Monday, December 01, 2014

The weekend that I was in the ER...

Ahh - the Monday after Thanksgiving.  It ranks pretty high up on the list of pretty bad Monday's. Add in the fact that I left my keys in my husband's car & he had to drive all the way back home to give me my keys this morning, its down pouring, & I am bruised from needle pokes ... & the fact I'm not feeling good & in pain... yeah, this is a pretty bad Monday.

I know blog land is going to be full of Thanksgiving day posts.  I can't wait to read them all.  I had a really nice Thanksgiving as well.  Pinterest didn't let me down with 2 new recipes, & I got to spend time with family eating yummy stuff & we even headed out into the shopping of Grey Thursday... isn't that what they call is?

I know people get upset about the stores being open on Thursday, but let me tell you. It doesn't stop anyone from going out. The lines were long, people are on a mission, it was time to shop...

We headed out on Black Friday early & got a lot of shopping down... not enough...

Saturday, I got my tree up & my house decorated...

Good holiday stuff...

but yeah, I know you all are like, "So how did you end up in the ER?"...

Well, through all this holiday stuff, & really, the past month, I just haven't felt well. My stomach has been in knots, not cooperating with me.  I even said somewhere I think it's turning against me.

Then on Tuesday evening, I started getting these weird pains along with it.  Right in my side, sort of under my lower ribs.  It sort of comes & goes, but when it comes, OH LORDY... & then the pain would even sometimes run above my stomach.

I kept trying to ignore it.  I could tolerate it - heck, I can tolerate a lot in order to not go to the doctor. 

But I woke up Sunday, with stomach cramps & feeling nauseated - something that has been normal for a month now... sigh... & that pain was poking me in my side.  I couldn't stand it anymore... I was getting nervous, & Ricky was getting nervous about it, so we got to the ER bright & early at 6:30am

For reference sake, if you need to go to the ER, do it bright & early. There was no one there. I walked right in & they took me right back.  The shift change started at 7am so I got a fresh bright happy nurse...

I was in there for about 5 hours & they basically just poked on me, getting the pain flaring pretty good & did some blood work tests.  They really freaked me out when they were testing for my pancreas & liver.  They said it sounded like gallbladder, but I had that sucker removed about 20 years ago...

Luckily, everything came back just fine.  So the doctor thinks it may be some sort of muscle pull or skeletal bruise.  Don't ask me how that happened. You'd think I'd remember bumping into something that would bruise myself that badly.  & with pain that comes & goes, that really doesn't seem right to me.  But of course, the ER's famous last words, "Follow up with your doctor"

They did give me medicine for nausea, which I think is the best invention ever & I always want to have some in my pocket... & they gave me a shot of morphine for pain.


I don't do good on medicine.

I never take it.

So give me morphine.

I felt it as soon as they put it in my IV, felt it go up my arm, down my legs, back up to my head... & mercy. I was out all day long.  The nurse told my husband its a small dose of morphine but that's my tolerance. I felt like I could hardly even walk leaving & I was on my living room couch from the moment I got home until I got ready for bed.

& I didn't feel pain for awhile.... but it wore out by the end of the night... & my pain is back...

& I'm still cramping & my stomach still hates me... & now, my side hurts...

Welcome December.

But I am praising God that all my blood tests came back OK... & now praying that this pain eases up & my stomach gives me a break.  A month of this is getting a little old now.

I'm anxious to venture around blog world & read about good, fun, pain free Thanksgiving's...

 What was the highlight of your weekend?
Get any good deals?
Anyone else bruise horribly from needles?


  1. ok, please tell me they checked your appendix with an MRI!!!! If not, I think you should have it checked...those are the symptoms a friend of mine had. He was sent home twice...the 3rd time they checked. you DON'T want to mess around with that!!!

    praying for you this morning for relief and healing!

  2. so, so glad that all the tests came back OK! but sorry that you are in pain still ):

  3. You can have your gall bladder out and still have problems with gall stones. A lady at church has this problem and every so often she has to go in and they clean the area out. Lots of pain for her too. I don't know how this happens, but it does.

  4. Oh, no!! I'm so sorry! I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Oh man, I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well! But, at least, you are lucky that it might just be a bruise AND that you got to enjoy some Thanksgiving fun :) Good luck getting through this Monday.

  6. Oh no!! I'm so sorry you ended up in the ER this weekend, but I'm so happy that all your blood work came back normal. I'll be saying a little prayer for you!!

  7. I sure hope you can find out what's going on ... something is happening to cause that much pain for that long! {{{hug}}}

  8. Aw, I'm so sorry you have been feeling bad... you should stay well rested!Grab some yummy food and put on a good Marvel movie. Might I suggest Captain America? I'm sure he could make you feel a little better. lol! On another note, you will be in my prayers!Keep us updated. :)

  9. Boo!! :( Hoping all of the tests come back OK and that it's just the stress of moving offices getting to you. Glad you were able to have a mostly nice Thanksgiving, though! Your Instagram pictures of your recipes looked so good!

  10. I am so sorry you aren't feeling well girl! How awful! Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Oh no, I'm sorry you had to have a trip to the hospital this weekend :( I hope that the pain is gone soon and that December looks up for you.

  12. Oh OUCH! So sorry you're in pain! I'm with Sara - hope they checked your appendix!

  13. You poor girl! So, this sounds like my life about two months ago, but it involved my hubby. We took a trip to St. John and came back and he was so sick! We thought it might be a parasite because you should have seen that nasty water and he did drink it a few times (not this girl!!). He had the same pain...ended up in the ER where they checked for gallbladder, C-diff and parasites...all came back clean. They even sent him for a ct scan to check for appendicitis. Turns out that he had a BAD case of colitis! We found this out after he had a colonoscopy. The antibiotic ended up helping him tremendously!! I hope this is how it works out for you too. He was miserable and lost a lot of really scared both of us, but he is fine now. Praying for you my friend...keep all of us updated so that we can pray specifically. Love to you...

  14. I'm glad to hear everything is okay but getting poked and prodded is never fun!

  15. Yowza! I'm glad it's nothing serious but I'm still sorry you're in pain!!! :(

  16. glad you are ok now! i read the latest post before this one, so now i'm caught up!

  17. Follow up with your doctor! And feel better!!

  18. I'm glad you test came back good. Hope you can find out what the trouble is. Feel better soon....((HUGS))


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