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Holiday Link-up: Halloween ...haunted house gone wrong

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Today, I'm joining in with the ladies to discuss all things Halloween.    Any topic about Hallowen... which leaves me open to so many posts. Why? Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween.

I always say that Halloween & Easter are my two favorite holidays, which is kinda weird. Granted.  Hey - they both involve the dead coming back to life - right?  ... I'm trying here...

But today, I guess I'll share a funny Haunted House story in honor of Halloween.

First, I'm not a person who enjoys being scared.   I am someone who jumps if someone is standing in front of me, in plain view & I know is there... but if they say BOO! .. .I'll jump like I've been shot.

So I was always a prime target at Haunted Houses.

It's always fun when you go with friends & you stand in line waiting to get in, & of course, there are people walking around with knives & chain saws & your 'friends'... yes, 'friends'...  stand behind you & point to you to let these scary people know that this is the person you want to turn that chain saw on when they least expect it.

Thanks 'friends'

I don't even know why I'd go into these haunted houses.  Talk about anxiety ready to burst out of my pores.

But I'd do it... life must be full of experiences... & people need to laugh at someone for being the idiot that cries in haunted houses.

One year, a group of friends went into a Haunted House & all the usual things were happening.  Spiders & rats over our heads, people popping out of no where in complete dark.  Everything you would expect. 

I can spend so much time looking at these haunted house pictures

We come upon a room where the lights would be off & they would pop on & there would be a person across the room in a rocking chair.. the lights would pop off & then back on again & they would be standing right in front of your face...

Help me dear Lord...

But when the light popped off & then back on & the person ended up showing up right in front of a friend of mine - who was standing right in front of me - & me, being scared, was standing right behind him... like gripping onto him for dear life... & it scared him so much, he jerked backwards...

& his head hit me right on the bridge of my nose.

imagine the football being someone's head though

Ever hit the bridge of your nose?  Instant tears... instant pain.

I honestly thought my nose was broke it hurt so bad.

I swear it felt like it was instantly swelling up.

Combined with the tears in my eyes, my nose started running... I thought it was blood. 
You can't see when lights are popping on & off...

So here I am in the middle of this haunted house with tears streaming down my face - not from being scared any more, but because of pain.  & I'm thinking my nose is sideways & broken...

... I'm no longer scared... I'm ticked off...

Will Smith No

Let me give you a heads up about me.... if I'm mad & that level of ticked off, you better get out of my way.  I don't care if you have a chainsaw in your hands & I don't care if you have blood all over you.

I pushed everyone out of the way & marched to the front of the line & was screaming like a crazy lunatic to GET OUT OF MY WAY...

Not even joking...

I was walking through each room like I was a boss...

someone would jump out at me & I would scream, SHUT UP - GET OUT OF MY FACE BEFORE I PUNCH YOU!!!!

The end to get out of this haunted house, you had to go down a slide that took you to another room & eventually the exit.  As you can imagine, people are at the bottom waiting to scare you... when I came down that slide & people were there, I jumped up off of the slide & went all Real Housewives sort of crazy to get to the exit...

I can only imagine what the haunted house people were thinking...

I probably scared the beejeez out of them...

Needless to say, I never went back into a haunted house since then...

I think everyone is better off...

& now I know if I ever am scared in a situation... all you have to do is tick me off, or break my nose... & I'm turning into the biggest baddest action star ever

how I go through haunted houses now

Do you like Haunted Houses?
What's your favorite thing about Halloween?


  1. I actually have a very similar story except for I accidentally hit the man that was trying to scare me - there was a guy in front that jumped out to scare me and then the other guy was right behind me (which i didn't know) so I ended up hitting the guy in the nose - I felt so bad!!

    I can imagine that sort of ruined Haunted Houses for you - but glad your nose wasn't broken!

  2. I never really thought about it but those things could definitely be dangerous!! Thankful your nose wasn't broken :) And those haunted house pictures are amazing!! I'm off to Google some more haha!

  3. Haha I'm totally with you on being terrible in haunted houses, I have to avoid them because I'll either grip my hubby's hand so hard it hurts or accidentally punch someone that comes out at me! So glad your nose wasn't broken, though I don't think you'd ever forget that haunted house experience :) Thanks for linking up!

  4. This story is hilarious the way you describe it now but I'm sure it was traumatizing at the time! This is why I don't do haunted houses. My favorite parts about Halloween are the cutesy ones like the decorations and the kids in adorable costumes :)

  5. OUCH, that sounds painful! I HATE haunted houses, haven't been in one in years and not sure how much you'd have to pay me to go to one now. Dustin and I were just talking about this over the weekend!

  6. ouch! I Know the feeling of your nose being hit, that's the worst. I hate haunted houses. I scare easily and I hate the feeling of being afraid so WHY would I bring on that feeling on purpose??

  7. No, siree...I do not like haunted houses! I've had bad experiences in them every time I've gone to one. I don't like being caught off-guard. I have a deep fear of the unexpected. I like to know what's happening and when. Favorite thing about Halloween? Carving pumpkins!

  8. You are braver than me...I won't even go into a haunted house! I'm so glad your nose wasn't broken, although I know that still hurt!! Thanks for linking up with us!

  9. I can't go in them. I would be crawling out like a baby!!!! lol. New to your blog. :)

  10. I hate anything haunted house related - except those tacky ghost tours lol. I enjoyed your gif illustrated post - too funny

  11. Bahaha!!! This is way too funny! This would SO happen to me... All fun and games until I'm like MOVE out of the way! Lol, love it!

  12. Bahaha! This is so funny but only because I totally understand how you felt. I don't do haunted houses anymore because I get so scared, I get sick to my stomach.


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