Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Why my husband would make an awful Santa....

I was going to do a confession thing for the day.

But I'm taking it one step further.  I'm taking one thing & confessing about it.

Now, y'all know I love my husband. He's pretty awesome... I don't want this to sound like its anything against him. It's just his ways.  Men are content in their ways.  Christmas shopping is something he is VERY content in & after all these years, I know it will never change.

Where is this coming from?

I keep hearing people or seeing Facebook posts or tweets that say things like "I'm finished with my Christmas shopping!" ... or "Everything is wrapped & under the tree" ... or "I have no worries & I am so much better then Rebecca"...

maybe I just imagine that last one, but that's how I hear it.

I want so badly to be done with Christmas shopping early.  I even try to do the early shopping thing starting about October. 

Seriously!  I shop & buy a few things... & then they usually get lost & I don't remember them until the middle of summer when its an outdated product or someone has outgrown the piece of clothing.

... maybe this post should be titled "why I would make an awful Santa"

NO!  Because if I could, I would be done shopping.

But God love my husband...we go out & try & get shopping done.  & we do knock out some on the list every time we go.  I think what it is, my husband wants to make sure he gets the PERFECT gift for everyone.

Talk about pressure.

So he puts off committing.  Making the purchase. 
Waiting for that last minute present that is just the right one to get...
& he waits... & he waits... & he waits...

All the while, I'm saying, "Hey, how about this?" walking down every aisle...

nope, nope, nope.

So I know how it will work out.  I've been with Ricky for 22 Christmases now. 

We will still be out shopping on Christmas Eve.  Even though I started seriously, get down to business shopping on Thanksgiving. 

& that means on Christmas Eve, while my husband is sleeping soundly with a content mind of another year accomplished of perfect shopping, I will be up at 1a.m. doing the last minute wrapping....

... a wife's job is never done...
This is what the final packages just wrapped basically look like

So just ignore me if you hear a grumble under my breath if you tell me you're done shopping, or if I post a thumbs down emoji on your Instagram picture of a completed, peaceful, beautiful Christmas house...

It's just another Christmas in the Vincent house...

... & honestly, as much as it grates on my nerves & makes me feel like I'm going to have a stress related stroke or heart attack every year... I wouldn't want to spend my Christmas with anyone else...

... ahh... see what I did there... turned this into a post about how I love my husband...

(& maybe it will bribe him a little bit to do some shopping this weekend... I'm just saying)
Anyone else have a last minute shopper in their house?
Ever feel the pressure of getting the perfect gift?
Don't even tell me if you're done... no go ahead... no don't...


  1. Thankfully DH doesn't get involved in our gift shopping ... he's quite content to leave that to me. ;-)

    But I don't do ANY shopping until after Thanksgiving because otherwise, I'd be like you ... the gift would be lost and I'd find it when it was either no longer needed/now a duplicate/no longer fit.

  2. Relax. We're not done either. However where we differ is that most of mine is done online. But it's not done either. haha

  3. My husband is the opposite. He's great at gift giving and I'm bad at it. He's the one that was done by December 1st (it felt that way anyway) and I'm still plodding along. But I mostly buy stuff online and have it shipped directly the person so I don't have that much wrapping to do.

  4. My husband is in charge of getting one gift each year (his dads) and he ALWAYS waits until Christmas Eve. Even if he came up with the idea before Thanksgiving, he doesn't actually go out and buy it til the last minute. And then of course, who's left wrapping it up at the last minute?! Men...

  5. I laughed when I read this. :) Brandon doesn't help with shopping at all. He gives input on the kiddos gifts and then he buys mine. He's done early. I, however, still have a few more gift cards to buy and LOTS of wrapping to do!

  6. Cory's a last minute shopper but he's the type where he gets whatever he sees first. Not that he has a lot of gifts to buy {normally his Dad and brothers} but it drives me crazy!

  7. I usually finish up the week before Christmas - ok maybe a few days before. But I try! I'm like you though. Those "I'm officially done shopping" posts make me want to puke.

  8. I usually finish up the week before Christmas - ok maybe a few days before. But I try! I'm like you though. Those "I'm officially done shopping" posts make me want to puke.

  9. i vote for him having to do the last minute wrapping :)

  10. i have it purchased but not wrapped...this is the earliest i've ever been ready. but i did it all online since i've been sick the past 2 months. blah!

  11. Pete hasn't even STARTED his. Like, at all! Mind you, he's had my list since October, because I'm a freak like that. Mine's been done for weeks! haha

  12. I HATE to shop! Ugh. And I never remember that Christmas is coming until it's too late to be done early. But, yes, Mike loves to wait until Christmas Eve & then go to the Handyman store by my dad's house to get gifts :)


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