Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
Its Friday... man, this week has kinda flown for me.  I guess that's what a busy schedule does - makes the day fly right on past.  Well, we're gonna stop for a sec & enjoy Friday the best way we know how - which is taking time to Frag Away...

I've done gone & injured myself again running.  Not my knee this time - but my left inner thigh.  I was having problems the first few months I ever ran with my right inner thigh... I thought it was my quad - & it actually may be.  It's in the 45 degree angle of my quad into my inner thigh.  Hurts like a snicker!  But I'm not stopping - I'm still getting miles in my walking... & do you know what - last night, my pace walking was actually faster then some of my running days... what the heck?  One of my marathon training plans even has plans for running/walking alternating ... & it says that the time for a half marathon doing that is STILL shorter then what I do a normally do.  I think that may be the plan I go with for my next "half" that is coming up in the fall... easier on the body - still gets me going - & I actually may be FASTER!! Who knew?


Anyone watching "The Glee Project"?  ... lovin' it!!!!  I like seeing the behind the scenes stuff on how they do the vocals & produce the videos... fun stuff!  Check it out if you like Glee & are missing it during the summer.

We had 5 tornado touch down in Louisville Wednesday!  FIVE!  One actually hit Churchill Downs - the home of the Kentucky Derby - & tore up a barn.  I have to laugh because you can tell we're in Kentucky because everyone always says, "no horses or people were hurt"... the "horses" are always first... we are afterall Horse Country!

I've also noticed a lot of people say "tornado" like "Tor-nat-a"

My eyes are still killing me.  When I got done going for my walk yesterday outside, I thought I was going to loose my plum-pickin-mind because they burned & itched so bad.  I think I'm going to be heading to an opthamologist soon... or I'm going to scratch my own eye balls out of my head... whichever one comes first.


I am officially addicted to Pinterest.  I think I could sit & look at things on there for DAYYYYSSSS...  I love actually using it to store picture that inspire me for future photo shoots... what's the internet for if its not to steal others ideas? ... you can find me here:

Y'all know I'm a big fan of Words with Friends... so I just downloaded Hanging with Friends... I have no idea what it is or how to play but someone suggested it to me... so my name is rebeccajo777 if you want to show me how this game works.


Notice no pictures in this post?  Because now, I'm all leery about posting too many pictures.  My Blogger picture file in Picasa is full... Yep - I've taken up all the room I can.  So I actually know I have to purchase some space for the future because I'm not going to do the rest of my blogs without pictures... hello? I love my camera too much... Not to mention Project 365.  The fee for one year memory isnt bad - like $5.00 or something - but now I'm worried about when I have to step it up - some of those packages are like $249.99 a year... that's when this blog will be moving to another site... until then - I'm good... but more aware.

I HAVE CHICKEN ARMS!!!....(wait.. do Chickens have arms?)....Yesterday at work, I had to go up in our attic & mark boxes that were ok to shred.  That meant moving LOTS of boxes.  I woke up this morning with my biceps screaming at me.  Note to self:  on "cross training" days of the marathon training, work the arms... that's pitiful... I've just never had any upper body strength.  Remember that day in gym where we had to do the National Physical Test & it involved some sorta chin-up contraption & how long you could hold yourself up for?  I never made it past 0.02 seconds... seriously... I have a new physical goal now... build up to 100 push ups.  I'm gonna show that chin up bar... 30 years later maybe, but I'm gonna show it!!!

Spat of the week:  Lettuce... I made the MOST AMAZING Taco salad last night - wait, you'll see pictures of it in my Project 365 in a few days.  But I went & got some beautiful green lettuces.  Romaine, leafy green stuff, with spinach... some good nutrition stuff!  They say the "greener" - the more healthy.  Well, I was washing it all up & chopping it up when I see the face of a 3 yr old boy pouting... oh, excuse me, I meant my husband.  "What is that?" he asked... ummm... lettuce?  To which he told me that isnt lettuce... its TOO green.  He likes the plain iceberg lettuce.  I had to give him grief about how better this way for him - & its not like it tastes like green snot!  Come on!  So during the whole dinner, I saw him pushing it out to the corners of his plate & then he said, "See?  look at this empty center - I've ate it"... really?  because I've never used that trick when I was little with peas? He did end up eating more of it - very dramatically to show me he was indeed eating it... this is what I deal with for trying to make our food more nutritious.  I bet Paula Dean doesnt have to deal with problems like that...

Hope you all have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!!!


  1. Too green, too funny.

    Speaking of too green, I have Kermit arms. But, um, you were wrong then right, chickens don't have arms.

    Glad the horses were okay!


  2. You don't need to store your pictures--you can upload them just from your camera I just found out this week! I posted about this in my "Things I Learned This Week" post.

  3. what a busy week you had.. take care of yourself.. you had a lot of things happen to you this week. Thighs, eyes no fun.. Have a great weekend..

  4. My daughter only likes iceberg lettuce too, and only the white parts! Drives me nuts!

    I started using Pinterest last year for Christmas and birthday gift ideas but I didn't really get into it. Every time someone follows me on there I wonder why? It's not like I'm doing anything there.

    Have you looked into using Flickr for photo hosting? $25 a year gets you unlimited uploading and storage.

  5. I was praying for you & Ricky when I heard about the Louisville tornadoes and very thankful to hear you guys were not directly impacted by them. Your right..."horses & people" is hilarious!

    Sorry to hear you have an injury but sounds like you're ticking right along and doing great despite it.

    I did the $5.00 photo upgrade because right after Christmas I ran out of photo storage on Blogger. It works for now and eventually I may switch to another type but I'm so used to Blogger & the ins and outs of it that I don't want to change yet.

    Our kids actually prefer the spinach leaves over lettuce. If they see me bring home regular lettuce they complain. It's great for them and not something we ever pushed, just something they discovered they liked.

  6. Still smiling that BIG TEETH Smile over Ricky and the greens. That boy, Yep, the "Spat of the Week" did it again for me =) Always does!! Just wait till y'all come visit (because that will happen one day ~~ or I come there) I will make him a yummy salad with nice leafy greens and Umi-Plum Vinegar for dressing. With a nice raw banana oat pudding for dessert. MMMM.....Now I'm hungry =)

    Oh girl, what have you tried for your eyes? There is an allergy drop out there Naphcon A, that my Mr. has used, and says it really helps his eyes, it burns like thunder.....but works. He has LOTS of eye issues working in a welding shop.

    Be sure and put some heat on that inner thigh when you are done exercising and do some light stretches in that area and even lying on the opposite side and lifting you inner leg up gently, might help. Poor thing. That is a tough injury to get over.

    Love you friend ~~ I LOVE your Friday Frags.....

    Have a Blessed day ~~ Dawn

  7. Sorry, but I have to agree with your husband. Please give me the plain old iceberg. Does no good if they other is better for me because I won't eat it either. haha

    Maybe I'll download that other game and we can try to learn to play it together. If I decide to I'll look you up. Although, you'll probably beat me at that too like you do in Words.

    Have a great day.

  8. You are the 2nd person this week that talked about your picture storage being at capacity! So weird! I wonder if blogger all of a sudden put a cap it. I am starting to think I need to switch to word press soon. Blogger has been having it's issues lately!

    I heard you can go into your picasa account and delete several of the pictures that you have not used or uploaded sideways or what ever.

  9. I don't know where to start. My brain is totally fragged after reading all that. So I'll just pick one topic and run with that.
    I know this goes against my Gay brothern, but I hate Glee. I kinda liked it the first year and that I got so totally sick of it that I gave it up completely. I understand that it's their real voices but it's also studio/dubbed and I can't handle that. Plus, it's just too plain liberal for me. How ya like them apples?
    Your Friend, m.

  10. I've been having to buy picasa picture space for several years now - - - it's all good.

    In fact, once I filled up all my "free" space I learned how to RESIZE my picture files so they don't take up so much space in Picasa and now I can't even fill up the $5/year.

  11. I use Flickr to store all of my pictures and insert urls for my pictures instead of uploading them to Wordpress. I pay $25 for unlimited space on Flickr. Might you try something like this instead of letting Blogger host your pictures too?

  12. So glad I stopped by! You always make me smile...Missed my bloggy friends!


  13. I use straight spinach in my taco salad and I think it tastes much better! And now I have to buy taco salad stuff because it sounds delish!

  14. First off - "Hurts like a snicker." I've never heard that before and it made me laugh. I'm sorry I laughed.

    I pay $25 a year for unlimited storage space on Photobucket. I put in 10,000 photos last year. Pretty good investment if you ask me and it links up with blogger just fine.

    I love the fancy greens, but I don't like the bitter ones. I like iceberg centers as a crunch in a salad, but haven't actually purchased a head of iceberg in a dozen years.

  15. $249 a year - yikes!!! I guess what they say about blogger being "free" is assuming you don't type too much or post too many pics over too many years???

    but to extend your site as is is only $5.00 - that's not bad for now


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