Sunday, June 26, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 26

Sunday - June 19 - Snow Ball Fight in June? ... this was the most tiring game EVER... you take wads of paper & "ball" them up & its a snow ball fight.  Gotta see who has the most paper on which side at the end... Its like doing a triathalon at the end of this game... I think that game is actually where I pulled my thigh muscle.  Ricky reminded me I'm too old to play all the youth games... you dont want to know my respones to him on that...

Monday - June 20 - My Carpet Cleaner has seen better days.... with 4 dogs, I'm constantly cleaning my carpets.  Love how easy it is... but today, I dropped my bucket in it & it chipped a piece out. :( Ricky ended up duct taping it together... & it WORKED!  My momma always said duct tape would save the world.  At least it got my carpet clean.

Tuesday - June 22 - Look at me being healthy!!! .... Stopped & got some food at the grocery & as I pulled it out, I realized how much healtier I'm buying products.  Dr. Oz would be so proud of me.

Wednesday - June 22 - Youth hurts.... OK - maybe Ricky's right about Sunday... We played another game & this is what my hand looked like at the end... someone squeezed it so hard, I had a blood blister.  I felt like my hand got CRUNCHED... but I didnt give up... I'm in a game to win it :)

Thursday - June 23 - mmmmm Taco Salad  - Yes - this is the salad that made Ricky turn into a 3 yr old pouting because the lettuce was too green.  But it was the best salad I've ever made in my life... I'm not craving one again.

Friday - June 24 - Homemade goodness in the mail.... Julie sent Ricky this for Father's Day... homemade blackberry jam... that she even handpicked the blackberries... are you jealous?  You should be - its amazing!

Saturday - June 24 - Engagement Photo Shoot... I've been dying to take pictures of these two since they got engaged.  We finally met up - just in time for it to rain... but the sky cleared up - & God even gave us a full rainbow for a backdrop!  NO joke!!!!  I got the most amazing pictures of these two... & loved every minute of it... (if you want to see more, you can "like" my Facebook Page on the right)

Hope you've had some picture perfect moments this week...


  1. Ouch (to your pulled muscle and blood blister)!

    Yum (to the blackberry fave!).

    Awesome (to the engagement photo...I'm going to check out the rest. Girl, you're talented!)

  2. your engagement pics are awesomely done!
    they are an adorable couple

    bet that jam is yummy on toast ;)

  3. Great job on the engagement picture.

    The jam looks delish too.

  4. I don't know about Dr. Oz girlfriend, but I am SO stinkin' proud of you for all the healthy choices you are making. I was thinking about you today as I was at the healthfood store picking up my nutritional yeast and handmade raspberry marshmallows and grahm crackers, because girl has to have her some s'more with Sir Cuteness this week. So they might as well be as healthy as possible right? =)

    So sorry about your injuries lately. You need to declare an injury free zone around you =)

    Oh I am LOVIN' that blackberry jam!! Can't wait for our blackberries to get ripe around here. Me and Georgia are canning salsa from my last years tomatoes this week, and it'd be nice to make a few jars of Blackberry Jam too =)

    Your pictures are just beautiful!!

    Love you friend ~~ Dawn

  5. What a fun youth game...but your hand doesn't look so hot RJ! Those youth better take it easy on you..ha!

    Loving the homemade jam and the fact that she got to handpick the berries is awesome. Wish we had a place like that around here...oh wait, I live in the sticks! LOL

    And I have to say your Project 365 posts are always awesome but make me sad too because I joined you this year and then after the tornado I gave up because we'd had no power for 11 days & camera pictures were the last thing on my mind. Then I got a few weeks behind & just gave up because then my end of the year book was already messed up. At least I get to still enjoy your awesome Project posts each week! Way to go RJ and way to stick with it. :)

  6. Yay for healthy eating! I find that I buy less and spend more now, but at least it's stuff that's good for me. Do you like quinoa? I've yet to try that but I've been meaning too. I also want to try millet.

    Love that last photo! You use Elements to edit your photos right?

  7. Ouch for the hand injury. The taco salad looked so yummy. I loved the engagement picture. It was so sweet. Good job!

  8. Great week!

    Love homemade anything, that jam looks wonderful! The salad too!


  9. What a cute couple - I love that picture of them :)

    You are out of control woman - I hope you gave as good as you got at youth!

  10. Busy week! Love the jam! We do strawberry jam and I crave it every year about this time. Adorable engagement picture! Thanks for stopping by my blog for my SITS day!

  11. OH Games are fun even if you get hurt.. I would have loved your taco salad.. Yummy..

    Yes, Maternity clothes are not as bad as they use to be.. I am very luck in that way.. Congrats to the happy couple..

    Have a great day..

  12. that salad looks absolutely delicious. Please smack Ricky upside the head for me ;-)


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