Friday, October 03, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Ebola

I'm sorry, I know everyone says don't freak out about this... but they also said it would never make it to the US & lookie what we have here. A man who lied about being in contact with it, coming to the US & now, his family trying to sneak out of containment TWICE.  Am I the only one who feels like this is just weird how they are trying to be around people? 

& they keep saying you can't get it unless you're in contact with fluids of people that have the disease?  Then how did the camera man for the medical team of NBC get it? 

There's more going on to this then what's being led on... I really believe that.

Yes, I'm a confessed germaphobe & yes, I've seen all the movies like Contagion & Breakout ... & yes, I think we're all going to die now.

2. Gone Girl

I read the book... I can't wait to see the movie!   I keep hearing the reviews are fantastic on it.  I don't know if this is the type of movie Ricky will go see.  I refuse to tell him the twists & turns in it so he can experience it himself.  But if he doesn't want to go, I may have to get to the theater myself.  I want to see how they bring this one to life.

3. Joan & Melissa TV Show

How did I never know about this show?  I just happened to run across it on YouTube & have watched all of season 1 & most of season 2.  It's heartbreaking to watch now.  To see how funny Joan is & how truly caring she was of people & the work she did for charity... & to know she's gone.  The crazy part is, she's always talking about dying on there & how she's OK with it & about her friend's who have died & how she has some of their ashes & wants them all mixed with her when she passes away.  & so many episodes of Melissa begging her mom to stop going for plastic surgeries - that she's getting older & its more dangerous every time she goes in for procedures.  It's just so sad.  But every episode makes me laugh... I wish more people in the world could laugh at themselves like she did.

4.   Happy Birthday Isaac!!

We're on Birthday week.  First it was my friend Chasity, then my mom... & today?  Isaac - our oldest grandson.  7 years old.  That blows my mind.  I remember his chubby little face as a baby... & now he's running cross country & making friends & just growing up.   Ferris Bueller was right - you blink & life will pass you by.
Next up on the Birthday stop - my twin nieces.   People say that the Holidays is the time to gain weight?  October & all the birthday cakes is my time....

5.  Good deed denied

This past weekend, Ricky & I had to run to the store. We walk out & I said, Oh my gosh - there is a wallet.  Ricky ran over & picked it & opened it just to find the guy's ID.  The wallet was right near the store entrance so we went in.  We didn't want to give the wallet to anyone that worked there because honestly, I don't think you can trust people.  We only trust ourselves.  So we asked if they would call his name on the intercom to come up front.  We waited & here came a guy with a confused look on his face.  Ricky said, "Are you missing anything?" & held out his wallet.  The guy grabbed it & instantly thumbed through it, giving us the meanest glare possible & said, "Oh good, nothing is missing" with a tone that almost accused us of going through his wallet to take something out of it.  He then just walked away & said over his shoulder, "Thanks".... what?  really?  Sorry, but most people that find a wallet on the ground would have taken the cash, possibly charged things on his credit card & even the hassle of having to cancel all the cards & getting new licenses & all that mess ... & the guy acted like we stole his wallet or something?  Ricky & I just laughed.  I said, he's going to think about how lucky he is later... guaranteed.

Do you want to see Gone Girl?
Did you ever watch Joan & Melissa?
Does the Ebola thing freak you out?


  1. Oof, I hear you about ebola. And the kicker in the gut (for me as a former ER nurse) is that he presented to an ER with fever TWO DAYS before his hospital admission, told a nurse there that he had been to West Africa, and they sent. him. home. Without testing him. What?!

  2. What a jerk! I'm reading Gone Girl right now and can't wait to finish it so I can see the movie... 2 hours with Ben Affleck, yes please! Happy Friday :)

  3. How rude! At least YOU guys know that you did him a favor.

    And Ebola scares me ... especially since the NBC camera guy now has it. I want a bubble!

  4. Ugh people can be the worst sometimes, but we always have to remember that good deeds are always good no matter what! Happy birthday to Isaac, what a cutie!! We're birthday twins (minus 19 years haha!!)! I cannot wait to see Gone Girl, too!

  5. Ebola scares me, but I try not to think about it too much.

    No, I don't think I care to much about seeing that movie. I don't much like the previews.

    Sorry the guy was so rude to you. People amaze me sometimes.

    Your grandson is a cutie. Love his blue, blue eyes in that picture.

  6. Ebola freaks me WAY out. WAAAY OUT.

    I can't wait to see Gone Girl, the book was soooo good! And I just heard this morning that the movie is excellent.

    I've never watched Joan & Melissa and I'm afraid if I started now I'd just be sad. :/

  7. I didn't read the book, but I want to see the movie! I am appalled at the wallet story, what the HECK?!

  8. Jeepers yes, I can't watch the news anymore because of the next epidemic that WILL hit this area, no matter what they say! Have you ever read Stephen King's The Stand? I usually end up rereading it during allergy season and then freaking out when I'm out in public. I can't wait to see Gone Girl too - but will probably have to wait for Netflix since I'm sure my husband wouldn't want to see it. Great book though!

  9. Oh, Ebola. I feel like I know more about Ebola than any American could because everybody and their sister asked us if we were canceling our trip because of it. BUT I do agree with you that the guy in Dallas is being super fishy about it but isn't he Liberian? They said he lied because he hadn't been in contact with anyone with it but he was coming from Liberia! You'd think they would keep up with him some how and make sure he didn't start running a fever.

    There are so many movies coming out recently that I haven't read the book. I've got to get on it! Happy Friday :)

  10. I'm already hooked on the book Gone Girl and I've only read a few chapters - really itching to see the movie but need to wait!!! I'm with you on ebola - so scary!!

  11. No, no, and YES!! I will be there in the jar with you. I keep wondering if this is some kind of biologic warfare.

  12. I am VERY excited to see Gone Girl! I'm not scared of Ebola, and that guy is lucky that I wasn't the one to find his wallet! :)


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