Tuesday, October 28, 2014

19 years goes by in a blink....

Now that I do wedding photography, the average ages of my brides are in their early 20's.

Sometimes I look at them & think, you are too young to get married.

I can say that now that I'm in my 40's... but I was that 23 year old bride.

I was a 23 yr old bride.... with a small waist....

Today, Ricky & I have been married 19 years. 

Going into 2 decades.

How did that go by so fast?

When you're 23, I don't think you really understand what lays ahead.

I mean its so exciting & I did understand that this meant forever... but its the little things.

Its really knowing how tough marriage is
... how wonderful marriage is

... knowing you have a person on your side in everything
... knowing you have a partner in the hard times
... knowing you have a friend to celebrate in the good
... knowing you have a shoulder to cry on when you need to
... knowing you have a hand to hold through every day

It's so easy to say... but so different to live...

I think in the end, its knowing you have someone to grow old with...

& here we are 19 years later....

we're not over the hill yet... though some days it feels like it with all the aches & pains...

but we still have a long path to go... God willing...

we'll continue to grow older together... continue to live Happily Ever After...

So really, the more I think about it, I am thankful for young brides... it just gives more of a lifetime to share together...

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband...

Next year - 20 years!! I already told my husband he better start planning a Disney trip right now!
I want my 20th anniversary in the Beast's castle... 

I'm nothing but a demanding wife ;) ... no comment on that one Ricky... no comment! ;)


  1. Aww... this was such a sweet post :) Happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary! How sweet!! That hair on your husband is something haha and you look BEAUTIFUL!! oh my gosh you were just glowing, Rebecca Jo!

  3. Happy Happy Anniversary!!! You were a beautiful bride! And YES to a 20th Disney celebration! :)

  4. Happy Anniversary!! What a beautiful bride you were!

  5. So sweet :) I'm 28 but we were 22 and 19 when we got married. I find myself thinking "you are way too young" often these days too haha. Happy anniversary, hope you have a wonderful day. Sorry he had to work :( Can't wait to see you celebrating Disney style next year!!!

  6. Happy anniversary! Love all the photos...you were a beautiful bride!

  7. Happy anniversary! Love, love your dress!

  8. You were such a beautiful bride!! Happy anniversary and wishing you many more years together!!

  9. Happy Anniversary! Hope you make it to Disney for your 20th. We wanted to for the 25th, but didn't pull it off. Maybe the 30th will work for us.

  10. Love the photos and the sentiment spoken. Love you dress too sweets, especially the cuffs!
    Wishing you many happy years!!



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