Wednesday, December 24, 2014

20 yrs ago, I said Yes.... on my hubs birthday....

Today is Christmas Eve... but it's also the love of my life's birthday... & today, it's also the anniversary of when I said yes to becoming a wife... 20 years ago today, Ricky proposed to me.

I remember it like yesterday.

I got off half a day of work & Ricky was off for the day.  Ricky & I had been dating for 2 years at this point.  We met up for lunch & in Ricky fashion of waiting to the last minute of getting gifts (Did anyone remember that post I did about Ricky waiting to the last minute for shopping... here's proof) Ricky took me out to find me something for Christmas. 

He actually took me to a jewelry store & told me I could pick out a piece of jewelry.  No - not to pick out an engagement ring, but anything else I wanted.  So yeah, if you're going to wait to the last minute to get a gift, then guys, I suggest a stop to a jewelry store like this.  It takes the focus off of you waiting till the last minute pick out a gift.

I found the most beautiful gold ring that I instantly fell in love with.  He bought it for me.  I was so excited.  I mean, when do you get the chance to go pick out a piece of jewelry?

We left the jewelry store & headed over to the movies, went & saw "The Santa Clause" with Tim Allen.  Yes, I remember seeing the original in the movie theaters.

Talk about a movie putting you in the Christmas spirit.

We left there & went out to dinner for Ricky's birthday & then went to his house to get it ready for friends that would come over that evening after we went to a late church service.

The day was just full of fun & just felt perfect....

I didn't know how perfect it was going to be.

We had gone to my church for the 11:00 service ... sat in the back row.  The service was beautiful.  The church was gorgeous. 

&at the end of the service, as we started to light candles, they start on the person on the end & pass down the flame.  My friend lit my candle & as I turned to light Ricky's candle, he was standing there with an engagement ring & he put it on my finger & asked if I would marry him... with shaking hands & a trembling voice...


It's a wonder I didn't burn the church down with my lit candle.

What a special way & place to propose.  I instantly turned around to show my friends the ring on my hand & I think I walked out like a Super Bowl champ with my hand in the air...

We headed home with our friends to celebrate Christmas... but I had to call my parents & tell them the news...

... who were excited for us, but reminded me that I may be 22 yrs old, but I still had a curfew :)

Side note - I kept my curfew until the day I was married.  12:30am ... you should always respect your parents ...

So here we are now... 2014... that was in 1994.

It was the day I got to start on the road of being Mrs. Vincent....

How time flies.

..... & yes, it is my hubby's birthday today.  I've got to spend 22 birthdays with him.

Thankful to God for every year we get together. 

Thankful to grow old with my amazing husband.

Happy Birthday to my Love


  1. Happy birthday to Ricky and happy anniversary to both of you!

  2. What a beautiful story! Happy engagement anniversary!

  3. THAT was beautiful story! I needed that smile today.

  4. Aww, love this! Such a special day for you guys :) Merry Christmas, friend! Have a wonderful holiday!

  5. Y'all are so cute. My husband doesn't take me jewelry shopping with him, but it's not a bad idea. As long as he tells me the budget first :).

    Happy anniversary!!! May you have lots more.

  6. I love this!!! What a special and fun day! Happy anniversary and bday to him!

  7. What a special way to purpose! I hope Ricky had a wonderful birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday to Ricky and what a lovely love story.

  9. What a wonderful story; I can see why you remember so many of the details :)

  10. The freedom to choose a jewelry of your liking as a gift is definitely something every woman would want. And it was nice of your hubby to give you a chance to experience it, rather than buying one for you himself. Your husband definitely knows how to make you happy! All the best!

    Verna Ford @ Jacobs the Jewellers


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