Thursday, December 11, 2014

A venting kind of day....

I know its Thursday... I usually do a Thankful Thursday post, but my computer is acting so whonky this morning so I can't get my little picture post together... so I'll double up next week. 

It works out well because I just feel like doing a 'get it off my chest' sort of confession day anyways...

So this week, my confessions are:

... I now need an extra $2.99 every Monday - Friday.  I have made it a habit to stop at McDonalds every morning & get a unsweet tea & a medium vanilla iced coffee.  Caffeine me up please.

... I think its funny that my spell check doesn't recognize the word "unsweet" ... my computer must be southern. Unsweet tea around here just isn't recognized at all.

... I did make my own iced coffee & my own green tea (trying to make it healthier)... it just wasn't the same.

... I'm convinced McDonalds pumps crack into their drinks.

... Gas is 16 cents cheaper near my work then it is at my home.  If that's not proof that I have a good distance to drive, I don't know what is. 

... This morning, gas is $2.36 by me.  It feels so good to fill up my car for about $40.00 instead of $65.  There's my extra $2.99 a day!!!  The Caffeine fairies are working with me.

... I'm still in denial that Christmas is 2 weeks from today.

... Rumor has it that the sun is coming out today.  I may shed a tear when I see my long lost friend.

... I truly believe I suffer horribly, deeply, truly from SADD.  I realized yesterday that all my sickness, illness, aches & pains - literally started the day the time changed.  Not even joking.  What is this witch craft?

... I found the most amazing Subway near my work that I can go to now.  It is HUGE - lots of seating!  It is clean!  It has free Wi-Fi & TV's that are showing CNN.  & with every meal, you get a free cookie.  I just need to stake claim on a table & tell them that every day, they just need to make sure no one sits at it.  It's mine.

... the CDC saying that the flu shot isn't working (which I never get anyways) & that the flu is going to be awful this year? ... excuse me while my germaphobe instincts are even more on alert.  Christmas shopping, I notice everyone coughing, sneezing.  There was a girl walking down an aisle at Target that said, "Oh man, I don't feel good" & was holding her stomach... I literally grabbed my basket, RAN down the aisle & Ricky was coming around the corner, I said, GO! JUST GO!.... I know people probably thought we were under attack or something.  She's lucky I just didn't pull out my Lysol spray & spray her in the face.

... I can't believe I still haven't seen Mockingjay... but I still also haven't watched The Fault in our Stars, nor Malificent yet... 2 movies I was desperate to see.  #moviefailure

... I also want to see Annie & Into the Woods... at this rate, I'll see them in 2017

... my desk is still sitting the middle of the room at our new office. I was promised walls & a locked door.  Instead, I'm sitting out where everyone can watch my every move, hear my every word.  I might as well come to work naked.

... its our youth Christmas party this weekend.  I said I'd bring cookies.  I'm probably going to just pick up a pack of Oreos.  They're youth kids.  They don't care.  If it has sugar, then it works.

What's on your mind today?


  1. I haven't see Mockingjay yet either. I'm going to make Kelli go with me when she comes home for Christmas. I did see the other 2 and loved them both, especially Maleficent. You gotta see that one!

    And you are right, youth kids don't care. They'll eat anything you bring!

  2. I saw Mockingjay at Thanksgiving and loved it...however, I could not remember much of the book as scenes took me by, I am now reading it again!!

    I wasn't really impressed with Maleficent. It started out good and had great potential but failed for me.

    I loved Fault in our stars.

    I made a thieves spray and am so tempted sometimes to spray people with it when I am out!!!

  3. A free cookie with your sub? Heck yeah! I'd eat there everyday too! I heard that about the CDC and thought to myself "And that's why I didn't get a flu shot!" I was so proud of myself {and I don't even know why!} Maybe if you came to work naked, they would hurry up and get you walls and a door :)

  4. Unsweet tea? Why would you even? ;) I kid, I kid. But I do love my sweet tea!!

  5. I've been on a really big caffeine kick as well. Although, I think it's because of the pumpkin pie creamer my mom picked up for me... Lol. YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE MOCKINGJAY! It's just so good. You should also rent the other two, and have a movie day. :) they are both really great movies! Oh, and I also want to see Into The Woods! I'm trying to get my bestfriend to go on Christmas Day. Haha!

  6. We FINALLY watched The Fault In Our Stars over Thanksgiving weekend and it was so good. Just as great as the book! The sun is out here right now but it is flipping cold. And two weeks from today is Christmas?! Ahhhh! Also, the price of gas is making me ridiculously happy :) How you know you're getting older...

  7. Haha unsweet tea is definitely not a word in the South. I always get half sweet/half unsweet and everything thinks I'm nuts. Usually even that is way too sweet. Aren't gas prices AWESOME now, too?! I'm down to $2.31 and could not be happier!

  8. Gas is $2.09 here! Score one for living where they dig it out of the ground!

  9. Um, that Subway sounds amazing! YES I just got gas and it was $2.26, amazing :)

  10. I'm pretty sure that McDonalds pumps crack into everything they make - that's why we keep coming back!! I hear you on everyone seeing what you do at work - my office has a glass sliding door...0 privacy!

  11. 2.36????? That's great! I'm going to have to check out how much it is here!

    I would not like my desk being out in the middle of a room.......I wouldn't get any work done because I'm easily distracted.

    I'm in denial too! It can't be Christmas!

  12. I forgot how much I still want to see Malificent. I heard it is amazing, and I need to make Greg watch it with me :/. And Into the Woods. Need to see allll the movies. Way too overwhelming.

  13. lol i have the same attitude towards baking sometimes..the kids will love them

  14. Those three movies were good and I want to see Annie and Into The Woods also. I haven't put on ornament on my trees yet and it won't even happen until next weekend however I have most of the shopping done but have to get cards and gifts mailed this week. Don't stress, it will be a perfect Christmas!

  15. McDonald's DEFINITELY pumps crack into their drinks. Their fountain pop simply CANNOT be beat.
    I haven't seen any of those movies either yet... and they're all on my "to watch" list, too! We need to get our acts together!

  16. I usually don't get the flu shot, either, but a nurse came to our office and shot everyone up. And now they're saying it doesn't even work? Bummer! The Agent and the kids didn't get flu shots this year, so I guess we'll all be in the same boat!


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