Monday, June 27, 2011

Do we have super powers like the Green Lantern?

First it was Thor, then Xmen: First Class... now, its the Green Lantern...

Ricky is in his own little personal happy-super-hero world right now.

He has been more excited over Green Lantern then any of the movies.

So yesterday, he's ready to go - we met up with Lindsay & Ricky just kept telling me the whole time, "you're not going to get it"... how hard is it to get?  Its a guy who wears a ring?  Plus, its Ryan Reynolds... that right there is all I need to know.

Not to mention that Ricky "quizes" me on all things "super hero" all the time.  A cartoon on TV?  "Rebecca - who is that?  What is their super power?" ... its really kinda sad how much I DO know about super heroes since I met Ricky...

... but Ricky also now knows more about Steven Curtis Chapman then he thought he'd ever want to know as well... marriage is a trade off...

I will say though - I was pleasantly surprised with Green Lantern.  (Besides it just being Ryan Reynolds - as mentioned - & which didnt hurt)

I don't want to give anything away from the movie - but even in the trailer, you see where Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynold's character) says. "The one thing a Green Lantern is supposed to be is fearless."

& that's the basis of the whole movie... a creature that is growing & feeding on fear...

What an idea... what a scary monster!

Fear can do that.. become a scary monster.... in big forms & little forms. 

The monster even say, "I smell your fear growing...." Fear can do that... grow out of control.

As Christians - we are called not to fear.  Which is so hard to do... in HUGE things, & even the small things.  Fear of illness, fear for our family, fear of making finances, fear of being alone... big & small... fear can creep in.

But God calls us to be like these "Green Lanterns" - to have no fear... to beat back those monsters that want to take over...

When I left the theater - I felt like God was calling me & everyone else to have our own super powers... to tap into Him to get the power to battle fear... I wanted to lift up my hand like the Green Lanterns did ... well, I actually did lift my arm up like the in the theater... to which Ricky was like "Um... people are looking at you"... to which my response was "I SHALL FEAR NO EVIL..."

Ricky just shook his head at me & walked away with Lindsay like they didnt know me...

He better be lucky I didnt have something to make me a cape... I woulda ran down the aisle like a 10 yr old... that'll show him what embarassment REALLY is ....

If you get a chance, (& you wanna see Ryan Reynolds) & you wanna fun little super hero movie, check it out.  Raise your arm like me at the end...


  1. HAHA!! I can SO see you doing that in the theater. So funny. Our morning radio show guy here did not like this movie. We'll probably wait til it comes out at the Redbox :)

  2. Netflix for me.

    They're going to make you sit by yourself at the next movie y'all go to.

  3. I had heard it wasn't that great, but you've inspired me to go see it!
    You're hilarious!

  4. We are planning on going to see it this weekend (super hero movies are big at my house)...and I will definitely raise my arm with you at the end. I love the parallel.

  5. Oh girl, we so need to go to the movies together with Dak in tow. You and him can do ALL the hand movements. He would be right there with you. Yep, he's a handclapper and a jumper at the scary moments and he laughs and is a lot of fun at movies. He has taught me to lighten up (at least sometimes =)

    Oh girl, you go!! NO fear!!! It reminds me of your verse a several weeks ago.

    Love you friend ~~ Dawn

  6. "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine...".
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. I think I'm getting old. I wouldn't know Ryan Reynolds if I bumped into him on the street. m.

  7. Powerful post.. I may wait until is comes out to see it. I do want to see Thor though..


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