Monday, December 22, 2014

The weekend that Christmas celebrations began....

Here we go... Christmas week

Everyone ready?

This weekend totally kicked off the busy for us.  Something every day & our calendar has something for every day this entire week.  Hang on everyone... its what Christmas week is about.

Here's just a quick glance back at this weekend


// Got my tooth back on! & it was a no hassle thing.  The only issue was I had to sit & bite down on a cotton for about 30 minutes because in just less then 24 hours, my gums had already shifted. Really?  It takes no time apparently.  So I had to put pressure back on my gums to get it where my cap would fit on top of it.  But they were able to just clean it up & put it back on.  No need cap needed ($) & no tooth needing pulled.  Thank you Jesus.

// Went to the grocery & I haven't really been in a few weeks. Holy cow.  I thought I was going to get dizzy when the total came up $246.00 ... oh my gosh.  Thank goodness I didn't need to buy a new cap for my tooth.  Between that & my grocery bill, I would have gone into a corner & cried.

// ELF!!! I will watch it every time its on... & laugh & laugh


// Had my usual dream.  Can someone please tell me what it means?  I have dreamed since childhood about a HUGE King Kong monkey chasing me.  I have to hide under things.  I'm in buildings & can hear the shaking of the earth as it comes after me.  It's terrifying.  It's gotta mean something.  This time it was a tad different... the monkey had a baby with him.  The baby monkey kept finding me to play with him & I was trying to 'shooo' him away so the momma wouldn't find me.  So weird.  I'm not even joking when I tell you this monkey has been chasing me since I was a child....

// Shopping early!  I was exhausted - I guess from restless sleep from that dream - & told Ricky I needed to get an iced coffee.  I made him sit in line... he wasn't a happy camper with all we needed to do.  I kept reminding him, none of this would get done if we didn't get the coffee.  thankyouverymuch

// Still not done shopping

// I had to find an outfit for Ricky's Christmas party.  Always a dramatic event.  Clothes just don't fit me right so it takes work to find something.  It may have involved tears & throwing of clothes.  But I did end up coming out with an outfit I really liked.  #success

// We headed to Ricky's work Christmas party.  We were so proud because we're usually late & we were ahead of the game.... & then came up to the road 1 block away from the country club & it was totally shut down.... we had to get detoured into a place that had no signs, no clue how to get back to the area we needed.  We followed the traffic, but geez... the traffic.  We sat on one road for 30 minutes alone.  SO much for being early.  .... Sad note, we later found out a car was speeding, FLIPPED & hit a pedestrian.  That person passed away & I'm not sure how the person in the car ended up.  Just thankful we weren't too early... we could have been involved in that accident.

// WINNERS!  I only like going to Ricky's Christmas party because one of Ricky's co-workers, who used to work with him at his last job - I just love his wife.  We have the best time catching up & chatting.  Well, we're also some game players.  Every year, the party has a game & cash is given to divide at the tables.  Me & Bobbi are in it to win it.  Last year, we came in 2nd - getting to split $200 between 6 of us... this year, we ended up winning & got to split $400 between 5 of us... $80 a piece! YAHOO!!!    It was a game about new words of 2014 & their meaning... like Smize, or Glamma or Googlenosis or Tweeb... we are some cool ladies.


// I had an text on Thursday saying I know its short notice, but could you do sign language to Silent Night.  I love that song... sure... Ricky video taped me on his phone doing it, but he's not set up to anything to transfer it to anything.  Oh well...

// I had the best seat of them all in church.  Got to sit next to our grandbuddy who looked like Princess Christmas in her red tutu & Christmas headband... she is just the cutest little girl.

// We headed to the Vincent Christmas.  I always love having the chance to hang out with my inlaws.  They are fantastic.  My SIL who hosts it every year - bless her heart - she has like everything torn in her knee, but had a brace on it & was still cooking & cleaning & doing everything to make it perfect.  This lady makes Martha Stewart look bad.

I was excited because I got to see my nephew that I had never officially met.  Let me tell you - I have a new little buddy.  He was my little shadow the whole night & I think I may have gotten a minimum of 200 hugs.  Nothing makes a day better then 2 yr old hugs.  & I was so impressed on how well he spoke.  So clear & proper.. with a little country twang :) ... Rebecca isn't an easy word for a 2 yr old.  This little dude totally pulls it off.

Stephanie Perkins's photo.

I got to hang out with my 'grown up' nephew & 13 yr old niece. I just love these two.  They are just so fun to talk to & I just am amazed at how grown up they are.

The night just went way too fast.

We got home around 8:30 & I just looked at the chaos that is my house... & I just didn't care.  I just settled in bed & finished watching Sound of Music ... & of course had to sing along....

So everyone -we're off... heading into the fun & busy & celebration of Christmas....

Did you do have Christmas fun this weekend?
Are you ready for Christmas?


  1. Yay for having all your teeth again lol!! Sounds like you had a great weekend and packed with family time which is the best!! hope you have a wonderful Monday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. So glad your tooth didn't involve some major work and pain (and $$$!). We had a Christmas gathering yesterday too. It doesn't feel like Christmas to me really, yet, but I'm working on it. :)

  3. Lots of baking this weekend and I finished my shopping!

  4. Woohoo! It's always a good thing when you win some extra cash! It's awesome you didn't have to fork out any $ to get your tooth fixed. That would have made your holidays a little stressful... Your nephew is so adorable! There is nothing better than hugs from a child. :)

  5. sounds like an anxiety dream to me. glad the tooth thing worked out. whew!!

  6. I'm ready and waiting for Christmas. We had a busy weekend too but managed to get in some movie marathons too.

  7. Cash prizes are always the best! I didn't know you knew signs language! That's awesome! Our weekend was full of Christmas get togethers too! Also, isn't it strange how you can have the same dream for such a long time?!?! Mine always involves a ridiculously huge snake!

  8. So glad the tooth situation was an easy fix! Our Christmas festivities began this weekend, too - can't believe it's already here! Yay for winning the big bucks on Saturday night :)

  9. Yay for an easy tooth fix! and double yay for winning money at the party!

  10. ugh such a bummer on the tooth glad you got it fixed fast!

  11. Ha! I followed the link on your IG page and discovered you're a double-blogger! I remember doing the sign language for Silent Night in a Christmas program in elementary school. I remember nothing of it, since it was practically the dark ages back then. You had to use a phone on the wall and everything...

  12. This may sound corny, but it seriously does work. When you have a dream that someone or something is chasing you. Force your dream-self to yell STOP at it. I used to have a creepy dream and never had it again after I did that. Weird, right?

  13. I am so, so glad to hear that you were able to have an easy and inexpensive fix to your cap! Yay!!

    And congratulations on winning - and the $80. Woo hoo!

  14. Hi, Just me trying to catch up on reading the latest on my blogging buds! Have shopping to do today, the shop of shame.....
    Love that you sang along to The Sound of Music, bummed I forgot to record it!!!

    Merry Christmas and hugs!!

  15. Just found your blog ! Hope I am able to comment since I'm not a blogger .


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