Thursday, October 09, 2014

Thankful Thursday

You pray in your distress and in your need; would that you might pray also in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance. ~Khalil Gibran
Thankful 10/09/14

Some things I've been thankful for this week:

1.  Harvey Dent... during all the sadness of loosing Sydney, Harvey has kept us entertained with his playing.  He's also been so sweet wanting snuggles & kisses.  Yes, he thinks he's still a baby & not a huge dog.  He really is huge. He's about the size of our Buffy (A yellow lab) ... but don't tell him that.  He still remembers how we carried him home & that's the way he wants it to be.  I'm thankful for doggie snuggles right now.

2.  Knitting... with beautiful yarn.... I am so excited about this yarn. It's from the Isaac Mizrahi new craft collection.  Move over Martha Stewart.  It's fantastic.  I finished up my scarf & posted a pic & guess who liked it?  Mr. Mizrahi himself!!! I was so excited... even more excited that I have this cowl. It's so beautiful & soft & comfy.  Ricky even said it was his favorite.  I actually went back & got 3 more skeins in the red/pink/orange combo... can't wait to make that into something delicious.

3.  When God Ran ... I actually got out & did some miles. I haven't walked or ran in over a month but it was such a beautiful evening on Wednesday that I put on my running shoes & out I went.  This song came on at the end of my trek.  I adore this song. It literally makes me tear up every time.  Ever heard of it?  I'm going to post the video at the bottom... if you love the Prodigal Son story, you'll love this song.

4.  Fresh Hair... there is nothing like a hair appointment.  How they manage to take away all the frizz, I'll never understand.  I try not to wash my hair for the longest time afterwards because I know the first time I wash it?  Welcome back frizz...

5.  Ear Relief ... My ears have been a booger this week.  This holistic bottle of ear drops has eased it up a bit.  It sort of calms them down.  Coats them.  I'll take whatever relief I can get.

6.  Grandbabies ... I was so thankful to see my Nashville gang... especially Will.  He was nervous at first when he pulled in the drive way & a strange lady runs & grabs him.  But after a few minutes, he was my buddy.  He's got to get to know us like Isaac & Luke do... & I have to try & convince THIS one that Nanny is cooler then Pappy.  Probably won't work, but I'll try.

What are you thankful for this week?

When God Ran... have a blessed day


  1. Ah, When God Ran is an oldie but a goodie. Thanks for sharing the video ... I hadn't heard that song in the longest time, and hearing it once again did my heart good.

  2. What a beautiful song. I've heard it before, but I've never really "listened" to it before. What beautiful words. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love love love the hair! My sister in law started beauty school this week and I am SO excited to make her my own personal hairdresser, haha!

  4. Your hair looks great!! I know what you mean about it always being flawless after the salon - they just have the magic touch!!

  5. My hair always feels so light after I leave the saloon. I'm not sure how but I never can get it to feel as weightless as my hair dresser. Yours look great by the way! Puppy snuggles for the win, though!

  6. Awww....our fur babies know when we need extra love. Great song. I'm with you on the hair wash and back comes the frizz. :(

  7. I can't ever replicate salon hair either - VERY annoying :)

    Cute puppy & baby!

  8. What a fantastic scarf! I tried to knit once. I made a square. That was it. :)

  9. I like your list, we have so many things we can be thankful for. I like the quote by Khalil Gibran


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