Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The magic of editing...

I didnt really care for my Photoshop Elements when I first got it.  It was hard to learn... tricky... lots to take in.

But thanks to the power of books & videos & the internet, I am finally learning...

I was so blessed to take some engagement pictures of my friends this weekend... I'm going to post more pictures tomorrow - but I wanted to show you the power of editing...

Here is a picture before...

I was trying different angles of the cross behind them - did get a good one that I'll show you later - but didnt care for this because it looked like the cross was coming out of the top of her head...

But her face is just so cute... I love the way her hands are on his back too... so here is my after product

I turned it in cropping... played with the tones... making it look more "charming"... took out the cross - even took out the telephone pole in the background & cleaned up some of the landscape...

Isnt it amazing what edit tools can do?  .... I'm now a fan of Elements...

Stay tuned for more pictures of this beautiful pair....


  1. Love, love, love!!

    I have photoshop as well and agree...it's crazy with all the bells and whistles!

  2. Great job! I have loved watching your progress!!

  3. you do an amazing job with your pictures..

  4. If I ever get married I am flying you to the Carolina coast to take my pictures!!!! Beautiful work! And that couple is just stunning.

  5. Wow that is impressive. Love that picture. You are really good.

    Oh and if you do come to Kings Island, do give me a call. I'm really close. In fact, my oldest works there this summer.

  6. Seiously, get in your car right now and get your butt up here and teach me this stuff. That's an order!


  7. looks great!! love elements too! lots of fun finding new and free actions :-)

  8. shows how bad of a blogger friend i've been! i had no idea you were doing photography now. this picture is beautiful and the couple looks so in love.

    congrats dear, i am so happy for you :)

  9. absolutely stunning. You are a pro!!


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