Monday, October 06, 2014

The weekend that Harvey Dent became a babysitter....

Life has been tough lately... loosing Sydney, Ricky has hurt his knee & can't walk, I've got a awful earache, I lost the pearl in my ring, not to mention a dozen other things that aren't worth going into... all things that feel like life is laughing as it punches us in the gut.

So this weekend, it was nice to get a breath of fresh air & hear the sounds of kid & baby giggles around our house.

Julie & Steve & the boys came up Saturday from Nashville.

We try to make a trip back & forth between the both of about every 3 months but we hadn't been down to Nashville since around February & couldn't get back down there with Sydney having to have special care & her medicine.  & Julie made it up to us in May but being a busy mom with 3 boys, it wasn't easy for her either... so this trip was long over due.

I just couldn't wait to see that baby... always give me a baby when you see me.  Just hand 'em over.  No questions asked.

We were anxious to see how Harvey Dent was going to do because last time he saw them, he was fairly young & he had Sydney to stand behind & watch to see what she would do.  Now that he's the 'big boy' in the house, we didn't know how he would react.  Especially because he is very, VERY, protective of us & his home.

He loved the role of Uncle Harvey to these boys.  He always wanted to herd Isaac & Luke as they ran around the house...

& would give them the glare of "Play with me... you must" ... which they were happy to oblige.

But Harvey was all about that baby.  He could NOT get enough of Will.  He was so concerned about him & what he was doing.  Julie brought a little portable pen (super cool pen if any new moms are looking for one) & she put Will in there to get a break from Harvey, which only confused Harvey & made him worry that he couldn't get to him.

"I will watch him even through this pen"

Will was on the bed getting his diaper changed & Harvey came & laid right above his head.  Steve came in the room & Harvey sat up & snarled at him, daring Steve to touch the baby.  Will has a protector in our home, that's for sure.

"I will watch over you & take care of you & make you my favorite toy"

Last night, when they left, Harvey conked... I mean conked!  That baby sitting stuff is hard work.

But the pitiful thing, he kept running into the back bedroom & sniffing & looking for Will.  Harvey was even pouting this morning when I left for work.  Harvey needs a puppy to keep him occupied... we've already figured that out.

It was so good seeing the Big G-boys!  Isaac turned 7 on Friday & Luke is getting near 5 now... I feel like I just held them as babies.  Where does the time go?  Seriously... how can it just fly like this?

Isaac has lost his front teeth & getting to long-legged.  Such a smart little guy.  He loves his Pappy.  I love that Isaac loves kisses & snuggles.  He'll run from me & say, "I wiped it off" knowing I'm coming to give him more. 

Luke... oh that little trouble maker.  He is just like his Pappy.  When I see him, I know this is what my mother in law dealt with when Ricky was little.  Julie was telling me stories of where he just likes to aggravate.  He'll draw pictures of the family & make Isaac the 'baby' of the family, knowing its going to make Isaac mad.  Julie said he'll just laugh the most devious laugh too when he does things like that.  He's going to be something else when he grows up.  But he also knows that his smile will probably get him out of any trouble he gets into... 

Little Ricky

Since Ricky couldn't do anything with his leg, we basically just stuck at home all weekend.  I hated that at first - that we couldn't take them out & do anything special but Julie said at the end it was great just to relax for a change.  & the boys didn't mind one bit staying around the house.  Super Heroes all day long & a puppy to play with are all little boys need.

We did go out to dinner... & it wiped Ricky out

So once again, we're dealing with a quiet house... & now, a pouting puppy....

here's to another week....

How was your weekend?


  1. I was loving your Instagram pictures over the weekend! Protective Harvey couldn't be any cuter :) Hoping Ricky's leg is feeling better soon! When it rains it pours, right?

  2. Sweet! I love this post. Grandkids and puppies make for a perfect weekend.

    Hope you have a great week.

  3. Babies and kids really do have a way of brighten even the worst and toughest of moods!!

  4. sorry to hear of all your mishaps :-( when it rains it pours sometimes...
    Those boys are stink'in cute! I bet you did have fun with them. I am the same way about babies, just hand them to me and go enjoy yourselves....


  5. so many sweet things in this post. Harvey - what an angel! and those adorable grandbabies!! I guess roller skating is out of the question for Ricky - hope he heals quickly :-)

  6. Oh that Harvey - so sweet! I'm glad you got some grandbaby time. Here's hoping that Ricky's knee heals up & that all your other aggravations just get over themselves - you need a break!

  7. What a good big brother Harvey is! That picture of Luke just has trouble maker all over it! Such precious boys!

  8. Seriously adorable! Who knew he would be such a great big brother!


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