Monday, October 20, 2014

The weekend that had showed me I have weak arms...

OK... I have to start my post off with a shout out on how awful Monday can be. 

Not only is it dark & rainy... & for the first time this year, I'm wearing regular shoes instead of flip flops (the most depressing time of year)...I just got an email confirming our vacation.  Awesome right, except we can't go.  Ricky had to take off extra days for his injured leg & doesn't have the time now to go to Gatlinburg.  Our reservation will cost us & we don't even get to go enjoy it.

Needless to say, this is one of the top of the list of worst Mondays ever.

At least the weekend wasn't this bad...

Well, maybe...

Friday started off with me sick to my stomach.  I went to the grocery & was going to make supper but Ricky always says he doesn't want me to have to cook on Friday so he stopped & got some food.  It was so greasy... oh mercy... I was so nauseated the rest of the night.  I didn't even get to work out because I thought if I jump around, I'm going to hurl.  It ended up being a night of editing wedding pictures & trying to ignore my insides rejecting any ounce of grease.

Saturday morning had me in a knitting frenzy.  It was just a gloomy morning, no sun & over cast, so I just sat at the kitchen counter all morning finishing up my bundle of hats I made for my cousin's new baby & didn't really do much of anything for the first 2 hours of the day.

I then figured since it was cool & gloomy, that's perfect chili weather.  So I found a recipe on Pinterest for a vegetarian slow cooker chili & got it all together.  I always feel so grown up when I make things in my kitchen that involve actual directions.

I really need to cook more. I enjoy it when I do.

Once I got everything in the slow cooker, it was time for me to go to an engagement session. 

I had actually met the guy during another wedding I had done back earlier in the year & small world... his fianc√©?  Months previous, a friend of mine asked for me to pray for her nephew's girlfriend who was having health issues.  Her name was in my Bible for the longest time... & then after a hard struggle, she ended up being OK so I red-checked it in my Bible as an answered prayer. So when I saw her name as my contact & we were planning everything, my friend got in touch with me & said, "you know that's the girl you were praying for, right?".... Oh snap!  I didn't connect the two.  But that was so cool to actually meet this person I had prayed for for months!!!

... & what a cute couple they were...

This girl had it all planned out - beautiful outfits that coordinated - even cute little props for Save the Date cards.  The fall colors were perfection ... I can't wait to edit up this session. It's going to be one of my favorites, I can tell.

Fall wins every time for pictures.

I ended up spending the rest of the night editing wedding pictures & excited to dig into my chili.

Something about home made food cooking in the kitchen that smells like heaven.  Every time I would go outside with Harvey or have to go out to the garage & come back in?  Oh... I would just stand there & smell the air...

The chili turned out wonderful.  Made some rice pasta - which is fast becoming my favorite pasta... & if Ricky gives it a thumbs up, then I know its a success.

I ended up spending the rest of Saturday night watching Harry Potter on ABC Family... that last movie ... both part 1 & 2... I love it.  Hate it on TV though.  Why are commercials on every 7 minutes?  & why do they last 10 minutes?  So irritating...

Sunday was time for church & I was so excited to see a guest pastor.  This young man used to come to our church & he is just God-given-talented when it comes to delivering messages.  How he doesn't have his own church is beyond me.  So it was a blessing to have him speak at our church.

Our own youth class was fantastic.  My buddy Ryan gave the message.  I'll have to do a post on what he said ... it was so fantastic... the message was on worry.  Speak to my heart on this one.

I ended up getting my hands on Emerson, my Grandbuddy, & her momma had to go listen to an audition so I was able to rock this sweet baby to sleep for her nap.  Mercy - let me tell you - it ain't no joke to hold a 4 month old baby for an hour. My arms are still sore.  Who needs P90X when you have a baby around?

How I feel my arms should look after holding the baby

Note to self:  work more on biceps.

how my arm muscles really look

We ended up going out to lunch with our friends after church. I love that our lunches last for hours on end.  I could sit & talk with this family all day long.  They are so funny but full of great advice & just easy to hang with...

Ricky & I had to leave & do some errands... aka: Target trip... & then you blink & its night time.

I ended up not even turning on my computer all day Sunday.  I just cozied up with another knitting project & sunk in for my Once Upon a Time (Oh Hook, stay good... & handsome in your leather) & The Walking Dead (I am so thankful I am a vegetarian)...

Me watching The Walking Dead
... & yes, I wear a boa when I watch it...
Another weekend for the books...

& now my countdown to my vacation...the one to where I won't need a confirmation...


How was your weekend?


  1. I agree on the suckinees of Mondays, sorry yours was so hard this week :( I had to pull out real shoes for work instead of sandals this morning too. And we spent a good portion of the weekend catching up on Once Upon a Time as well. I'm pulling for Hook!

  2. Oh, no! It really stinks you won't get to go on your vacation. :( Bummer. I hope the week looks up from here!

  3. I hate Mondays. You may as well call me Garfield. My weekend was good! I didn't do any homework or study because I was feeling burnt out. I will probably end up regretting that but I just needed to stinkin' relax. I did research a TON about Blog design and tried to implement things in my blog but I still have a long way to go! I'm sorry about your vacation that sucks!

  4. I'm sorry to hear you wont be able to make it to your vacation - that is not fun at all!! Your Sunday sounds like it was a perfect relaxing day though!!!

  5. ugh. I am SO sorry about your vacation!!

    This monday has sucked...I had to get my shoulder injected and found out that the doc thinks I have another issue causing my problems...bulging disc...say it isn't so!! I have an MRI on Thursday. While in the docs office, my daughter called crying that she has been diagnosed with the flu, strep AND pneumonia!! my mama's heart is breaking that I can't be there to take care of her!!! ugh...well, that sort of felt good to spew! :)

  6. So sorry you got sick to your stomach! That's always such a horrible feeling and I'm grateful I haven't experienced in several years. Bummer about your vacation...try not to let it drag you down too much, though I know it's easier said than done. Big hugs heading your way!

  7. I'm sorry about your vacation, friend :( Hope your week gets better! xo

  8. Such a bummer that you guys don't get to take your vacation :( Poor Ricky, hope he's at least starting to feel better. It's a gloomy and rainy Monday here, too!


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