Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Humpday Confessions...

Halfway through the work week... time to get some things off my chest

I Confess:

... everyone seems to be suffering from stomach flu stuff going around now. Oh sweet Lord.  It makes me want to hoard up in my home & not come out until Spring.

... One good thing I found at venturing around my new work - there's a Dunkin Donuts about 10 minutes away. I never knew where a Dunkin Donuts was anywhere in this town.  I always hear about their iced coffee & now, I'll get to give it a whirl. 

... I haven't wrapped one gift yet this year.  That is something I always try to stay ahead of the game with & I'm failing miserable.  I foresee long nights with tape-sore fingers ahead.

... my December schedule is already swamped with Christmas parties & events.  This is why I don't schedule photos in the last part of the year. 

... Harvey Dent is pitiful... we really need to get another dog for him to have a buddy.  He has such separation anxiety when we leave him.  I walked out to my car to get something & he thought I left... I could hear him CRYING... it broke my heart.  I ran in to tell him I was still there & he acted like I was gone for a year.  Made it worse when I really did have to leave 10 minutes later.

... I am still living on a diet of Imodium.   I hate my stomach.

... That cold / sinus thing I had about 3 weeks ago?  I still am coughing like a chain smoker.  My body is just fighting against me in every way possible lately.

... I'm not sure when its time to throw out my pumpkin pie.  

... I had the last 5 episodes of Jersey Belle on my DVR & watched them all over the weekend.  Love that show... but it made me feel like less of a woman because I don't have china & place settings.  Heck, I don't even have a dining room or a place to feed people.  These Southern ladies & their etiquette.

... if you didn't know - when we moved, I made my dining room a library.  Books over dinner parties. I have priorities.

... Why are men so hard to buy for?

... I got my prescriptions filled from the ER from Sunday... but have yet to take one pill. I really honestly can't stand medicine.  I just don't trust it. I feel like it just causes more problems that needs more medicine.

This is how I feel about medicine

... I can't WAIT until tomorrow night to watch the Peter Pan Live on TV.  Christopher Walken is going to be the one to keep an eye on... that man is kooky... a tap dancing kooky guy.  I can't wait!


What do you need to get off your chest today?


  1. poor thing!! i hope you get better soon! you have had a go of it. hugs.

  2. OK I so wish I lived closer to you to bring over some oils you don't have!!

    You need to consider DiGize. I use it for heartburn, 2 of my kids swear by it for their much better than imodium!!! Also, RC for that cough of yours or Breath Again. maybe add those to your next order!!

    I am traveling to see Jared's Christmas Concert tomorrow so won't be able to see Peter Pan live but I AM DVRing it!!!


  3. Hope you get better soon, that stuff lingers and it stinks. Stomach bug is going around here too, I DON'T want it!

  4. What is Jersey Belle? I hate taking medicine and feel like my body should just do its thing. I want to get myself off of my medicine that I take every day. It's not really necessary, more of a back-up, but it's just a hassle to take medicine every day.

  5. I hope the stomach bug doesn't get to our house! I can't stand it! Poor Harvey Dent! I read a few weeks ago that it's best not to tell them goodbye or even speak to them like 10 minutes before you leave. I was looking for ways to help with Hampton's anxiety, other than kenneling him all day. Supposedly telling them goodbye makes them aware that you are leaving.

  6. I seriously hope they bring Jersey Belle back - that show was the best!! I hope your stomach stops revolting against you soon!!

  7. We still have pumpkin pie in our fridge too... I think its about time to toss it haha!

  8. I used a lot of bags to "wrap" stuff this year. I hate wrapping! I used to love it as a kid but I just don't have the patience now!

  9. Gonna do a little name dropping here. I am friends with Jersey Belle's sister Meredith. She even visited us for pizza party over the summer :)


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