Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas... the half time show....

Hope everyone had the Merriest of Christmas's!!!

We so did... & we're only half way through, which leads the way to the Halftime show.  We have Christmas tonight with our dear friends & then Julie & the grand-dudes are heading up for the weekend... lots of celebration still to come.

Tis the season!

Part 1 was Ricky's family Christmas that I talked about on Monday.  I'm so mad I didn't take my good camera with me over there & I just have cell phone picks.  After taking my camera to my brother's house, I'm determined not to rely on cell phone pictures as much anymore. I love the 'real' pictures & pictures need to be quality.  They are memories that last forever.

Christmas Eve, started off just depressing... why?  Because Ricky & I both had to work.  That is just so wrong in so many ways....

Look - I just got done talking about cell phone pictures & its the first one I use.
... hey, they totally are convenient & have their place for a blogger...

I was lucky enough to get off at noon, but Ricky still had to work so I headed out to Target to pick up a few last minute things.  I totally laughed in the store because it was so full of men wandering around looking totally lost.  These men are Ricky's people... the last minute shoppers. 

Ricky got off work, made it home just in time to clean up & we were right back out the door to meet his youngest daughter.  We haven't seen her in about 3 years & I just want to cry at how grown up she is.  She's 26 years old now & I told her, I don't care how old she gets, she'll always be the baby... even if she's almost 30!! My mind still can't wrap around that. 

We got to meet her boyfriend that traveled down with her & we both really liked him.  He was just really polite & easy going & just nice to talk with.  He even just won a photography contest with one of his pictures.  A TOTAL thumbs up for this photographer. 

A total DOWN for this photographer - I didn't take one freaking picture of Lindsay!  I am just a failure.  I think I was just too excited to see her face in person that I didn't think anything of it.  Plus, we got free pie at the restaurant, so I was too busy stuffing my face. 

We left there & headed to my families for our Wood Christmas.... 
This just felt so weird actually...

We normally have Christmas with my parents on Chrsitmas day.  Have always done that my whole life, but there was scheduling conflicts with my sister in laws family so we went with what would be the less hectic.  It wasn't a big deal, except for Ricky & I making my family wait until 9:00 to start opening presents.  I never have seen so many people yawn in my life...

Even the dogs were like, can you all hurry up & leave?  Santa is on his way

My mom & dad have always been so good at remembering Ricky's birthday on Christmas Eve so they had a cake for him ready to go...

No one had the stomach to eat it though.  Us just coming from free pie & then everyone had full bellies of my sister in laws White Chocolate Peanut butter balls.  DEAR SUGAR FAIRIES... these things are AMAZING!  Just the words, Peanut butter & white chocolate alone gives me a cavity.

No worries, the cake went home with Ricky & I & it will be demolished.
Ricky always has 2 buddies when he goes to my brother's house.

It wasn't long before we got the show on the road...

I always say its the looks on kids faces that makes the whole season worthwhile

 I just can't believe these two girls are 10 years old now.

Where does the time go?

The idea of them going into middle school & being teenagers soon?  I want to put them into a bubble & just protect them from everything that comes with that.

Doesn't Sophia already look like a teenager here?
We had so much fun ... lots of gifts given.  Everyone just spoiling Ricky & I.
My bro & SIL were so smart - they gave me a subscription to Birchbox!! (Why don't I ever think of things like that) & a local coffee shop gift card.  #yum
My parents spoiled me as well with pj's, a beautiful sweater, a comfy robe I will be wearing all winter long & a Taylor Swift CD.

Yes... a Taylor Swift CD.

I actually asked for it.  I know... I know... the apocalypse should be near now.
I never ever liked Taylor Swift in all the years she's been out... but I really do like her new songs.  I'm coming out of the Taylor Swift Closet

It was time to get home & get ready for Santa to visit everyone....

Christmas Eve Night 2014

Ricky & I woke up Christmas morning early... even though we both said we were going to sleep in... but Christmas spirit energy still exists no matter how old you are.

I got up & made breakfast & we let our fur babies begin the celebration of getting treats.

Then it was time to break into our gifts for each other.

As tradition, Ricky & I always sit in the middle of the floor in our living room & exchange gifts.  We have the best time together. 

Mr. Harvey Dent always wants to be in the center of everything so he forgot his bone for awhile & literally squeezed his way in the middle of the action.  To him, being with us is better then chewing on a massive bone.


I try to spoil Ricky & he definitely spoils me...

I mean, a new Nikon camera?  This girl can never get enough Nikon - that's for sure. 
But he also got me a Coach wristlet that I've been wanting & he totally surprised me with getting me the knit loom I wanted. As soon as he pulled out the wrapped package, I knew what it was & I just started crying my eyes out.  Yes, I take knitting that seriously.

He also found me a Belle cup that I got teary eyed over.  It's always the little things that get me. 

He said when he saw the cup he had to double take because he said, "What is my wife's picture doing on that cup?"... does he know me well or what? :)

just a few of my Christmas goodies

My love in his UK snuggie I got him :)
The day was just lazy from there...

It felt so bizarre not having Christmas with my family, but I was thankful that I talked to my parents more then a few times on the phone... & text my brother to check on my nieces

I never even got out of my PJ's all day long.  That's not a bad thing.

Even got my new knit loom to good use

Ricky & I played with our new 'toys' all day... watched the Disney parade... I got caught up in the Downton marathon that was on & we even watched a few episodes of The Flash...
It really was a nice Christmas...

... & its still going...

More people to see & visit with & enjoy the fun of giving...
 Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas Day!!!!

I can't wait to visit around & see all your pictures & hear your stories!
Harvey may... just MAY ... have his bone eaten by next Christmas

(If you made it through this whole post... I applaud you... this was long!!! )


  1. so glad you had a wonderful Christmas! I love the picture with Harvey Dent sitting between y'all! I can.not.wait for Monday....when the rest of my boys get here. And then Wed will be Christmas for us!

  2. What a wonderful first half of Christmas! We are at halftime as well and will be heading to my grandparents tomorrow to spend the night and have Christmas with them! This year was full of different holiday celebrations for us too so I understand how weird it feels but it must have been so nice to be lazy and stay in your pjs on Christmas Day!

  3. It sounds like you really had a wonderful Christmas. I love the pics and the Harvey video. He was so polite waiting on his bone. So adorable. Sorry you had to go back to work today.

    Hppe you enjoy the rest of your werkend.

  4. Looks like an amazing Christmas to me with so many memories. Love the video! Thank you for sharing all the family photos.

  5. I'm coming out of the Taylor Swift closet, too!

  6. Kendall said she's never liked Taylor Swift's music until her new pop album, and she knows all the songs by heart already. Looks like you got the Christmas you deserved! Love the snuggy. Have fun with the loom :) Happy New Year!!!


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