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Winter Reading Challenge: Link up to what you're reading

Yipee - the first post of 4 for the Winter Reading Challenge.  Just a place to link up & tell me about what books you've been reading since the cold has forced us to huddle in by a fire... or in my case, by a infrared heating machine.  Whatever works.

The Rules:  Just link up with me over the next few posts & tell me about what books you are reading.  That's it.  Not too serious - not too scientific.  Just fun. 

& at the end of it all - a giveaway for everyone who has linked up with me.
Bonus entries for pictures on Instagram with the #WinterReadingChallenge & tagged back to me @Rebecca Jo Knits...

Easy Peasy...

By the way - so far the Giveaway is going to include a $20 Target Giftcard, & a knitted goodie to represent winter, as well as a cute bookmark to represent it being a reading thing....

So here's my first entry

book reading challenge 120914
I rate like Goodreads ... a 1-5 star (1 being awful - 5 being fantastic)

1. Divergent ... 4 stars / I was slow to getting to this one. Not sure why I put it off. I think because I want the whole series to be out now before I jump into a book series like this. I remember the days of old of staying up to midnight for the latest Harry Potter book.  The movie came out & I usually read the book before I go see the movie.  In this case, I did it backwards & glad I did.  I think I would have been too confused if I read the book first.  (side note: I get easily confused)  This is a sort of blend of Hunger Games in a new light.  Society is divided into factions & everyone fits into one.  Which I don't personally get.  & if you fit in more then one, you are labeled "Divergent" & apparently dangerous.  I would be divergent. Guaranteed. I am dangerous.  Anyways. I did enjoy it.  Cant wait to read the rest.  I of course think a book is better then a movie, but again, glad I knew what was happening so I could enjoy the details of the book more.  Plus, I got to have visions of Four in my head.

2.  Catcher, Caught.... 2 stars / This book is about a young boy that has cancer & his obsession with the book The Catcher in the Rye.  I have never read that book. I think that made me not really grasp this one as much as I should have because I seen others really love this book. To me, I just was bored with it, was aggravated with it & even madder at the ending.  I hate when a book has a bad ending. I want to throw it & scream, "I wasted my time on THAT?"... It gets 2 stars are least for the cute stories of being a teenager & living through high school & getting a girlfriend.  I wish that were more the focus. 

3. Is Everyone Hanging Out without Me? ... 3 stars / I had been wanting to read this one for awhile too. I love The Mindy Project & think Mindy Kaling is pretty funny.  Well, I wasn't too impressed with her book as being funny.  It actually was boring in most parts & I didn't really even laugh a lot.  I'm not sure what it was missing, but I was just glad it was over.  Now I'm heading onto other funny ladies like Amy Poehler & Tina Fey... I'm not giving up hope on funny ladies.

Sorry Mindy... I did give you 3 stars though

Not too many books read this time. I want to get through the holidays & then I hope to be on a reading spree....

Can't wait to hear what you all recommend.
Have you read any of these? ... What did you think of them?


  1. Are you going to read the next two after divergent? my advice.. don't.. seriously. don't do it.
    i've heard that about mindy's book, lame!

  2. Sadly, I agree about the further books in the Divergent series. Which was a shame because I really liked the first book. That feeling you talked about when the ending isn't good and you're mad you wasted the time? I felt like that at the end of the third Divergent book :(

  3. mindy's book is in my queue...i need to finish it!

  4. I keep hearing the same thing about Mindy's book - surprising because I think she's really funny, too! I haven't read any book in a couple of months now but starting in January, that's going to change!

  5. I want to read the next two Divergent books!

  6. I like this idea and will hook up sometime this week if possible. Do books you listen to count or only the ones you read?

  7. Oh no sad to hear you didn't like Mindy's book I was planning on reading it LOL!

  8. What a bummer to hear her book was a bust I think she is so funny on the Mindy Project!

  9. I so wish I had the time to sit down and get involved in a good book. Just too many things on my mind right now, as you know. Hopefully, once Christmas is over, I can find interest in things I've let fall by the wayside.

  10. I definitely go through super reading months and then some sparse. Over the Holiday breaks I tend to get a lot of reading done. I started the Mindy one but never got around to finishing it. Love the gifs with the books!!

  11. I really enjoyed Divergent. I think it's because I have been a hardcore Hungergames fan for so long. It took me back there and made me happy. Well, at least the first book did... lol. I really like this link up idea. Super awesome!

  12. So excited for this winter reading challenge! Let's see...I just finished Girls of Corona Del Mar which I admit that I only looked into because of the name (Corona Del Mar, CA is my favorite place ever) and it was a really good book! And now, I am trying to finish Unbroken, but it's intense and I'm having a hard time. Next on my list is something light...Debbie Macomber maybe ;)


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