Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Real Christian women in the real world....

I was at work yesterday trying to keep my cool.

Work is a tough place for me.  It's full of negative people.  It's full of people who like to step on you, pushing you down, only so they can stand taller.  It's full of real life people. 

I told Ricky I feel like work is really a reality show like Big Brother... where people back stab while being kind to your face.

I'm sure most of you know places like this in your life.... real life.... in the real world.

I need Jesus to get through my day at work, in this environment.  I have a white board with Scripture on it. I have a Bible open on my desk every day with a verse I focus on from a morning devotion.  I am not joking when I say I NEED Jesus to make it through a work day.

Yesterday was a bad day.... even more yelling & snide remarks & snubbed attitudes... & I caught myself thinking, I bet Beth Moore doesn't have to deal with this.

I had to laugh that that idea came to mind.  But then I thought about it & thought about all the amazing women that I learn from.  The Beth Moore's.  Priscilla Shirer, Lysa TerKeurst, Lisa Harper ... plus so many more... & I thought how they have such amazing lives, but how would they react in these situations. 

Because when you look at their lives on Facebook & Twitter & Instagram, they are always being swept away on planes to the next location, or meeting amazing people, & are surrounded by a team or group of amazing Christian people.  ... & it doesn't seem like real life.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have learned from these women for years in conferences & books & I know they have real life problems... I don't want to discount that & make it sound like I'm downing them in any way or making it seem like I'm saying they don't get it...

But I thought about all the real life Christian sisters I have in the real world...
the ones that I learn from & see every day of my own life.

...the ones that have kids to get ready before they have to make it to work on time or get fired.
...the ones that have awful jobs but work that position anyways to cover bills.
...the ones that have retired with their husbands & now have to figure out how to survive on limited income.
...the ones who get up early just to have 5 minutes alone with God before they are on full speed for the next 12 hours
...the ones who are taking care of sick family members or disabled children, all while keeping a servant's heart & putting themselves second.
...the ones that are dealing with children that are rebelling against them & they stay faithful in prayer that God will direct them
...the ones that are single & praying for God to lead them to their spouse
...the ones praying for where God needs them to make changes in their lives
...the ones that take the time out of their already busy schedule to email or text & check on friends because they know life is hard right now

Real Women... in the real world... all still shining Jesus...

No air plane jetting anyone off to the next speaking engagement.
No hair, make up, wardrobe team standing near by.
No open schedule that allows you to just sit in God's word the entire day.

I read so many amazing Christian women's blogs & I love them all... why?  Because its real women with real struggles sharing real life...

I read one yesterday from the sweetest young lady, who she & her husband just came back from a mission trip.   But the post yesterday wasn't about anything amazingly spiritual... it was about a trip with her husband & dogs to get a pumpkin... at an apple orchard (read the post, you'll get it...) & it all just went every which way of wrong.

I had to laugh through it, though I'm sure there was no laughter that day...
(Here's the post right HERE - Paige at Reasons to Come Home)

But this is what I'm talking about... I love hearing real stories from real women who love God.... it lets you know you're not alone in this messed up real life world.

The point of this whole post?  I have no idea...

I may just be delaying starting another work day in a bad environment....

but I mostly wanted to just applaud all you out there... All my Christian sisters who are struggling in your own areas... but you keep pressing on.  You keep making it through each day.  You keep loving your God in it all. 

Sometimes, you don't need the Beth Moore's & the Lysa Terkeurst's to learn some of the lessons in life....

... but man, wouldn't it be nice to have that hair & make up team nearby?....


  1. This post... Yes- to all the girls in the real world, making it day by day as best as we possibly can- yay YOU! Loved this Rebecca Jo!!!

  2. Loved this! I'm sorry your workplace can be such a downer... my last job could be like that (some really negative people) and it's so hard to spend so much time/energy in a place that just sucks the life out of you.

  3. Lifting you up today in hopes that today is a much better day!!!!

  4. Again, a post I can so relate to. You know all that I've been dealing with lately. I struggle daily to not let it get me down. I mean...God is on my side and we have a battle on our hands. However, there are days like I had yesterday that rattle me to the core and make me wonder what God is trying to teach me through all of this. I think I've come to the conclusion...He wants me to see just how much I need Him. I simply can't do this without His love, support, and guidance. I may be beaten down, but I am far from being broken!

  5. Oh how I can relate. I have some sweet ladies that love the lord here and some grumpy men who downright make fun of us for it. It can be rough sometimes. I specifically read my SRT study at work each day, I need it!

  6. Oh I totally feel you - especially with this line "back stab while being kind to your face" - I deal with it every single day and I just recently realized that I can't really change them, but I can change how I react to them and now I pay no attention to it at all!

  7. This reminds me of my post about raising up each other instead of tearing each other down. The real world is so tough sometimes!!!

  8. So glad someone was able to take something away from our crazy to trip to the apple orchard! Something I struggle with greatly is that everyone seems so perfect in blogland. And we are all guilty of only posting the good pictures, the good times but in reality, we are ALL human and all struggle with bad days. I found it extremely ironic that the day I was trying to get the perfect pictures of a fall outing for the blog ended up so badly! Guess God was really trying to tell me something, huh? To me, it is very reassuring to see how other Christian women cope to the crazy, real world we live in! Thanks for sharing your heart!


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