Sunday, June 12, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 24

Sunday - June 5 - Socks are VICIOUS in youth group!!! ... we played a new game in the youth group that the kiddos LOVED!  And left everyone with carpet burned knees, some bruises & some battle scars.  That's how the youth roll!  The goal?  Get the socks off everyone & be the last one with a sock on.  You cant stand & you cant leave the boundaries.  It is hilarious to watch, & fun to play... this game is going to be a youth classic - I can tell.

Monday - June 6 - Ahhh - sweet relief!!! ... Our Air conditioning got fixed yesterday.  Coming home from work, for the first time, felt like heaven.  No more 97 degree kitchens.  And the dogs were finally relaxed & not panting like they had ran 20 miles.  Doesnt Buffy's face just scream "ahhh"?

Tuesday - June 7 - Red Day... I didnt even plan on this, but I looked down & noticed my red nails matched my shirt for the day... add in my red hair & I felt like I was a big bunch of RED for the day...

Wednesday - June 8 - Sweet Treats ... I was up to lead the youth for the night & decided to stop & pick up some sweet treats for the kiddos.  I'll admit, I'm not a "nerds" fan, but know the kids like them... but the Tootsie Pops are all for me... I can keep one of those in my mouth at all times.  Orange?  Yes please.

Thursday - June 9 - My latest obsession.... I love almonds anyways.  Especially the ones with Sea Salt.  But now, they are selling them in individual packages with fun flavors.  This one?  Smokehouse?  Its a little on the side of INCREDIBLE!!!  They have one flavor that is Jalepeno & Lime that I'm afraid to try... but I think I gotta give it a go...

Friday - June 10 - Beth Moore Weekend... if you see my previous posts, the first night didnt hit me quite right (the next day was AWESOME!)... but it was all still wonderful because it had me flipping in my Bible for two days.  Finding new things in the Bible after all the years of reading it always makes me so excited... so much to learn... so much to see in different ways.... The Word is alive...

Saturday - June 11 - Where does the time go? ... after I left the Beth Moore conference, I headed over to one of the youth kiddo's high school graduation party.  This young lady was in my youth class as a middle school student & here she is graduating... You just make some really good connections with some kids - you pray for them - you watch them grow & you care for them & their life... I'm excited to see where God leads this life, because its a pretty special one!  Love ya Britt!  You are going to do amazing things!!!!

Hope your weeks have had some picture perfect moments...


  1. I love a "Lady in Red".
    Your Friend, m.

  2. Orange is my favorite Tootsie Pop flavor too. My favorite Popsicle flavor. My favorite Life Saver flavor.


  3. Girl, you are gorgeous in all that red. I love it!!

    The socks game sounds hysterical. I'm not a big fan of carpet burn though..ha!

    So glad you got to enjoy Beth Moore weekend. Jealous...but excited for you! I love Kay Arthur's Precept Bible Studies but I'm not a big fan of her other writings. Now bring on some Beth Moore anyday, any book!

    Hope you have a wonderful week my friend!

  4. Thanks about the sock game, will mention that to my youth pastor.


  5. Love you in all that red - gorgeous! I'll have to check out those almonds.

  6. Oh girl friend ~~ You and red are a must see!!! LOVE that dress and those nails. You are beautiful my friend!!

    Okay, so I can't do things like "smoked" almonds, because generally there is MSG in the liquid smoke they use. Bummer. But the jalpeno and lime ~~ I need to check those out. I haven't seen them here. If I don't find them, I'm gonna send you a little $$ for a package. Those I need to try =) Hopefully they don't have MSG. That would just be crazy =)

    So glad that the conference ended better than it started for you. You know I have a keen affection for BMoore and PShirer. I don't know a lot about KArthur. I don't think I've ever done a study of hers.

    Love you girl ~~ have a Super Blessed day, Dawn

  7. I just saw this post. Wow that picture of you in red is beautiful!!

    I hope to see BM in Charlotte!


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