Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Siesta Scripture #4

Its that time again... I cant believe we're on verse #4.

Four pieces of God's word tucked into this heart of mine... cool stuff!

So my verse for this round:

"Remember not the sins of my youth & my rebellious ways; 
according to your love REMEMBER ME,
for you are good, O Lord"
-Psalm 25:7 (NIV)

I love this verse - always have... but I forget it - which is why I'm adding to my list of memory.

Who doesnt have sin from the past or "rebellious ways"?  I just love that cry out to God to please, just REMEMBER ME... who I am at the heart ... who I so badly WANT to be... ME... the person waving up to you God... the person who wants to do good all the time, but still screws up...the person who loves you... just simply, ME!

...because the Lord is good enough to do that...


  1. I'm actually not sure that I've heard this verse before. I love it! And like you, I love having 4 verses tucked away already! It's made such a huge difference in my life already.

  2. RJ,
    I LOVE this verse and so thankful for 4 verses tucked securely in this heart O mine. Great!!

    I just posted my 4th verse too.

    Love you girl,

  3. Oh I love this one too! Actually I read this the other day and posted it on my FB :)

  4. That verse is one I'm not familiar with, but I'm so happy you shared it today! Definitely worth remembering!

  5. Thanks for posting this. Have a great day!

  6. according to my family, I'm still rebellious :D

  7. you have no idea how much I need to read this today!

    seriously! thank you girl!


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