useless! I'm so glad she found a good home with you! I also like your analogy! Great post!

  10. Oh so sweet! She's a lucky dog to have such a wonderful mommy and daddy!

    This post kinda reminds me of the one I wrote yesterday :)

    Have a great day friend!

  11. Wow this is amazing. I am so glad you got your dog. Poor baby. There are so many out there that do not care about animals. I got my first dog because she could not have puppies. She was the best dog ever.

  12. Rebecca, this is such a sweet post!!! You are such a good mommy. God sends us certain fur babies for certain reasons, eh?


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