Monday, June 06, 2011

How can I not take this request?

When we got the news of Papaw passing away, we all ended up meeting at my mom & dad's house... families have a a way of gravitating towards each other, especially in heart breaking times.  Well, this lady tends to gravitate wherever I go with knitting in hand... its how I roll...

I was sitting in my dad's recliner knitting on a project & the twins were just watching me.  I had made Sophia a hat before that she loved.  Madi?  She didnt want a hat.  I asked if she wanted a scarf?  Nope... some socks? No thank you... a sweater?  Ummm, she passed.  She couldnt think of anything she wanted me to make her...

Then next thing I know - she came to me with this idea & a written request...

For those of you that dont read 6 yr old writing, it says:

A star with a rainbow...
a brown bear...(& I was told it has to be MEDIUM - not large... not small)
with a bow .... (& I was informed that was a bowTIE - not a bow in the hair)
and a yellow scarf ... (for her - not the bear...& then thinking about it, one for the bear too)

How cute is that note? 

And not to be left out, Sophia had an order too - but she just had Yaya write it for her.  She wants a bear as well, but in rainbow color, with a bow for the hair... & while I'm at it, throw in a blanket...

So?  Anyone got a knitting pattern for a bear? ... I think I'll be reminded of these projects until I finish it...

oh how I love these girls...


  1. Oh my stars ~~ that is just precious!! Oh yes you MUST find a bear pattern complete with bow tie and bow in the hair and rainbow in color and one with a yellow scarf, oh yeah and one with a blanket. WOW girl, your gonna be one busy Auntie, and I know you'd have it no other way =)

    Your the best ~~ love you friend ~~ have a Blessed evening,

    PS I got that book today and I must tell you ~~ WOW!!! I mean double triple WOW and I'm not even out of the first week yet!! Thank you SO much for thinking of me. It is just what this mama of a Prodigal needs right now. It is FULL of hope, peace and personal accountability as well. Just what I needed ~~ thanks SO much!!!!!

  2. Good thing you have mad skills. I'd be sunk!

  3. Wow, you are going to be a busy bee filling those orders! The note is too cute and I love all the precise details in their orders. Google "knitting pattern for a teddy bear" and you can find some free patterns but be warned that a few of those bears are s..c..a..r..y! LOL Can't wait to see the completed project and I know you will go above & beyond on their request. You are such a great aunt RJ! Love you friend.

  4. wow, i can knit...a straight line!!! haha yup that is my talent right there...and a lot of the times i get to the point where i have to take out some because they are crooked or i missed stitches. not even...or pretty. oh well, leave it to the professionals. like you!! lol

    great girls you got there, hope we get to see the completed projects.

  5. How adorable, Rebecca! A knitter's greatest joy comes from gifting things that were made via special request. You are a wonderful aunt, my dear. Thanks for being my inspiration.

  6. What an adorable request and such cuties!

  7. Get to crackin! You can't let those girls down now.
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. I'll take a bear too!

  8. How cute is that?! Those girls are just precious. You are so blessed Auntie! :)

  9. So, so sweet, and you're right - they won't let you forget your promise if they're as tenacious as all other 6-year-olds.

  10. This warms my heart!! Absolutely precious!! And I'm still keeping you and your family in my prayers!!

  11. I do not knit so I do not know what to tell you.. I bet you will find something you are a wonderful Aunt. I do not have a Belle outfit or I would have went for it.. Ha Ha..


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