Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites


I'm joining in with some of my favorite blog peeps this Friday to do some of my favorite things this week...
Favorite New Show:  Jane the Virgin
I thought it was so cute.  The idea, kinda quirky, but I think they pulled it off.  A girl who is saving herself for marriage goes for her annual exam, only to have the doctor get confused & the lady across the room was supposed to get inseminated... far fetch?  Sure... but its cute.  Reminds me of Ugly Betty.. & I adored Ugly Betty all the way to the last episode.
Favorite Food:  Spinach Nuggets
I bought these after seeing someone talk about them on a running/fitness blog & I had just seen them in the store.  She told me not to think twice about it - get them.  I did & oh my goodness.  Ricky even loves them.  We had them this week with rice pasta & marinara sauce... & Ricky stopped at the grocery last night just to pick up another package.  They almost taste like a spinach ravioli ... I need to see if Sam's Club sells these in bulk.
Favorite View:  Leaves Changing
Every day, driving home, I can see the difference in the leaves. It takes my breath away every day... every year.  I never tire of Fall.
Favorite Halloween Movie:  Hocus Pocus
I love this time of year when you can usually find Hocus Pocus on a channel somewhere. 
Favorite Funnies
Don’t Joke About Weight…
Our Generation Isn’t That Strong…

Anna Will Eventually Let It Go
Favorite Video of the Week:  Kevin & Grandma
(I'll always put up Kevin & his grandma....)

Linking up with the beautiful Amanda

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  1. Ummmm I'm pretty much obsessed with Hocus Pocus! It never gets old! Those spinich bites look so yummy!!

    <3 Shannon

  2. I need to find those spinach nuggets! YUM!

  3. I have several new favorite shows this season. Scorpion, Mysteries of Laura, Madame Secretary, Forever, and NCIS New Orleans. It's a good season so far and I really like everyone of these a lot.

  4. Never heard of Jane the Virgin, but sounds intriguing. That happening sounds like a nightmare lol. I've actually never seen Ugly Betty, but I heard it's good.

  5. Haha that Frozen funny is great!! And I love seeing Hocus Pocus on tv all the time, too.

  6. Haha love the Breaking Bad funny. I've noticed that the leaves on the trees have REALLY changed this week! I get so distracted while driving just staring at everything!

  7. are those spinach bites in the frozen section? I would LOVE those!!

    Do you know I have never seen Hocus Pocus...I think I will have to look for it!

    one of my new favorite shows...Madame Secretary!

  8. Those nuggets look interesting for sure! haha but I will try to give them a chance if I see them while grocery shopping. I was wondering what that show was about, sounds like it might be really cute!!

  9. I will be adding those spinach nuggets to my grocery list! They look so yummy!

  10. I've missed reading your blog....with these two little ones I just have a hard time finding the time!
    Love the scarf you crafty you are :-)
    Hope you and Hub are doing alright without your sweet dog :-(

    OM Gosh you must read that book orphan was so good!!!



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