Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I have no pipe dreams... I have a realistic view of most things in this world...

When it comes to running, I also have realistic views, because I know without a shadow of a doubt, I will never win a race.  I just started running at the age of 37.  I am still slow.  I am never going to have that lean, muscular body that runners have. I'm always going to be panting for what seems like my last breath as I cross a finish line... & I'm OK with that.

BUT... (there's always a but)... I do go to the starting line with 2 goals.

1. Make it across the finish line alive.  (not too much to ask, is it?)
2. Dont be last!!!!

The first race I ever ran, a half marathon... (you've heard me say it before - one of the dumbest things I've ever done)...I was in the last group of people to cross the finish line.  I went into that race so unprepared for what 13.1 miles looks like... or FEELS like!  When I got home, after limping, crying & moaning into the house, I pulled up the results & there was my name... on the LAST page.  And out of 15,000 runners, I was like the 14,789th person to come across!  Seriously! 

I was proud that my first rule of staying alive worked... even though I wasnt sure I felt like I wanted to live in that pain.  But wow.. this is where rule #2 comes in play because I never want to see my name at the bottom of the list again.

We just dont like to lose... its not in us...we like to win those metals - those trophies - we just like to be known as "winners"... even if its in something as simple as "rock, paper, scissors"... believe me, Ricky & I will battle for HOURS on who the winner is...

But Jesus tells his disciples:

"So you want first place?  Then take the last place
 Be the servant of all"
-Mark 9:35

Wait - WHAT?  Jesus wants us to take last place?  Yep... sure enough...

Not that he wants everyone to stop running in a race & let everyone pass.  Can you even imagine if 15,000 people waited until everyone was together & then was like "you go"... "no, you go first"... "no really - you go" - that would be a nightmare.

But Jesus does remind us to look at others & remember that we arent the BEST... others are just as important as us - if not MORE so! 

We live in such a world where others look down on people for so many petty reason.  Jesus reminds us that we need to look at others in such a higher esteem... they are children of God.  Let's look at them as being better then us... let's get some humility in our lives.

Afterall, Jesus put us above himself... even to the point of dying for us...

So next race I run in, I need to put that verse on my shirt & remind everyone to let me pass...think it'll work?


  1. Very good thoughts! I think you should try the verse on a shirt. I mean, you just never know. :)

  2. RJ,
    When Dak was in the 1st grade he was on a baseball team, and all the littles were yelling at the coach, literally at her feet with hands high in the year, yelling, PICK ME I WANT TO GO FIRST....PICK ME!!! When Dak just jumped his little 7 year old self up on the bench and looked at the coach and said, "The last shall be first, and the first shall be last." hahaha So cute!!! I always think of that when someone quotes this verse. Ahhh the wisdom of babes. And he just sat right on that bench and wasn't one that jumped up and down like a crazy bangee and I even think she let him bat first because of his sweet little attitude about the whole thing.

    So funny.........

    Thanks for letting me share that with you.....
    Yes I know, longgesstttt commenter ever is signing off now =)

    Love you friend ~~ Dawn

  3. I'm gonna have to add #3 - Greet Ricky at finish line with big invisible hug :D


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