Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Loving on TV:  The Walking Dead! ... I am so excited its back on.  I think I held my breath the first 15 minutes of the show.... & was reminded why I'm a vegetarian.

This scene was EVERYTHING!!!!!

Hearing:  Rain.  Heavy Rain.  Hitting my office window.  This just makes me tired & want to go home & put on sweat pants.

Reading:  Divergent.  FINALLY!  I have been putting this off because, why? I'm not sure.  I bought it & wanted to read it but the problem with a book freak is I'm constantly buying more books & it got put to the side.  But we rented the movie & I loved it so now I have to read all the books & see how this all ends.  Plus, I may have a crush on Four & I want to make sure he lives through it all... don't spoil anything for me. 

Missing:  Oh mercy, we're missing our Sydney girl.  We have her picture on our dresser with her collar around the frame & every day I will walk by it & say "Hey Sydney Girl" & rub the nose on the picture.  Probably makes me a tad insane.  I don't care.  We all miss her so much.

Trying New:  I crocheted my first flower last night for a baby hat.  YouTube can teach you pretty much anything, can't it?  I'm excited how it turn out for my first one.  I actually then made another one, but bigger & then sewed them together to make like a double flower.  Crochet involved moving my arm a lot, like knitting... & it hurt... so I can't do it for long, but for a flower?  Can totally do it.

Needing:  I need my room organized.  I mean NEED!  I need to redo the whole thing.  Like get new shelving, get a new desk... I need to spend a day on Pinterest & get some ideas.  Like I'm not on Pinterest all day anyways.

Looking Forward to:  I'm 1 week away from vacation.  Thank you Baby Jesus.

Happy About:  Leaves changing.  Every day, on my drive home, I see it more & more... & it just makes me smile. It's my favorite time of the year.

Anxious About:  I know there are reports everywhere about not being afraid of this Ebola thing... I'm sorry... I get more freaked out about it every day. My mom called me & told me there was something on PBS about professionals talking about it. She said it freaked her out.  I'm glad I didn't see it... I'd never leave my house again.

Loving on the Radio:  I can't get enough of the song by Colbie Caillat - Try ... I loved they did a dance with it on Dancing with the Stars last week.  It's a simple song, but I love the message of it.

What are you currently up to?


  1. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Divergent - I devoured that series and now I can't wait for the second movie in March!!

  2. I couldn't get into divergent. I'm like the only girl on the planet that says that...but I got halfway in and gave up...it was like pulling teeth. HOWEVERRRRRRRRRR, I do hear it gets way better if you can make it through the slowness.

    Also, i love the movie.

    Also, also, my husband is a huge walking dead fan, but I can't handle the gore. Or maybe i just use that as an excuse to get in a solid hour of reading time while he watches haha.

  3. I like that song. I've only heard it once or twice, but that's good. I did read (or listened to) the whole Divergent series, however I have not seen the movie. Curious to hear what you think after you read it.

    Love the hat and little crocheted flower. I need to try to make one of those flowers sometime. Right now I'm making ear warmers or headbands, whichever you want to call them. They are so easy on the loom. Much easier than crocheting them, although crocheting them isn't too bad either. For some reason, I just really like working with the looms.

    Have a great day!

  4. It's not crazy at all to talk to and rub Sydney's photo. We have our Chewie's ashes on the bookshelf and I have been known to pet the box. Still praying for you guys ♥

  5. Woohoo, you're so close to vacation!! And this dreary weather is definitely nap worthy. By the way, your hair is looking great!

  6. I don't blame you one bit for connecting with Sydney in any way that makes your heart feel some peace. I totally get it. Love that song...definitely a winner! It has been pouring rain here all morning long...I'm fighting the urge to crawl back into bed.

  7. You are not crazy for doing that, at all! I would be doing the exact same. I'm so happy for you, a vacation!!!

  8. i think I became even more scared with the ebola outbreak when the news of the nurse came out that has it...

  9. Oh that little hat is so cute- love the flower! I definitely taught myself to knit by using Youtube, I haven't done it in years so I'd probably have to reteach myself, but you're right you can learn almost anything on there!

  10. I haven't read Divergent yet...I need to borrow it from my niece! I'm pretty stinkin' happy about fall, too!!!

  11. I reviewed the Divergent series on my blog today, and I don't think I gave away any spoilers, but don't read it, just in case!

    I am SO glad that Walking D is back on! But what about Beth??? I need to see how that love triangle is going to play out!

  12. Not sure why, but I can't get that video to play on my laptop ... I got a message about how it won't play in safety mode. :-(

  13. I'm freaking out about Ebola too! I love the baby hat....too cute!

  14. I can't even handle you talking about Sydney without crying! Breaks my heart for you guys! I've done the same with Divergent. Cory has all the books and I've made it half way through the first one before he begged to watch the movie!


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