Friday, October 24, 2014

Five on Friday... vacation edition

Today at 4:00, I am going to tear up post it notes & make homemade confetti & I'm going to celebrate..


Vacation time!!!!

& yes, I am bummed that we're supposed to be packing up tonight & heading on the road for a wonderful trip to Gatlinburg... & that got kicked in the shins... or in Ricky's knee if I'm being totally accurate...

& I'm bummed that Ricky actually has to work part of our vacation.

Our anniversary is on Tuesday. 19 years.  For the past 18 years, Ricky & I have been off... this will be the first time he has to work on our anniversary.  Yeah... I'm a little sad at the turn of events this year...

BUT... like they say....

So my Five on Friday is going to be some of the things I'm planning on doing while I'm off...

1. Clothes

I want to shop. I am in desperate need of fall & winter clothes. Summer & Spring, I'm good to go. I have so many maxi skirts & flip flops that I could switch every day & be good for a month.  Winter? I have like 3 pairs of pants that I like... I'm on a mission.  I want to find some good boots too. Complete the winter look.  And with all of this, it means I am switching over my closet. Ugh. I hate that... but I'm determined to get rid of at least half of my closet. Because believe me, I don't wear half of it. I need the room.  Get ready Goodwill... I'm heading to you with a load.

2. Sewing Machine

This is probably my biggest goal for my vacation. I want to learn to sew more then anything.  & Ricky got me a sewing machine... like 5 years ago.... I know.  Embarassing.  But I have no where to put it & so it just has sat on the floor under my printer desk in my back room.  Well, on vacation week, I'm doing something with it. Even if that means leaving it on the kitchen table for awhile. Heck, I don't cook anyways.  I want to learn the basics & learn how to even thread the stupid thing.  Watch out - I tend to get obsessed with new crafts so if this takes hold of me, my Instagram will be exploding with sewing things as well as knitting things.

3. Whole Foods / Trader Joes

Its not often I get to go out to these stores with them being so far away from us.  I get so excited to go in there & see all the latest things I want to try.  & since I am rarely out that way, I know my check book may shed a tear because 1. this place ain't cheap & 2. I want everything in it.  I just saw on a friends blog a iced coffee concentrate thing that you add with ice & almond milk... how many bottles can I fit in my back seat?  What else should I know about before I head out there?

4.  Car Care

This isn't exciting but something I need to do.  Something I never want to take the time during my work week.  But I need to clean out my car.  I basically live in my car ... & it shows. I need to clean out the whole vehicle & get in the nooks & crannies of it with a tooth brush.  I need to get the carpets clean (who thought black carpet in a car was a good idea should be shot) & I need to take my car & get my oiled changed.  Gotta take care of Miley Cyrus.  I still have 4 more years of payments on her :)

Note: I named my car Miley Cyrus before she went nuts... I got my car right when she died her hair that light color - which is the same color of my car... & I said, she looks so "edgy" with the hair cut... & my car is an Edge... so thus, became the car name of Miley Cyrus... I may just change it to Blondie.

5. Sleep

The best part of vacation.  I want to take my alarm & tell it to shove off .... See ya!  Stop bugging me with your loud beeping at 5 in the morning!
I know how I am though - I'll still be up by 6 or 7... guaranteed... the dogs still have their schedule & they know when its time for treats.  But I'm going to try & relax as much as I can

... because a week goes by fast & I'm back to it in a measly 7 days...

So if I'm kinda in & out next week, y'all know I'm sleeping, or cleaning my car... or hopefully finding some awesome fashions...

What do you like to do for a Stay-cation?
What do I need to get at Whole Foods?
What's a good name for a crème-brulle color car?


  1. I hope you have a wonderful stay-cation! :) You've reminded me that my car needs cleaned as well. Boo.

  2. Happy anniversary! Sounds like you've got great plans for your staycation. And I've done the same thing as far as sewing. My mom gave me her old sewing machine and I haven't taken it out of the closet once.

  3. Try to enjoy your time off! :)
    Brandon and Cohen got me a sewing machine for Mother's Day last year...and I've only threaded the bobbin. With my mom's help and 3 hours of time. ha! I haven't had time to do anything else with it. I want to, though.

  4. I have a sewing machine.
    Moving on....

    Staycation YAY!!! Don't you just love the "new" words in our vocab these days? I did not see cowl making on here. No. No. It's okay. We shall cowl make anyway. Because we are cool like that =)

    I tried some Udi's Gluten free bagels recently. They were pretty much the bomb!!! And gluten free bread usually, well, isn't. My friend raves about the veggie chip things. I've never had them, but she says they are delish! (Oh and we don't have a Whole Foods, just a really good health food store) =)

    Let me think on the car thing.

    Anyway..... I LOVE YOU!!! dawn =)

  5. Happy early anniversary - hope you'll be able to enjoy it even though Ricky has to work for the day!! Whole Foods is a money sucker!!! Hope you have a great Friday!

  6. trader joes!!!!! ok, so try the cilantro lime salad dressing in the vegetable section!! so amazing on salad but great on fish tacos!!! do you like tamales? I found green corn tamales in the frozen section that taste just like the ones I grew up on in AZ!!!! I could go on and on and on....

  7. Hey, if you buy new boots, you need to make you some boot toppers. They are way easy with the smallest round loom. I made a pair a couple weeks ago. I just bought some buttons to attach to the top just to give them a little bling. haha When I get the buttons on, I'll try to remember to post a pic on Instagram.

    Hope you have a great vacation and Happy Anniversary!

  8. I'm obsessed with boots. I went to DSW and they had three rows of boots. I want all of them.

  9. I should have read this on Wednesday (if you had written it on Wednesday - ha!). I had yesterday & today off & I did great with sleeping late, but haven't really accomplished anything else. Like my car REALLY needs cleaned out!

  10. I know it stinks that y'all won't get to go on your vacation but sometimes a week at home is better than a week away. I hope you get everything done on your list but take lots of time to rest and snuggle your pups :) You deserve it!

  11. Man, I'm jealous! I would kill for a staycation right about now. The weekend was NOT enough for me! haha


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