Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thankful Thursday... even with bad news all around...

It's always best to have a positive outlook on life.  It's easy to see all the bad around you, but there's always good in the world.  Be thankful you're alive to breathe, to love, to laugh & to enjoy all the wonders life has to offer. ~Unknown

This last part of the year has just been a doozy...

With loosing Sydney & Ricky's knee & my own injuries, its been tough enough.  But lately it seems every day I'm hearing bad news about people I love... friends & family...  

My uncle just found out he has pancreatic cancer & although we know he's going to go into this with a fight & he's going to come out the victor, you just hate to know that he even has to take on this battle...

This is my uncle... & yes, that's my cousin that I did the maternity session for not too long ago.
Can y'all lift up some prayers for him & their family?

& a close family friend is going into surgery this week for breast cancer.  So stupid.  I hate cancer.  But she has a 'lets handle this & get it done' kind of attitude & I know she also will come out of this stronger...

You just hate to see people you care about suffer...

But I strive every day to still find things to be thankful for....& here's this week look at things I can look at & see that life is still good...

thankful 102314

1. New looms!!! .... I got the adjustable hat loom, the smaller gauge sock loom... & ended up going back & getting the afghan loom I've been wanting. I think I have them all now.  I'm ready for cold winter to get in here. I'll be covered in warm yarn.

2. 5k ... I haven't got a 5k under my feet in awhile so it was great to get out & knock out 3.1 miles again.

3. Beautiful drive home... Fall is just beautiful & not because of the normal fall colors. All the colors just seem crisper in this air.  My drive home is just breath taking sometimes. 

4. Flat Tire Helper... This is the 2nd time in a month I've had a nail in my tire making me have a near-disaster-flat on the road... but I'm thankful I have a garage right next to my office & the guy down there is so kind.  He fixes it for me free every time.

5. Baby Skinny Jeans... does anything else need to be said?  I just smile every time.

6. Fall Colors ... I never want to come inside

7. Fun Bride ... I've had the best time editing this latest wedding.  It honestly didn't even feel like a wedding, but more of just me hanging out with awesome people. 

8. Crock Pot Chili ... it made my Saturday delish... & made my house smell like I was a real housewife that knows how to cook.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. life is so hard! but thankfully we have an amazing God & even in the darkest of times we have things to be thankful for! even though it doesn't help ease the pain or wipe away the tears - it does bring a peace knowing that He is in control!

  2. I saw on your tweet on the side bar that you sneezed already 50 times today!! Can't wait for you to get your oils....lavender around your nose helps allergies!!! and diffusing lavender, peppermint and lemon just clears you right up!!! :)

    this week has been hard...but I am thankful for great friends, medicine and cars.....all relating to my daughter :)

  3. Cancer definitely sucks. So many prayers for your uncle and friend! Love your positive attitude - and also loving baby skinny jeans! I didn't even know those could be so cute!!

  4. This is so hard! There are plenty of reasons to be upset or scared or mad etc etc. But it is those little things that make all the difference in the world! I love your list! I would have to say Baby Skinny Jeans are probably the cutest thing in all the world! I also HATE cancer.

  5. That stinks, definitiely thinking of you and your family!

    Yay for the 5k, sometimes getting out there and running a few miles really helps things seem better.

  6. Praying for your uncle! Cancer really suckkks! Keep your positive attitude girl...things have to start looking up soon! And those baby skinny jeans make me want to have a little girl just to put them on. So stinkin' cute!

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle!! Praying for you guys!!

    Baby skinny jeans - so freaking cute!

  8. I just love your and your positive attitude. Praying for your uncle for sure!! And yes, baby skinny jeans. So stinking cute.

  9. I'm so sorry that you and your family and friends have to go through these struggles, but I am inspired by your positive outlook and the way you find things to be thankful for, even in hard times! Please lean on us blogging friends if you need anything!!

  10. So sorry for the rough time these days, but great job of having a positive outlook. I will admit that when I saw #8 I thought it said "Crack pot chili" & I thought, boy she's being a little rough on herself!

  11. prayers for your uncle - what a beautiful family


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