Wednesday, October 22, 2014

If you need me, I'll be on Pinterest today....

So Monday, I did it...

I jumped on the Essential Oil band wagon.

I know you have seen blog posts everywhere about people that use it & all that it can do.  If you haven't seen it there, its on Facebook... & Pinterest?  Forget about it... it's everywhere...

& that's where I'll be today.  Learning all about it.

I'm a person who is all about natural things.  Natural food, natural medicine.  So this idea of an natural oil that can help with issues intrigues me.

There are SO many fantastic uses for Young Living Essential Oils!

But it can't be real - right?  I mean, its oil...

Well, a friend asked me to try it for my bicep tendonitis.  I am always willing to try anything for that pain.  Tell me that dancing in the streets in an Elsa outfit will help it, I'll do it... or I'll just do it because that sounds like fun...

Plus, I would just like to do this move over & over

So I bought Lemongrass & an oil called Panaway to give it a go.  Now, it wasn't cheap... but like I said, I'll pay whatever... & it'll STILL be cheaper then if I went to a doctor with my health insurance.  (Like how I snuck in another health insurance slam there? ... speaking of which, I need to start looking for a new plan next week. Thanks Obama.)


I tried it.  Only 1 or 2 drops on the place that hurts.  Well, my arms hurts a LOT in a LOT of area so I'd add a few more drops of lemongrass... & maybe it was in my mind, but it eased off the pain. 


& I keep reading about how people use these during cold & flu season & that right there is speaking my language. 

So I took the leap & bought the started kit & became an official Young Living Essential Oil person...

I told Ricky about it ... & the 'conversation' began.  Yes, conversation is in quotes because it was more of a debate.

Ricky:  I can get on the internet & find articles that say it doesn't work.
Me: You can get on the internet & type in is this oil made of cat pee & you'll probably find an article.  You'll find an article about anything on the internet.

I tried to tell him about the people I know & trust that use it... & how I used it on my arm.

so the true test... Ricky has a pain in his elbow.  Has had it for months.  I pull out the Panaway & rub about 2 drops on it. 

He gripes & says things like "This is so stupid"

... & I'm editing wedding pictures & all of a sudden, I hear laughing.  He's behind me on the couch moving his elbow around cracking up like Harvey Dent told him some joke I missed out on.

I asked if he inhaled too much of that oil or something & he said, "My elbow doesn't hurt"... & then just kept laughing like its some sort of trick I did on him.

Granted, his elbow was aching again this morning... & I told him to put some more oil on it ... which I bet he will tonight when he gets home...

but maybe he's going to believe in it a little bit more...

Maybe I'm going to be in my natural health heaven with this.

I'm sure my family & friends will get sick of me very soon when I tell them to put peppermint on their temples when they have a headache instead of taking an aspirin.

So today, if you need me, I'm going to be on Pinterest finding out all about these oils... which ones I need to double up on... how exactly I need to apply these ... how to combine them for the uber health combo that I need.

Maybe there's an oil to make my brain switch out of germaphobe mood...

I bet I find it on Pinterest...

Do you use Essential Oils?


  1. I have not started, but am seriously considering. I'm thinking mostly about colds this season.

  2. My daughter is a believer ... and is an official Young Living person, too. And she's making a believer out of me. The peppermint oil doesn't help either one of us with our headaches (I need to try Panaway next time!!), but I got relief from Panaway when I had a major kink/muscle knot in my neck/shouler a couple of weeks ago. Sold me (and I was soooo very skeptical, even after DD told me how much they've helped her and the Ts).

  3. I have yet to try them, but don't doubt for a second they work! The only reason I haven't yet is because I feel overwhelmed when I even start to look into them. I feel like I need to attend a meeting about them or something. Good for you, and glad it helped Ricky!

  4. I'm excited to hear what you think about it!

  5. Bahaha..."I bet I find it on Pinterest". Seriously though, I'm interested in seeing if these really work because I have awful back problems and would do just about anything to get rid of the pain. Keep us updated?

  6. I'm a doTerra gal myself and absolutely thought it was all mumbo jumbo in the beginning. My first experience was with DigestZen for stomach issues and I've never had such immediate relief. My husband is a huge believer now too.

  7. this post almost makes me want to order a bloatload of essential oils. Please keep us posted on Ricky's outcome. I tend to be a skeptic like him. Maybe you can convert me too...BTW, you guys are the sweetest couple - love how you banter back and forth - very similar to me and Andy but he gets annoyed when I publish his quotes lol


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