Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oprah's fault I had to go to the doctor...

Y'all know I hate the doctor.  I mean, I really really REALLY dont like the doctor.  Everyone yells at me to go to the doctor when I have my normal ear infections, or sinus infections & fevers of 110 degrees... but I wont go... because I just dont care for doctors. 

I'd go if it were Doctor Oz just so I can put on some purple gloves while I'm waiting... or if it were Dr. Drew, just because I think he's cute...I'm not addicted to anything though.  Except maybe my Diet Coke. 

...but I had to go to the doctor yesterday...

for 2 reasons... first, my eye has been bothering me for awhile.  Its gritty feeling - hurts in the corner of my eye like a sty is coming up, but its not - my eye lid swells & gets a little droopy - it waters like a faucet... just finally getting on my nerves after weeks of irriating me.

second - & this is just a small thing - I feel like I cant breath... who needs to breath, right?  I just feel like in my upper chest, there is so much pressure that I can't inhale.  I can... I even force myself too... it just feels like I cant.  I even have kept running feeling this way & am perfectly fine - but its just bothersome, to say the least.  So I wanted to make sure that was OK since I have all these races ahead of me & my running training is only going to get more serious starting in July.

So I sit in the doctor's office - he enters.  He asks me what is wrong & while I'm telling him about my eye, he is literally listening to me breath on the back of my lungs.  Hello?  My eye is up in the front - not back there.... The doctor (who I've gone to since I was 16 yrs old) just says, I'm going to send you for an EKG on your heart.  So I saw him for literally - no joke - less then a minute before being moved to the lab area.

...EKG... blood drawn... back to the waiting room...

Back to the office & the doctor comes in.  He hands me allergy drops for my eyes (which remember, he hasnt even LOOKED in my eyes the whole time) & tells me to try this & if they dont help, call & he'll send me to an opthamologist.... & then he hands me my file to leave...

I just look at him & said, 'what about my breathing".... He seriously goes, "OHHHHHH, yeah"....

People - can you see why I'd rather take my chance with an arm hanging off then go to the doctor?

So he says he doesn't hear any wheezing in my lungs (which I told him I dont have) - & he said my EKG came back looking great.  The only thing is my anemia has gotten more severe.  He said when it gets that low that its hard for the oxygen in the blood to get around & it can actually cause shortness of breath & he thinks that's causing it.  Told me to just keep an eye on it - if it stays bad, he'll send me to a hemotologist & talk about infusions.  (INFUSIONS?!?!... no thank you)  And then he sends me on my way.

So I really left knowing nothing more then I did before... except he wants to send me to two more doctors... which only makes me want to jump off a bridge. 

Driving home though, I thought about my anemia getting worse.  Then I thought of something ... I havent had any red meat at all since Janaury.  And I can thank Oprah for that one.  I've never been a big red-meat fan anyways... & I gave up pork sometime last year after I loved on a momma pig at the State Fair.  (ohhh, her beautiful eyes!!!). 

But Oprah did her show on being vegan & they showed Lisa Ling going to a meat factory & how they process beef.  

(That was Lisa's reaction watching the slaughter... you shoulda seen MINE at home watching this show!)

OH HECK NO... I seriously sat there with my jaw dropped & tears in my eyes... & then got a little sick.  I just never really THOUGHT about the process.  But I'll never forget that sound of the machine that goes through their head to kill them... since that day, I have not had one bit of red meat.  I have only since ate chicken & am even weaning down from that.  If I ever saw how they process chickens, I'd probably instantly give that up as well.  If I have any meat at all during a week, it may be like once a week.... but protein is a big part of anemia... & now I'm probably not getting much of it at all.

So I headed to the grocery last night to get more spinach for some smoothies... going to try & add more greens which is good for the bloodAlso going to try & drink more of my protein powder... going to get more nuts in my diet as well.  See if all that helps me breath...

My doctor's bill that is going to come in the mail?  I'm going to send it to Oprah... see if she'll pay it for me... or at least send Dr. Oz my way....


  1. you are so funny!!

    I saw that episode on Oprah...but like Lisa, I didn't like seeing it but it didn't cause me to stop eating meat...I love red meat!!!

    Try adding an iron supplement to your day!

  2. I have to do the infusions. It's not as bad as it sounds.

  3. Oh girl ~~ anemia makes you feel SO bad!!! I had terrible heart palpitations with I had it and they gave me iron pills. Do you take those? It really helped me. As you know, I don't eat meat either, but I don't struggle with anemia on a regular basis.

    Yep eat lots of spinach, kale and other green leafies ~~ really good for you and your iron level.

    Please keep me posted on this ~~ and an infusion of what....blood?

    Love you girl ~~ Dawn

  4. Hmm that doctor was just ready to send you away... Give you test for a wonderful bill and maybe scary you a little.. Hugs..

  5. Just another reason I'm glad to be a non-fan of Oprah.

  6. It definitely sounds like it was Oprah's fault to me!

    I went through a period of anemia a few years ago, but iron supplements made a big difference.

  7. I haven't eaten red meat since 1993 after an incident at summer camp and watching the camp cook make hamburger patties. ICK.

    But I have to agree with you about the doctor's visits. What I hate is being told, "Oh, you're too young to worry about THAT."

  8. What a drag! Have you tried warm, wet compresses on your eye? And how annoying to go through all of those tests for nothing. grrr Maybe it's time for a new doctor, too.

    Are you feeling any better yet?

    Loved the way you wrote this, btw...


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