Sunday, June 19, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 25

Sunday - June 12 - Happy Birthday Emily ... My friend Joe & Erica's little girl, Emily just celebrated her 2nd birthday.  You've seen this little Princess' face on my blog before.  And stop over & visit Erica's site to learn more about Emily.  But I got to tote my camera along & take some pictures of this birthday girl.  She's really doing well with her Infantile Spasm (IS) lately after the last round of steroid treatment.  So we're praying the good keeps continuing... keep it up Emily!  Such a litle fighter.

Monday - June 13 - Dud Doctor Appt ... if you seen my post from Monday... what a waste of time... but I'll always take pictures of my wastes of times :)

Tuesday - June 14- OUCH!!! ... a coworker will bring his dog up to work usually once a week.  We call him our work mascot.  He's a cocker spaniel & is adorable.  Loves the attention.  He ran into my office when he got there & I noticed something was wrong with his leg.  Looked down & saw the word OUCH!  Poor baby got his leg caught in the door when someone came home one day & his "daddy" bandaged it up & took care of it - even adding the word "ouch" - how funny is that!

Wednesday - June 15- Getting the plan laid... Got some big races coming up in the fall & I am taking the training schedule in my book Marathoning for Mortals & going to use it.  To do that, I have to find when the weeks before is - August 8th is the day of the offical start of training.  I'm excited seeing it all laid out - a plan.  Planning on having my best half marathon YET!

Thursday - June 14 - Running in Humidity is HARD!!! .... Yeah - I think I prefer the cold winter air to run in.  I've got my new running gear shorts & wicking sweat shirts - so I look all fresh before I head out.  Then I get on that road... & come home looking a sweaty mess.  You cant really see - but my head is dripping sweat.  My knees sweat the most (how weird is that)... its some rough going.

Friday - June 17 - Jimmy Johns ... for the 4th time!!!! ... I was a little addicted this week for lunch.  It was nice out during lunch time so I like to get out & enjoy fresh air when I can.  And I didnt want any real "fast food" places, so I heade to Jimmy Johns each & every time.  Between the bread and the chips, I'm in love with that place.  Can I get a whole bag to buy of those Thinny Chips?

Saturday - June 15 - Can drink on it forever... I met up with some of the youth team to hang out.  We met at a coffee shop & then headed to the movies.  I got to see X-Men for the 2nd time... I love it that much so I didnt mind at all.  Magneto? Professor X ...purr.... I love the clothes of the time period.  Very cool.  But I got a Diet Coke to take in. & while I have to cough every time I pay $5.00 for a medium - yes MEDIUM - drink - I took it home & drank on it for the whole evening.  You should get your money's worth out of a $5.00 Diet Coke.

Hope you've all had photo memory moments in your life this past week...


  1. The pink is back!

    The ouch is hilarious.

    When I used to run outdoors (I lived in a better neighborhood for such, less traffic), I ran in the winter. Much easier, and the wind would often propel me.

  2. looks like your blog got fixed.. Great shots.. yeah for all of the running that is coming up. Hugs to your friends little one.

  3. Sweaty knees -- well, the sweat has to come out somewhere I guess :)

    Looks like a fun week!

  4. oh my word, that little girls eye lashes....melt my heart!!!

    you can't imagine the mental imagine I got when you said your knees sweat! ha!

    love Jimmy Johns!!!

  5. Thank you so much Bec for the wonderful pics! You are amazing!!

  6. I have to say, yet again, that you are a running rockstar! I love that you keep going, and keep running...even when it is hot!

    I'm so glad to hear that the X-Men movie is good. I can't wait to see it!

    That ouch picture is so cute!!

  7. Poor puppy - love that bandage though :)

    You know I had never heard of Jimmy John's but they came to our office & passed out free sandwiches a few months ago. And ever since then I see the delivery guy a couple of times a week (in fact one day I swear he came back three times).

  8. Ok, so let's bask in the Jimmy Johns goodness for a minute shall we? I first tried it when we were at Mayo, we had one right in the lobby of our motel, that and a Caribou Coffee. Oh how I wish we had a CC here. anyway..... I LOVE the gourmet veggie with the avocodo salad (guac =) on it. Oh my goodness!!! YUMMY!!

    Ok so if I comment on anything else, like that adorable little one, or your beautiful red hair, or that cute little poor puppy, or the GINORMOUS drink, we could be here ALL night =)

    Love you friend ~~ Dawn

  9. Jimmy Johns? We don't have that out here in California. what kind of food do they serve?

    I hope you do real well in the marathon. My mom runs marathons. She's been running since she was in high school and she's in her 60's now.

    I'm sure you will do well.

  10. Great pictures of your week. Fun seeing what you've been doing besides beating my socks off at Words with Friends. :)

  11. I just LOVE that photo of Emily...those eyelashes...gorgeous.

    Your before and after running picture is hilarious! You should take some pictures of your route sometime (or maybe you already have, if so, sowweee!) I love to see where people run.

  12. Ugh! I could not imagine running in that heat!

    The dog's ouch bandage cracked me up.

  13. who knows about those calories in the tea.. But yummy.. THanks for the kind words for my parents.


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