Sunday, May 01, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 18

Sunday - April 24 - Easter Sunday .... It was a busy day.  I was blessed to do the communion message in our church for Easter so I had to be there for all 3 services.  And two of those services, we had Jr. High Youth Classes... I'm glad we did - it was fun spending Easter with these awesome kiddos.  Here is a picture of one of the games we played... they got their arms criss-crossed & they had to "unravel" without breaking hands... talk about a "close" & "get to know you" kinda game :)

Monday - April 25 - Day after Easter ... you know what that means?  50% off Cadbury Eggs.... Oh sweet chocolate, heavenly bliss.... If I see any that last until 75% off, I'll buy every one of them & freeze them up to last through the year.  Its my favorite piece of chocolate around... probaby a good thing its only once a year its out.

Tuesday - April 26 - Rain, Rain, Go Away.... The rain is CRAZY... & not just rain but STORMS.  I know its nothing like some of the other areas that got smashed with tornados.  We're suffering from flooding though.  CRAZY flooding.  I snapped this sitting on the bridge & you can see even from a distance how high the river is.  Those are actual light poles that line the waterfront park in downtown Louisville. 

Wednesday - April 27 - Buffy headed to the Vet .... she's been having problems with her ears.  We've been flushing her ears for 3 days & it wasnt getting any better so we took her to make sure everything was OK.  Just a ear infection... like I posted on Facebook, "Like Mother... like "dog"hter" .... she always has ear infections just like me... poor thing.  We just have to keep her from scratching her ears - she even gets the skin bleeding where she scratches so hard.  OUCH!!!!  Poor girl hates the vet though.  You can see how anxious she is wating for the door to open.

Thursday - April 28 - A week's difference.... remember my picture in last week's Project 365 of that beautiful flower that bloomed? Yeah - this is it... one week later & its already died.  I thought it still held beauty though...

Friday - April 28 - A Fairy Tale come to life... yep, I got up early & watched the ceremony.  But it was still going on when I had to leave for work.  Thank goodness for the modern age where they play events live on the internet.  I was able to watch the carraige ride & the KISS on the balcony on my computer at work.  So sweet... so beautiful... every little girls dream

Saturday - April 30 - 3rd Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon ... yep - I lived... my 3rd half marathon.  And it didnt happen without drama (of course not...) - I've got a post coming tomorrow with the whole experience of the race.  But you can see here the end result... I lived... & I have my 3rd half marathon medal.  It makes me so proud to wear around my neck when you cross that finish line... Gotta find another race now to enter - I feel  a tad lost now that its over...

Hope you all have had a good week... full of safety from storms...


  1. not a cadbury egg fan. unfortunately my favorites are around all year long!!

    major flooding here too...ugh.

    Congrats on the 5K!!! You go girl!

  2. I saw how bad Louisville had flooded; for some reason I didn't realize that is where you live. We've had some crazy weather this year.
    I much prefer the mini Cadbury eggs...the big ones are just too rich for me!
    Congrats on another half-marathon!

  3. I think people either love or hate those Cadbury eggs, I'm in the hate category, lol!

    Again, I adored the wedding too.

    Hugs & love,

  4. I will be praying for you. I'm originally from the Mississippi Delta and there is such a great concern there about the Mississippi River levees. I know y'all are experiencing great concern for floods up there, as well.

  5. I don't think I've ever had a Cadbury Egg. I just can't quite get past the runny stuff in the middle. Maybe I need to give them a try =)

    That flower is absolutely beautiful girl. It has it's own beauty now, a week later.

    The rain here has been CRAZY!!! Raning again today. bummer.

    Looking really forward to hearing all about your run. I saw something on FB ~~ EEK!! I want to hear more!!!

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed evening,

  6. OH YUM to those eggs...sadly I didn't buy any of my favs this year (since I have been losing my weight!) but at 50% everything is better! That is some crazy in AZ we don't see too much of it. The wedding was on here at 1am so I caught the highlights!

  7. I love Cadbury eggs too and finally introduced the kids to them this year. 1 out of 3 liked them..ha!

    Congrats on the mini-marathon! I am always so inspired by your fitness faithfulness and the amazing things you accomplish.

  8. Sorry to see the flooding. I live in Alabama...and it has been a nightmare here since Weds. Loved the dried flower picture.

  9. What a week with rain, candy, and love. Plus a great run.. Have a wonderful week..

  10. I LOVE your Thursday photo!

    And congrats on finishing your 3rd half marathon!

  11. Abby and I were in Target over the weekend and I saw all those Cadbury eggs on clearance...and they were calling MY name! I held strong, though, but it sure wasn't easy! So proud of you for completing your third half marathon! Sure hope your flooding gets under control soon...rain is headed our way tomorrow.

  12. You know, I've been leaving you comments, but I've been forgetting to do the word verification thingy, so they haven't gone through. If you haven't been hearing from me...that's why. Oh, I love getting OLDER...NOT! :)

  13. Well you know how I feel about the eggs - yum yum yum! But I overdosed from about February on so I'm just going to leave them be until next year.

    So proud of you for running the race - I just finished reading that post (made me tear up). I wish I lived closer. No I would NOT be running with you - but I'd be at the finish line waiting for you.

  14. My brother loves Cadbury Creme Eggs. They make my teeth hurt just THINKING of them. *shudders*

    I completely missed the entire wedding. Not even one glimpse of it. I didn't even know when it was happening. Maybe I can catch it online somewhere. I'm so not "with it" when it comes to current events.

    Love your hair in that last photo. I hope your marathon drama wasn't too awful...


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