Monday, October 13, 2014

The weekend I got to shoot a perfect fall wedding....

It was another wedding weekend for me.

I was nervous going into this wedding just because the weather the whole week before was rain & yucky... & the weekend wasn't looking too good either.  But I woke up on Saturday & they said the rain would hold off all day long & it would come back on Sunday... (which didn't happen either)... so thank you Lord for a no-rain day.

Even better?  No sunshine.  An overcast day. As a photographer - that is perfection.  I always call it God's Light Box when the sky is like that.  No shadows to worry about.

I got up early & headed to meet the bride at the beauty shop & our day was started.  She honestly was the most precious bride.  Excited about every little thing about the day, and never stressed about a thing.

They had an afternoon wedding which meant the morning flies by getting all the pictures done & with an incredible bridal party, & an amazing assistant that works with me, we snagged all the pictures & had 40 minutes before the wedding to let everyone calm down (or get excited) & let the ceremony begin.

My beautiful bride

Some of my favorite parts of the day....

... the bride had a first look with her dad.  Oh my word!!!.... I don't think there was a dry eye in the room. It was so emotional.  Brooke had a gift for him too - it was a handkerchief that she had embroided for her dad that has a message on it.  Oh, the sweetness... I have a picture where her dad is just holding her.  Oh the feels.

... the bride & groom didn't want to do a first look but they wanted to talk to each other, so I got them behind a door to each other so she could give her soon to be husband a letter she wrote the night before.  I took their picture holding hands around the door & then told them I'd give them a few minutes alone.  As I was walking off, I heard the groom say he just wanted to pray with her... & began praying as I kept walking tearing up.. once again.

My reaction walking away

... the families.  Both the groom & brides sides were so amazingly nice.  So easy to work with.  The groom's mom wanted a family picture taken really quickly... with about 65 people in it. WHAT?  She said, it'll only take a minute. I was so doubtful this was going to be pulled off in a few minutes, but literally after the wedding, the family went back in a far door, & they gathered right up on the stage & BAM - picture done & BAM, they were all gone. I was impressed.

... An hour long Catholic ceremony, when you're taking pictures, goes by really really fast.  Time has no sense of real meaning when you are a wedding photographer.  It all goes by so fast.

... When the bride & groom did their first dance, you would have thought there was not another person on the face of the planet.  They were just holding each other so close, singing the song they picked to each other & had their eyes closed... Chasity & I always say you can tell a lot about a couple by their first dance.  This couple truly loves each other deeply.

... The bride & father dance... shut up... just shut up... the feels were back...

... It was so cute because the bride surprised her step father with a dance as well that had a song that has always been a joke between them.  It was Outkast "Hey Ya"... but it was a slowed down version perfect for a slow dance.  So cute & thoughtful she included him in the day.

... The little kids involved in the day... Chasity & I were talking about just taking them home with us.  They were so darn cute.  The groom's little brother, who was probably about 5 or 6... he honestly needs to be a child model.

... the kiddos were perfect going down the aisle too.  The flower girl, the bride's youngest sister, placed every flower petal perfectly down the aisle for her big sister.  I had a connection with this little girl because she is on her way down to Disney world right now to see the Princesses.  I told her to say hi to Belle for me since she was my best friend.  I kept asking her, Who are you going to see for me?... she totally remembered. Me & little girls can talk Princesses ALL DAY LONG.

... Chasity & I determined that pretty much every Best Man we've had this year, has been all sorts of crazy fun.  No joke. They have been the life of the party.  I always say its so important who people pick as their bridal party & the guys stepped it up this year.

Weddings On Instagram Vs. Weddings In Real Life

... One thing - probably not the best thing - I have never been so snubbed before at a wedding.  They had a videographer who was there to capture the wedding.  Every one I've ever worked with before has talked to me, we've discussed about not being in each other's day - its a team effort here.  Well, not so much this time.  Before the wedding, I had set up my tripod so when I come in with the bride, I can pop another camera on the tripod & be set... I went in right before the wedding to see this guy with his tripod standing on the side.  I went up & tried to introduce myself & let him know I would be coming in... he totally snubbed me. I mean turned away & wouldn't acknowledge me. WHAT???... at this point, they were starting to seat grandparents & I had to get back to the bride. 

I follow in with her & try to get my tripod & pull it to the center of the aisle & guess who blocks me?  Yep, Mr. Video Man. I mean, totally would NOT let me through!! I was dumb founded. I totally missed the dad handing the bride over to the groom. (That's why I have an awesome assistant, she got the pic - no worries)... it took me about 5 minutes to have to TEAR MY TRIPOD DOWN to get past the guy & have to set it back up.  He could have literally just scooted forward & I would have been set in 10 seconds. 

& then, he sat in the middle of the aisle the WHOLE TIME.  I kept trying to say Excuse me & move over a little... nope - he never one time acknowledged my presence.  I have never seen anything like this my whole life.  I think steam was getting ready to come out of my ears.  Luckily, when they did communion, the little church lady told him he would have to move over... BAM!~  Go Jesus lady!
A friend told me he was obviously worried about himself & not thinking of the bride & groom or he would have thought about the pictures they are going to have their whole lives.  Whatevs... I can make it look like I'm center thanks to editing... its just the point that RUDENESS AINT COOL!!!

FYI - I totally took out my phone & let him see I was taking a picture of his tripod for proof.  See his smirk?  Oh my gosh... this man!!!!

Besides that one little snafu, it really was such a smooth wedding, surrounded by amazing people.

I told my parents that I loved this couple so much.  They have tattoos on their bodies, they have gauges in their ears & people would probably look at them & think that they are too young for marriage, or they may not be taken seriously... but let me tell you, these two are precious, they are in love & they are amazing people. 

Brooke Book's photo.
Not my pic...  I snagged off of Facebook :)
they went afterwards to the place where they met & had someone take their picture
how cute is that!

We were so honored to get to be a part of their day & to capture it for them...

& I'm sorry.  Once I spend a day with a couple on their wedding day, I consider them friends for life.  So now, I get to watch & see what happens to them & where life takes them.

Now the editing begins.... the fun part...

I totally cried uploading the pics of the bride & her dad's first look... & swooned at the first dance pictures... & laughed at the groomsmen ....

It was another successful wedding...

Chasity & I after the wedding
What did you do this weekend?
Did you go to a wedding?
Did you make a new best friend?


  1. Such a gorgeous bride!! I honestly can't believe that man in the middle of the aisle - this is why they hired you!!

  2. This sounds like the perfect wedding and they are the most beautiful couple! Love the idea of doing a first look with dad... why didn't I think of that?!? I can only imagine the tears!

  3. I'm not going to lie I got a little emotional even reading this.....clearly I am getting in the Wedding mode!

  4. Beautiful bride! I love that last picture of you and Chasity!

  5. I wish you'd been my wedding photographer! I bet you are every brides dream to work with!


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