Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day 2011.... Onion Pickin'

proSo while we were waiting to eat dinner, I had to take a picture of this toothless face... How cute is this?  Especially because Madi is the "shy twin" - she doesnt want a lot of attention, she's not the one jumping in front of the camera (helllo to her sister Sophia... who I taught well).  So I just cherish this picture of Madi... Look at those blue eyes...

Dad wanted to head out into the garden & pick some onions... Madi is all about getting in the garden with her Papaw.  Madi actually helped plant the onions so she really loves to see how it all grows...

I love this picture because of her hand... look at it on her Papaw's leg keeping her balanced.  Isnt that precious?

Still picking....

And picking means its also time to play in the mud.... Sophia was too "grossed out" to get in the mud so she went back inside... Madi?  She was in her own happy little world....

Finding the perfect ones to hand to her Papaw....

Getting the OK from Papaw if its a good onion or not...

Time to clean 'em all up... & get the mud hosed off those feet...

Sophia came out for the washing off... & here she is, doing what I mentioned earlier - ready to jump in for a camera shot.  Actually, she was telling me a story & I took the picture & she just stopped & sighed & said, "you are ALWAYS snapping pictures... you ALWAYS do that to me"... well, with a face like that, how can I not?

After all that hard work, the twins wanted to give their Papaw some pampered attention.  Madi likes to do the hair.  She had him wet it & she figured up different styles that she wanted to give him.  Sophia gave him a massage... she actually does a really good job & you can see her hands here working. 

It was funny because Madi said she needed to let the roller "set" for awhile & she went off to play... can I tell you, we were having a conversation with dad when all mom said, "Tom, I cant hardly look at you & have a conversation with that roller in your hair"... Madi told him it was time to take it out & he had this huge curl in the front of his hair... it was the best... Madi has a calling in the Hair Styling.

It was a great day spending it together for Father's Day...

Love you dad!!!


  1. Tell me how you're related to these girls?

  2. Beautiful pictures - especially that first one :-) perfect!

  3. Oh my gosh how sweet of your dad to let the girls do his hair! I love it! I am sure it's a memory the girls will cherish and one that he will love too!! You're dad seems like a wonderful father and great papaw!

  4. that is just a wonderful Father's day.. Great shots..

  5. These are adorable! What wonderful memories those girls are creating with their papaw...I love that!

    Hoping you're okay after all of those storms...just saw video of that tornado (unconfirmed?really?) in!

  6. Those pictures are just so very cute!

  7. Your dad is such a great sport!! Y'all are fortunate to have him in your lives. :)

  8. You are one blessed mama! And your daughters are so blessed, too! I love those blue eyes!

    My fav commercial is the one where the 2 little girls are rubbing cream all over their grandpa's face so that when he wakes, he'll look like a baby! I just laugh and laugh. Your post reminded me of that!

  9. Oh my gosh - that last picture is PRICELESS! I love it, and your girls are going to appreciate it even more when they are grown! :)

  10. Love that pic of the twins pampering your dad. The roller in the hair ~EPIC!


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